Wheeeeeee! I passed!!!!


I am so excited! I called my BON 24 hours after I began the test and they have a license number for me!


I had 75 questions and in all honesty..I felt it was no big deal. What scared me the most was that I thought it was easy...so I feared I never got to the higher end questions!

Yea me!


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good job on passing the nclex took my yesterday..what website or phone number did you use to find out if you got a license i want to check mine too.


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Congratulations!!!!!:balloons::balloons::balloons: I hope mine is just as easy!


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congratulations!!!!!! well deserved!!!!!:balloons::balloons::balloons:

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congrats to you

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Yeah!! :balloons:Congtratulations RN!!!! :balloons:

I hope next week I can say that I thought my test was no big deal!


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fireworks6.gif congratulations, rn!!!!!!!!!!!! fireworks6.gif


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Congratulations on passing!! How long did it take you to get an ATT? I'm almost ready to take it but imagine it takes 30 days from when I sent my application to FL. That's so long.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing. Job well done!

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