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Where is everyone from in the world?


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rpark91, MSN, RN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Critical Care/Pulmonology. Has 4 years experience.

St. Louis, MO entering last semester of BSN program :)

Raised in Cali, living in FL. 55yo and in a accelerated program. I finish in April 2015.


Specializes in Psychiatric. Has 4 years experience.

Born and raised in Central California. Hopefully about to start a LVN program in March.

I'm from Texas originally but have lived in San Francisco for the last 14 years. Currently live in Oakland, CA and my BSN program is in the central valley.

Born and raised in Ohio over here. Looking at starting an accelerated nursing program soon.


Has 11 years experience.

Korea(South), and will be in US within 2years(?)hopefully ;)

U.S. Originally from Connecticut; now in North Carolina. Starting ADN program in 1 month!

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and live in Atlanta, Georgia...I"m in my first semester of a BSN program.

New York. Just started my first semester of a Associates program.


Specializes in Inpatient Surgery. Has 1 years experience.

From Kona, Hawai'i. 5th of 6 quarter ADN program in Seattle. Hoping to move to Alaska for an RN to BSN program.


Specializes in ER, Cath/EP, IR. Has 15 years experience.

Arlington, Texas RN to BSN program at GCU!

Born in Vietnam, have been living in San Jose CA for 3 years and currently a pre-nursing student

Happytony, ADN, RN

Specializes in Registered Nurse. Has 5 years experience.

Piscataway nj. Finish my LPN program June 2015

im 25 years old male , born in florida moved to mexico city as a baby moved back to USA been in southern california ( los angeles) since 2000 so 15years finished my LVN/LPN schooling this past December , and just sent in my paper work for the nclex most likely will be scheduled at the end of next month

Memphis, TN- About to finish up my last semester.

TransportJockey, EMT-P

Specializes in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, C-NPT, FP-C. Has 10 years experience.

Live in NM and work in southeast NM/ douthwest TX. Just starting Excelsior Nursing.