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Hi everyone,

Looking for a career change. I currently work in community health in nursing administration but am looking to get into school nursing, I know it will impact my income greatly but I am so ready for it. I also have kids in elementary school and want more time with them. Wondering if any BPS nurses can give any advice. What is base pay for a nurse with 10 yrs community health exp and BSN? Also, I am in the process of getting my DESE but still have to take the MTEL, is that a hard test? How much studying is involved.

Thanks for any advice!


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I am not in Boston, but work in Lynn, which is similar. The pay scale should be posted on the BPS, page 99 on here:


Looks like the base pay in 2015 for a first year with Bachelor's is $52,632 They add for each year of experience (see the scale). Not sure how it works in Boston, but in Lynn we are paid over 12 months, which I like b/c you continue to get a pay check in the Summer.

I too am in the process of getting my DESE. Honestly the worst part is finding the time to go to the nursing conferences out in Marlborough. I now have to wait until Summer 2018 to do my last one which is the 2 day conference. I took the MTEL in June and it was fine. No biggie. There are practice questions on the website which I highly recommend so you are familiar with the format.

Where are you currently working? I LOVE community health which is part of why I love working where I work- lots of collaboration with our local community!