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  1. logical_jackieo

    D.o.n addicted to narcs

    her adon is her best friend of over 10 years and coworker for longer, she says nothing or trusts her to dispose of them alone.
  2. logical_jackieo

    D.o.n addicted to narcs

    I am a nurse and my current don is clearly addicted to narcotics so badly that she is falling asleep during meetings, and calls sloshed. and is managing to get narcs out of our carts cause she says they are " not being used" often enough and "discarding them. As soon as I started to press the issue she made it clear she was ridding of me. Corporate says there has to be an incident to investigate her. what do I do? can I write the nursing board and ask the to step in? she has a history of being escorted off of last job site for narcs missing. the other nurses are all talkign about it but will do nothing! the admin is sleeping with the don and wont listen to reason at all. please help jackie
  3. logical_jackieo

    Feeling like giving up my nursing career.....

    Get your bachelors and teach!!!!!!! :)
  4. This means more ob/gyn jobs for the nurse practitioner!