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  1. ArceusAlpha

    Feeling VERY defeated after NCLEX exam

    Hey there! I wrote my exam on April 5 with 88 questions, and I also felt the exact same way in that I walked out of the building feeling defeated. It's understandable for us, considering that this is the single most important exam before finally becoming an RN, in addition to all the time spent studying and money spent! My anxiety was off the roof because I WAITED UNTIL APRIL 18 for my exam results! Where I live, it is normal to wait up to 2 weeks to get your results... and it so happened that a long weekend landed on the "2 week" period so my nursing board was closed for like 3 additional days which resulted in me waiting even longer lol. Otherwise, you know already that the exam can go either way. There is no point in contemplating if you failed or passed because that thought will only bring you down. It is best to do EVERYTHING possible to not think about them. Start watching movies, television series, do some physical sports, etc. I initially did also feel like I failed. I even looked up some questions, and I was determined that I got many of the questions wrong! It only made me feel confident that I had failed the exam, and I was just waiting for my "failed" email result. But I passed! So just do what I did, take your mind away from the NCLEX because it will tear you up. Even if it doesn't go the way you wanted it too, it's not the end of the world! :)
  2. ArceusAlpha

    NCLEX Exam

    Can you explain what you do during the 4.5 minutes per question?
  3. ArceusAlpha

    NCLEX RN Canada

    I did not realize that the PVT trick worked in Canada!
  4. ArceusAlpha

    Open book exams

    I know, but the way the instructor wrote the exam, she definitely wrote it up for failure because the questions were far too specific that you'd literally have to have impressive photographic memory to remember everything you've read on the textbook. This was my experience from this particular class. It makes sense though, especially since you have an extensive "cheat sheet" in front of you, so the questions they decide to use are definitely far more difficult than a normal test I'd think.
  5. ArceusAlpha

    Kaplan, Hurst or UWorld

    ^ I don't believe the post above indicating that UWorld has "over a hundred bad questions with incorrect answer options." Nor was that half of the question bank are repeated questions.... absolutely untrue. I've used Uworld myself and it is a quality question bank and I am confident in saying so. I also used Saunders Comprehensive Review, but the questions provided are not NCLEX styled questions because they test you on the content of the chapters. I highly recommend Saunders for content review but not solely for the questions.
  6. ArceusAlpha

    Nclex fail 5 times , pleas help

    I don't know what UWorld you're using, but it was definitely not full of dubious questions/rationales. I've used it, along with others I know, and we live by it as one of the reasons why we passed the NCLEX! There were definitely many times where I felt like I should have scored correctly with the choice I chose, but after careful reading of the rationales and interpreting the context of the content... I just realized that at times, it was my logic that was inccorect. Otherwise, Uworld is still one of the best qBanks out there in my opinion.
  7. ArceusAlpha

    3x Failed.. NCLEX plan Help

    I feel like you may have too many sources at one time, especially with how you have time constraints. In terms of content, it's a lot to know, and Saunders in itself is quite overwhelming. Personally, I would choose Hurst OR Saunders, not both. Though Hurst would be the better one simply because of the review video's and practice sheets it comes with. In terms of questions, practice is key. Do as many as you can. Not 1000 questions.... at least 2000+ questions! UWorld, Kaplan, and NCLEX Mastery are, I suppose, somewhat inherently different. I did not use Kaplan myself but do a search here if the "decision tree" is useful because I've heard some contradictory to it. RN Mastery from my experience was an excellent source that heavily focuses on content but tends to lack on other important topics on the NCLEX, like prioritization... and also that they only provided MC's and SATA's, no alternate questions. UWorld, in my opinion, is the best of the three and by far. Not only does the program look like the real NCLEX, the questions were the closest to the NCLEX in terms of style and content. UWorld is complete with alternate questions, and this definitely helped me being comfortable in writing the exam because it all felt familiar. What I did was first study my core content (Saunders) + RN Mastery. After that, I used Prioritization and Delegation by LaCharity (and I highly recommend this because I had quite a few of these questions on the NCLEX; and they are very difficult. You also get a lot of these practice questions on UWorld too.) After using PDA, I used UWorld. Practice, Practice, Practice!
  8. ArceusAlpha

    2nd try failed. need advice

    Uhm, but those are all calcium channel blockers, not ACE inhibitors. The suffixes are typically: ACE = -pril ARBS = -sartans Beta Blockers = -olol CCB's = -dipine (but there are cardio-selective CCB's like diltiazem) Answer should be D.
  9. ArceusAlpha

    SEVERE Anxiety about the NCLEX

    I believe UWorld will help with some of your anxiety simply because the program looks almost exactly like the real NCLEX, and the questions on UWorld are the closest thing to the real NCLEX questions too! Continually practice yourself to UWorld and do as many questions as you can, read rationales, write down notes, and re-do all your incorrect questions. NCLEX may feel like you're doing another UWorld quiz... which I felt like it did :)
  10. ArceusAlpha

