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  1. Hey lads. Ive just passed my state finals and I am graduating today with a Bachelor of Nursing. I just wanted to thank everyone for the help over the years. Despite lurking a fair bit [cardinal sin i know] I have read peoples posts, and have traveled similar paths over the years. It has been a privilege to have shared this journey with you all, and i know that you will all be amazing nurses one day. See you all on the other side, and remember. When the going gets tough, the male nurses get going ^^
  2. Kiwiguy

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    How do you think you went?
  3. Hey Lads. I am not sure if this has been done before, but i am interested in where everyone is located in the world, and i think it would help to add to the sense of community that we have in this male nurse forum. Ill start. Im from New Zealand
  4. Kiwiguy

    Dating a Doctor

    I personally dont see how dating a doctor makes you inferior? or lowly? Be proud of what you are doing and the profession you are entering.
  5. Kiwiguy

    understanding nursing questions in general

    can you give us an example of some of the questions? My advice is keep it simple, after all you will be explaining many of the things you have learnt to patients both as a student and later as a nurse; and i know from experience that patients prefer a short simple answer to their question rather than a long complicated one
  6. Kiwiguy

    Today 9/16/2010 I am a Nursing School Graduate!

    good work sport!
  7. Kiwiguy

    So how does it feel like to be a male nurse

    Being a male in Nursing is terrific! Its well worth the journey!
  8. Kiwiguy

    New male nursing student

    welcome buddy :)
  9. Kiwiguy

    I hate clinicals!

    That arrogant attitude of yours will continue to get you in trouble mate, you might be an intelligent guy, but you have to remember that some of the nurses you will be working with will have been nurses for a very very long time. Their level of knowledge and experience will trump your 'intelligence' anytime.. Get used to your new environment, there will be times when you love nursing and times when you dont, but as long as you can get on with the people around you and you are competent you'll be fine. Also citicism is great, nursing is deffinitly not a my way or the highway profession, the sooner you understand that the better i think :)
  10. Kiwiguy

    Male student dilemma?

    Pretty much what Nurse2033 said. Nursing is a profession and people in the community expect you to look and act professionally as a nurse. Im sure it works withthe girls too who wear to revealing clothing and what not, it doesnt mean you have to wear tailored suits like james bond, but yeah a professional look and manner does go along way in nursing school
  11. Kiwiguy

    New Male Nursing Student. Any Pointers?

    Mate the only advice i have is get stuck in and be yourself. Another thing i have found as being very important is when you are on clinical placements, be nice to the staff, especially orderlies/reception staff as it really goes along way and they really appreaciate it. you nver know when you might need to ask a favour, and word does get around if your a nice person in hospital environments But yeah go hard buddy, im nearly at the end of my second year here in NZ and i am amazed at how fast the year has gone :)
  12. Kiwiguy


    keep your head down and go hard buddy, you'll be amazed how quick time flies by!
  13. Kiwiguy

    What kind of shoes to wear with white scrubs?

    As a Nurse and especially as a student you are going to be on your feet alot! buy comfortable shoes, mine are leather and have an air cushion for comfort, i got them on sale too. Buy something classy that you can wear outside of school eg when you go to the clubs/ on dates.
  14. Tell her she has nothing to fear, your going to be far too busy learning to have time to do that. Besides those girls quickly become your friends and at school a class can easily become like a family, id tell her not to worry :)
  15. Kiwiguy

    Picking a Career Path

    Mate the thing i suspect with nursing school is that they try and teach you how nursing should be done in theory, so when you do eventually practice you have the skills/knowledge and ability to do so when you graduate and start working. ER is also a high stress environment that has its own unique culture, but it doesnt mean that key nursing considerations cant be used.
  16. Kiwiguy

    Clinical - A Place for Your Things

    The wards here normally have a nursing locker where staff can put their things, bring only the basics with you.