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  1. Hi all. So I'm applying to nursing school for next year and part of the process here in NZ is that you write a letter of why you want to be on the program/ why you would be a good candidate etc. If some of you could read and give feedback, I would be extremely grateful! To whom it may concern, First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. My name is *****, I am a seventeen year old male and I am currently in year thirteen at *******. This letter is an expression of interest for me to study nursing at ****** from 2016 on which will fuel my passion and ultimately lay a platform for a rewarding career. As I have come to understand it, nursing is extremely competitive and although I presume there must be a vast amount of applicants I believe that I am a suited candidate. Nursing to me, beyond a profession guided by theory, is all about caring. A quality which I have exemplified in more ways than one. I consider my school to be unique in the way that it allows all students to step up and take the opportunities which will allow them to succeed. At the beginning of the academic year, I took up the role of an International Leader at my school; a role in which I have been able to communicate with teenagers from all over the world. Japan, China, Germany and Thailand to name a few. This role has complimented my seven years of study of the Japanese language at school and I believe this role can be directly related to nursing and in turn, how I care for others. Nurses deal with people from various different ethnic and cultural backgrounds on a daily basis, something which I have done this year and it has been a truly rewarding experience. Enabling me to understand 'how the other side lives', so to speak and simply being there for international students has proven to be rewarding. Myself spending three weeks in Japan in 2012 showed me how difficult it is to be in a country that doesn't speak your natural language, therefore I am more than willing to expose myself to different situations and as shown through this leadership role, I think I am more than prepared to interact with diverse backgrounds, which nursing does. Additionally to this, I have also had the role of Peer Mediator this year at school. This is a role in which year thirteen students deal with conflict in years seven to ten. Such conflict which I have successfully helped students deal with this year is bullying, social anxiety and anger. I also believe that these skills will aid me immensely in helping those in need. My interest in the healthcare profession comes from my direct exposure to it growing up. My brother, three years younger than myself, was born with tuberous sclerosis (a rare genetic disorder which affects the hearts, lungs, brain and other organs), epilepsy and autism. This has meant I have always been surrounded by healthcare professionals and I have always been amazed at how quickly others have been not only to help my brother as he can't speak or function normally, but also towards my family. This is something I shall eternally be grateful for and I would consider myself extremely lucky to be able to offer such help to those in similar situations. I believe this experience is directly related to nursing as nursing is full of such situations. Understanding those who have to live with a disability is somewhat essential to being able to help those in need. Furthermore, last year as part of a work experience module, I gained work experience at ********, where I gained skills in looking after the elderly. I believe this is key as New Zealand is an aging population and it also emphasizes my passion to care for people. It also shows how I can relate to all types of people- the disabled, elderly and those from different cultural backgrounds. I believe I am a good candidate for the program. I am hardworking in my studies, as reflected in gaining NCEA Level One and Two endorsed with Merit and have always taken pride in this and this has well prepared me to take my education into the tertiary level. Furthermore, I believe the roles of International Leader and Peer Mediator at my school has provided the platform of responsibility and providing continuity of care which I can apply to the program at ******. Spending time at the hospital and other healthcare settings I was able to see firsthand the role of a Registered Nurse, and after attending information days, I knew this would be the career for me, as it combined my passion for people as well as my love for science. I would like to thank you, once again, to take the time to consider my application. I hope to hear from you. Yours sincerely ********
  2. I don't think any concerned parent would see this as pedophilia! They would be thankful that you are helping their child through a tough time in their life. Pediatrics is an honorable specialty, just like any other.
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