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I work nights and am getting to a place where I got to start packing my lunch. Too many nights watching my waist get thicker while my wallet gets thinner. SO what do you guys pack for lunch just wanted a few ideas before I truck off to the store.:) I am always so sleepy by the time I make it over there I have zero creativity.

I like easy stuff but I'm not big on sandwiches... I often bring fruits (strawberry's, apples, oranges) or vegies (carrots w/ ranch dressing). They even make pre-sliced apples you can buy that are individually packaged. I also buy bagged salad and just put a little each day into a tupperware container. You can add grilled chicken to it too... either gook it up a day or two before or they sell packaged of pre-cooked, presliced grilled chicken (near the salads!) If I'm running late and don't have time to make lunch I keep those 'cup of soups' handy... although they are loaded with salt!

Hope this helps a litttle!

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I am a sandwich person. Easy to eat while charting or whatever.

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I'm with Gooey... I'm definitely a sandwich person. It's about all I can manage to keep down at night. Salads take too long to eat when you only have a half hour! :) Sometimes if I'm feeling saucy I bring some baked lays with me. A lg. iced coffee and two cans of diet coke always come along with me. Drinks are my staple.


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You can get a slow cooker, throw some cleaned chicken thighs and bbq sauce together, shred and make pulled bbq chicken sandwiches on whole grain bread. Top with veggies that your heart desires.

Or I love nachos! You can make pintos and seasoned ground turkey.Top with sour cream, tomatoes and lots of salsa, then dip with chips. Or for more convenience, crush the chips so you can just eat the mixture.

Both recipes can be made on your time off and last a couple of days.


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I'm of the nutrition-variety-taste-convenience school of thought. I've finally reached the sandwich burnout threshold. What I've found works best for me is to pick one day every other week to prepare lunches. I'll bake a pan of seasoned chicken breast or pork chops in a foil covered pan (keeps 'em moist). Then I'll cook up two or three different kinds of veggies in the microwave or on the pan. Let everything cool for 1/2 hour and put in those quasi-disposable freezer containers and put in the freezer until ready for use by reheating in microwave. It's really easy to make 6-10 lunches this way. After a couple of months you have variety in selection at low cost.

You can make a good cold pasta salad to go with veggies. If I don't have time to make anything I like those tuna fish and crackers packages you can buy. I've heard they're unhealthy, you know full of salt and the tuna has too much mercury but they seem to hit the spot and they're cheap.


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We have that wonderful, "your ID is like a credit card" @the cafe, or the cafeteria, gift shop etc...not complaining, but it sure does make it easy to slack off of packing lunch! Come payday and you see all the minus this minus that...you get my drift...anyway...

I keep a selection of energy bars, fruit & cereal bars, some candy/gum and maybe a few packs of nabs(peanut butter or cheese on wheat) in my locker.

Then daily, I pack my cold pack in a six pack sized cooler with a big red apple, a banana, either a sandwich or leftovers to reheat. (depending on the amount of time I GET for lunch...of course) bottled water and some crystal light singles for variety.

Sometimes, i take peanuts in the shell, good stress relief and then the protein kicks me up a notch.

Often,we make a bunch of frozen biscuits and add sausage patties then freeze, they thaw by the time I need lunch and I nuke em for 30 seconds, voila!

Great thread!

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This is my favorite work-day lunch because it gives me enough energy to get through the day without weighing me down and making me feel sluggish.

Sandwich: Wheat bread, mayo, cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced green peppers and cucumbers, and sliced peperoncinis. Just bag all the veges separately from the bread and assemble at work, or it will be soggy. I also bought individual packets of mayo.

Red Delicious Apple (I love them).

Sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes.

Bottle of water and a diet soda.


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I like to pack left overs if they are available; sometimes a "Lean Pocket"; always fruit/veggies; yogurt is good, too...I like something relatively light, as I work evenings and hate to back to running around with a heavy stomach.

We have that wonderful, "your ID is like a credit card" @the cafe, or the cafeteria, gift shop etc...not complaining, but it sure does make it easy to slack off of packing lunch! Come payday and you see all the minus this minus that...you get my drift...anyway...


Yes, we have that too and I'm glad I work on an off shift when those vendors aren't open all the time!

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Left overs for sure.

If not, a PB& J sandwich, fruits, and jello.

I love jello.

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