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  1. KDuBR6

    Textbook prices?

    Yeah that sounds like a good deal. My programs initial bundle is $1200+ and we may need another book here and here throughout the program.
  2. I'm a 26 year old male. Start nursing school in January. It will definitley be a big change from working on cars all day. I'm excited to start and now the nerves are starting to fill in as it gets closer.
  3. Well it's almost time to begin. I received my acceptance letter back in June and I finally start the nursing program at LCCC in January. Didn't know if there were anyother male nursing students (or any nursing students for that matter) on here from LCCC. Would love to hear your experiences with the program and any tips if you have them.
  4. KDuBR6

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Born in Florida and have lived in a few different countries (military brat). Currently live about 20 minutes from St. Louis (Illinois side). Start my ADN program in january.