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Phoenixvalley has 4 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric.

Been a resident of California's San Joaquin Valley for most of my life. Have worked in psychiatric nursing as a CNA for over 3 years. Aspiring to be a RN sometime in the next 5-8 years. I've been coming to allnurses.com as a lurker for years and finally made up my mind to register.

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  1. Phoenixvalley

    LPN school starting anyone start this summer?

    Hopefully I will be starting the LVN program at Grossmont Healthcare Occupations Center this August. It's competitive to get in but I think I scored high enough on the TEAS. I'll find out by June 3rd. This would be my second time with a LVN program: I had to quit it at Fresno Adult School last year due to personal reasons. Best of luck to us all!
  2. Phoenixvalley

    2015 Roll Call

    I just finished the first week of my LVN program. Just 52 more weeks to go! After spring break is over we have an exam that spans 9 chapters. However I love being in the program and my classmates are fantastic (so far). I expect to graduate 6/3/2016 if everything goes as planned.
  3. Phoenixvalley

    LVN Students

    Congratulations pennykhash :) I'm starting the LVN program at Fresno Adult School in a few weeks and I am also planning to bridge to Fresno City College in a few years or maybe do the LVN-BSN program at the University of Phoenix in Salida. I think your prerequisite course will be going over basic biology and you will get more into A&P when you start your core program. Good Luck!
  4. Phoenixvalley

    Spring 2015 Roll call!!!

    I just got accepted today! I'll be attending Fresno Adult School for their LVN program that starts March 16th. I'm so happy!
  5. I took the P-NAT at Fresno Adult School this past October. I bought the 2nd edition study guide, which cost about $56. It helped me tremendously with the language portion of the exam.
  6. Phoenixvalley

    Fresno Adult School LVN Cohort 22

    I worked at Merced Behavioral Center for 3 years. They seem to be always hiring CNA's every few months, and I worked at Crestwood Manor in Modesto for about a month before I decided to move to Fresno for my education. I loved Crestwood... they operate a group home in Fresno that hires for RA's.
  7. Phoenixvalley

    Fresno Adult School LVN Cohort 22

    Well they called to invite me to pick up the application to the program. I have over a month to fill it out before it's due to be handed in. From that they will decide who gets an interview. It is quite a long process.
  8. Phoenixvalley

    Fresno Adult School LVN Cohort 22

    The CTE counselor came to our A&P class yesterday and told us that we should get a call or email this week to come pick up the application packet. If they send you a letter that means you didn't get in for this cohort. I hope you get in! P.S. kind of off topic but I was surprised they scheduled another PNAT (CNET test) for the 10th, which is tomorrow. I think they said it was because not enough people got high enough scores and they want to maximize their resources and not delay this coming LVN program.
  9. Phoenixvalley

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Born and raised in Central California. Hopefully about to start a LVN program in March.
  10. Phoenixvalley

    Fresno Adult School LVN Cohort 22

    Is anyone trying to get into the March 2015 program at FAS? If so do you know when and how they will contact us to pick up the application? I am so nervous because the program is only a few months from now I need to plan my life/education accordingly if I do get in.

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