When do you take your CPR class?

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I am taking mine on two days. The 12&19th of August. If you have finished your class, tell me how it went? I have never taken an official CPR class, I have had some informal trainning, at the hospital where I used to work at.Thanks everyone.

warrior woman

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Help is on the way. I happen to be an American Heart Association CPR Instructor. The class is basically easy. Just know that in the year 2000 changes to adult CPR were made. Also Automatic external defibrillation is taught along with CPR. Very informative. Don't be nervous. Piece of cake kiddo. If you have any questions pm me or post again. Your friend, Warrior Woman.

Hello Rhona1,

I took my first CPR course in the summer of 1999 and then I just recently got recertified in Feburary 2002. My nursing program also required all applications to have completed it before beginning clinicals this fall. I am glad that I went ahead and got it out of the way because this summer has been stressful enough without having to fit other things in my schedule.

Like Warrior Woman stated it is fairly easy & it is straight to the point. If you can purchase the books or materials prior to the class and review them it would be helpful. Therefore once your sitting in the class and the facilitator is speaking you won't be confused.

Good Luck... even though you will do fine :)



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I take my class on Aug. 9. It is an all day class (from 9-4). I'm looking forward to it, except that it is two days before I move.

Oh well, at least I won't have an excuse to not have packed by then.


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I just took mine today. Not a bad way to spend the day really. It's a good class and although my booty will be on the phone calling 911 quicker than you can say ABC (or 1 minute after you say ABC for infants and children) I feel much better about being able to respond to these kinds of emergencies if necessary.



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i am going to be re-certified and the class is on august 7.


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I'm taking my class on 21 September. Its on a Saturday, from 9 to 5; covers Adult, Child & Infant. I first took CPR about 25 years ago, but I know technology and techniques have changed since then. And, they just offered a class at my office too, but only for four hours, so it won't cover my prereqs, so I'll just stick with my original plan. I pick up my book/materials the week before, and plan to look them over before hand, so I'm not totally lost.


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my class is august 17th from 9-3 !


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My class is August 12th from 4pm to 10 pm. I hope I can stay awake. I just bought the book I need today. I am supposed to read it before class. It's bigger than I thought it would be, but I am excited. I've always wanted to take CPR even more so now that I have children.


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I took my class on July 26th. I was really nervous because I had never been certified before. I was the only one in the class without any prior experience, but it went well. Turns out I was nervous for nothing!!

Got my card in the mail friday! You'll be fine.



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I took mine last month, was not hard. Class was suppose to be all day long, but we were out a little after 12:00. I don't if that is good or not. My husband did't think so.


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I took the American Heart Association course in May. It wasn't hard at all. We also learned how to use the AEDs. Our school made us purchase the book, which was $35.00, in addition to the cost of the course - and we didn't even use the book :(. ANOTHER reference book to fill up my shelves!

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