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NayNaeRN specializes in Public/Community Health.

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  1. NayNaeRN

    Umass boston fall fnp 2018

    Lets stay in touch!!! I am so excited. Have you paid your deposit? I did it immediately!
  2. NayNaeRN

    fnp umass boston 2018

    Hi rain, as of yesterday I have been accepted! Keep me posted on your status!
  3. NayNaeRN

    Umass boston fall fnp 2018

    Hi, I found out today that I got accepted. Any word on your status? I am super excited to start.
  4. NayNaeRN

    Umass boston fall fnp 2018

    I have applied waiting to hear back. Have you heard anything yet?
  5. NayNaeRN

    UMASS boston FNP program

    Hi Rain, I'm interested in applying for the Fall. Trying to gather as much info as I can right now. I currently work full time so not sure if I will choose the FT track vs the Part time track. How about you?
  6. NayNaeRN

    fnp umass boston 2018

    Anyone looking into this program, is applying or have attended in the past? Would love to get an updated opinion on what is like. I plan to apply for Fall 2018. Thanks for any words of wisdom!
  7. NayNaeRN

    boston school nurses

    Hi everyone, Looking for a career change. I currently work in community health in nursing administration but am looking to get into school nursing, I know it will impact my income greatly but I am so ready for it. I also have kids in elementary school and want more time with them. Wondering if any BPS nurses can give any advice. What is base pay for a nurse with 10 yrs community health exp and BSN? Also, I am in the process of getting my DESE but still have to take the MTEL, is that a hard test? How much studying is involved. Thanks for any advice!
  8. NayNaeRN

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Flames!! I just got back from my Alaskan cruise on Saturday....words cant' even describe!! This is my last week, I submit my final paper on Sunday. Can't WAIT!
  9. NayNaeRN

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    That was quite confusing for me too. Someone asked our instructor to provide a sample doc in the forum section and she did, you might want to try that
  10. NayNaeRN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    STEER clear of the spiritual class. My instructor was TOUGH. lots of philosophical back and forth. Not something I was into at all.
  11. NayNaeRN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Flames, I'm with ya! In fact I have one more anything class to go after my last capstone assignment in 2 weeks. My last and final week of my leadership and vocation class I will be on an Alaskan cruise too!! CAn't wait! Going to try and submit ahead of time so I don't have to worry.
  12. NayNaeRN

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    lindsayloo How is the capstone course going? I just started on Monday. I am a bit overwhelmed. any advice?
  13. NayNaeRN

    GCU capstone project

    how was it? I just started the 10 week version on Monday. looking for any advice you may have!
  14. NayNaeRN

    New GCU Capstone class

    Me! I just started on Monday. How did it go for you? I am a bit overwhelmed. WHo was your instructor.
  15. NayNaeRN

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I too took the Spirituality the same time as you it looks like. It was pretty rough, but did get through it. He was a tough instructor, really have to pull your weight with him. I am also starting my capstone in April. A bit overwhelmed with what is expected, it sounds like a lot.
  16. NayNaeRN

    Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

    ME TOO!!