    RPN preceptor

    Ah, so your presumption is that all UoA nursing students are incompetent based on your anecdotal evidence? The fact that you didn't understand that [A] does not equal simply shows your confusion and logical fallacy. [and lack of statistical insight] It should be obvious that just because an argument is valid does not mean the conclusion is true -- this is known as the validity versus truth. The fact that you've simply attempted to assume 100% confidence with Norquest and GMU students goes to show your prejudice and partiality. Regardless of what the experiences you've had on your unit, that does not justify how you treat UoA students through ill regard through social media. Attacking fellow nursing students and current RN's is attacking the nursing profession. Will you even attempt to apologize?
  11. ArceusAlpha

    RPN preceptor

    Fiona, I'd like to ask you why you have such a negative aspect towards University of Alberta nursing students? Your past posts have always had something against UoA. Is it fair that a bias opinion towards the UoA and its students warrants such negative stereotypes? Please Fiona, for a professional, I simply do not understand why you've continued to disrespect and continue to degrade every single UoA student with such a negative tone; this is unprofessional. You maybe have negative prior experiences with certain individuals who happen to be UoA students, but it is not fair to point fingers at every single of them. If you have personal opinions towards UoA nursing students from prior experiences, it's best to keep them to yourself. You called UoA students in a previous post that "common sense seems to be missing from many of the UoA students." [among other negative posts] (https://allnurses.com/nursing-in-canada/university-of-calgary-1078999.html#post9267573) This is absolutely insulting and untrue. Anyone with the basic concept of statistics understands that correlation does not imply causation. Please show some respect for the hard work University of Alberta students do, because I've met really amazing students who are phenomenal and it only devalues their efforts when individuals talk down on them because of biases.
  12. ArceusAlpha

    Just done with Lpn program... Need help.

    You should initially review core content and then do lots and lots and lots of practice questions. Personally, I can read several chapters in a day, but if I were asked a specific question on that content maybe a few hours later or a day later... I'd probably be like "Man, I just read that chapter! I should know it but I can't recall it." The problem with continuously reading content is that it can be difficult to retain all that information, but even then, you also have to APPLY that knowledge in an exam question. That's why it's VERY important to practice as many questions you can do because you do not know what you do not know until you come across questions that you thought you knew but actually didn't know too well. I did probably a good 4000 practice questions studying for my NCLEX RN. It definitely helped me.
  13. ArceusAlpha

    Took the nclex 75q HELP!!

    Hi, I wrote mine not too long ago. I wrote it for the first time and passed on 88 questions. I also had a lot of priority and delegation questions, handful of pharm, a few SATA, some precautions, no med calculations, etc. I also thought it was extremely hard and I was sure I had failed that exam. It's normal for many people to leave that exam room feeling defeated! NCLEX is no joke and that's the reality of it. Right now, you should relax... watch some movies, or do something to keep your mind away from the NCLEX. I waited 13 days for my test result so I was filled with so much anxiety but I just had to keep doing things to distract myself. :)
  14. ArceusAlpha

    NCLEX in 40days!

    Practice, practice, practice. UWorld was the best study source (I also used Saunders + RN Mastery for core review) and UWorld for both content and NCLEX styled question practice. While Saunders + RN Mastery are very good at what they offer; don't use their questions as a true source of studying for "NCLEX" style questions because they don't really mimic the NCLEX questions. That's why UWorld was the best! You are also using Hurst which is good for content review so I would recommend you keep to a FEW sources only because you'll just overwhelm yourself with information from multiple sources. - So stick with Hurst to review content. - Use UWORLD for practice. - But I recommend you also get Prioritization and Delegation by LaCharity and practice the MC's on it prior to starting UWorld. I had quite a few prioritization and delegation questions on the NCLEX; and they are pretty difficult. You just need to be exposed to many of these types of questions to get comfortable with it. Trust me, this source is a MUST IMO. Otherwise, don't overdo studying. Pace yourself. Give yourself breaks. Do not study for 8 hours straight! You got this! Good luck
  15. ArceusAlpha

    PVT in canada???

    I live in Canada. I don't think it works, I've asked other people about it but don't quote me on it. I wrote my exam on April 5 and I didn't get my results until today (April 18th)!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh i passed!
  16. ArceusAlpha

    NCLEX Study Tips

    Hey! I also used that 35 page study guide... its really full of great information, but I found a few inaccurate/incorrect information on it so be mindful of that. I also used Uworld. Uworld is worth every ounce of penny because it had everything I could ever ask for. I finished the qBank within 78th percentile. First assessment = 78%, 2nd assessment = 93% with both "very high" chance of passing the NCLEX. But man, the NCLEX was super hard. I was confident with 95% confidence (hehe) that I failed leaving that exam room. I definitely felt like most of the questions I made educated guesses. I had ~10 SATA, 5 medications, 10 prioritization and delegation, 2 order questions, etc. I passed with 88 questions! Unfortunately where I live we don't have any tricks. I wrote my exam on April 5. I didn't get results until April 18th. You can only imagine what my anxiety and stress levels were... the waiting game was the worst lol.