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shugrr22107NA has 2 years experience and specializes in HH, SNF, LTC, Hospital.

Med/Surg Neuro Unit

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  1. shugrr22107NA

    Greenville/Spartanburg, SC meetings

    Can anyone recommend good women's meetings in the Greenville/Spartanburg area of SC for a friend of Bill W.? We're scheduled to be relocated there in the next 2 weeks, so I'm planning ahead. Got my meeting schedules and a few numbers from ladies I met on the last visit there, already. Looking forward to a new area, and making some more friends! Be blessed! Sober since 2-21-2007
  2. shugrr22107NA

    You guys pulled me through

    Thanks so much for your post. This is just proof that one not need be an addict or alcoholic to need a Higher Power...or each other. Recovery has taught me that burdens are lightened when shared, and good things are multiplied!!! Let's make the world a better place, one Nurse (or in my case, CNA) @ a time. Be blessed :) ~Shugg:yeah:
  3. shugrr22107NA

    Acute Care CNAs, patient ratio.

    22 bed med/surg (Neuro) unit, 2 aides. It can be rough.
  4. shugrr22107NA

    Durham Reg. Hospital questions

    Congrats my friend! Best wishes for a long and prosperous career :)
  5. shugrr22107NA

    Durham Reg. Hospital questions

    Call the HR recruiter who had to leave and ask. Add that it's a follow up to the interview you had, and inquire about your questions, how long before the background check comes back etc... I'm sending you a prayer!! Good luck my friend, keep us posted!
  6. shugrr22107NA

    Grammy awards given in triage!

    Drama Queens who are walkie-talkies, feeding themselves and toileting until that family member arrives, when they become incapable of uttering a sound and the well-meaning family 'translates' all kinds of immediate needs.... "Mom needs pain meds, and someone to feed her, and can I have 4 more pillows, where is the recliner I had here yesterday? She needs me right here" Before the flames begin, I of course honor all these requests and do the best I can to make it happen, and practice the 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything' rule.... But this thread IS meant for this kind of thing. Thanks for letting me share :)
  7. shugrr22107NA

    Things that leave you stunned.

    aside from amazement my first thought was, that lady would make a GREAT Nurse....she could go a whole shift before a break! We recently had a PT with a huge bladder also, his skin was suffering and has improved greatly since the cath...now if we can just keep him from messing around with it until his treatment! Looking forward to hearing more on this thread, the human body is amazing!!
  8. shugrr22107NA

    Myers-Briggs Profile Typing and Nursing

    ENFP here too! Words, ideas and possibilities spew effortlessly from them. Words are their best friends. They dance around ideas, the more, the merrier. Imaginative, spontaneous, original and enthusiastic, they have a knack for seeing other possibilities, other dreams and options. The world is never as it is but as it could be, as if it were but an artists sketch begging for colour. They initiate change and often are prone to trespassing a few known boundaries to take themselves and others where no one has been before. The status quo tends to lack inspiration. When inspired, they are fearless and tireless. Their energy will know no limits unless red tape takes over. Routine drags them down. Their faith in possibilities and belief in the benefit of change often inspire others to follow. They are challenging, ingenious and innovative. They will give their best to what appears to be an impossible challenge, a place unknown to man or beast. They use metaphors, stories, images and analogies to make their point.They love theories and often shape their own. They see patterns emerging. Keen improvisers, they are rarely caught off guard, there is always something up their sleeve. The sky is the only limit. They are sometimes entertainers, artists or otherwise engaged in public demonstrations that allow their ideas to bloom. Their greatest difficulty is not in initiating projects but in choosing among so many possibilities, setting realistic boundaries, establishing priorities and correctly assessing resources. Inventory Manager/Computer Programmer, now CNA...hmmmm what next?!!? Open to suggestions!
  9. shugrr22107NA

    Nurses backache..

    After 3 months of working the floor in a Med/Surg unit I'm transferring out to another area of the hospital because of exactly that. We have a ton of pts with lumbar surgeries on our floor Proper body mechanics help, but I have 2 lower discs bulging and live on a heating pad and robaxin... take my advice and get it checked out, my PTs tell me all they hear is a 'pop' right before the excruciating pain! The statistics on back injuries for nursing are huge, just be careful and most of all, listen to your own body.
  10. shugrr22107NA

    Hysterectomies and PMS

    I had cervical cancer in 1995, and after a High risk (total bed rest) pregnancy I decided to have a hysterectomy instead of radiation/chemo/etc... They aspirated a small spot on my one ovary but since the test they did was cancer free the ovaries are still in place. Although the obvious signs/symptoms of PMS are not there, I do cycle hormonally and have breast tenderness and weepy spells around what I assume is my 'time'. I sometimes cycle along with women I am around often (I always seem to synch up with them) and can guess that I am also 'on'. I'm also curious about other's experience with this. Great question!!
  11. shugrr22107NA

    We Lost A Good One

    You're in my prayers...
  12. shugrr22107NA

    OMG...not again

    oh, no....not today....don't even go their! *giggle*
  13. shugrr22107NA

    DukeRaleigh CNA wages?

    At Duke, HR hands you off to the Manager and the manager hands you off to the team. I liked that and I was able to say and ask more than a simple office interview. The interviews (everywhere it seems these days...) are first with a Manager, then a Unit team of RN's, NA's and other support personnel. I didn't in fact get that position but my back issues (bulging discs) are forcing me to look closer at an IT or Clerk position and school reimbursement from my current employer will help...just wasn't in the cards I guess, but I am grateful for having had the experience. I'll be calmer in the next set of interviews and can ALWAYS learn something new! In the mean time, I'll just keep applying, having an open mind about the opportunities coming my way and taking care of my Pts :) Thanks everyone!
  14. shugrr22107NA

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Aquanetta No kidding...LOL, takes all kinds I guess :)
  15. shugrr22107NA

    Report sheet

    More, more, more!! Thanks to all, I have one I got as a bad xerox from a co-worker and despite the bad reproductions (getting worse each 50 or so...) I MUST have it in my pocket or I am lost. I'm a CNA and often am teamed with 4-5 RNs on a shift to cover my 12 pts, this means I may be asked at any given time for a Blood Sugar, or q4 vital as they are passing meds and need to know stat. It keeps my charting accurate, even if I haven't had time to enter it just yet, I can always be on the spot. I have a colored pen system for that too. yep, I'm meticulous! Question, I'm pretty anal about my reports and keep them all...does anyone else date/label with shift and coworker info like I do? I have a 3 ring binder where I keep them. (every day since I started) Call it weird, call it CYA, I just feel better knowing that should a question ever arise, I have a record... I'm not a paid member (yet) or I'd post my own sheet. Thanks again everyone, I learn soooo much reading here! Be blessed!
  16. I'm on my way to my new career. I've had previous careers (5-10 years each with great success) in Inventory Management and Computer Programming. I'm a 40 y/o CNA now, with back problems, I was previously aiming for RN, but am being realistic that it's NOT back-friendly but I love this field....I'm considering Informatics and have NO IDEA where to start... I can work 4/8's or 3/12's now but my health will suffer if I continue using my back more than my brain! Does an Informatics RN require floor experience beyond what I have as a CNA or would part of the program be for me to work in a hospital situation? Another possibility is to pursue something like an Allied Health Management degree, I have Pell money available, but am just stumped and need some direction. Any advice is welcomed!