What type of gross things do registered nurses have to do?

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I'm going to get straight to the point.

Is it true that nurses have to change "poopy" diapers/patients and or deal with dead bodies?

I would love to get into nursing, but those are my deal breakers.

PLEASE HELP. All answers will be very much appreciated.

Don't be shy, and thank you in advance!

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Yes, bedside nurses have to deal with all of those things.



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Yes and more. Diseases as well.

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Yes they are - so the deal is apparently broken.



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May I ask where this question is coming from?

Are you a pre-nursing student? Searching to forums may help answer your curiosity in 'gross' things.




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Yes, I am a 16 year old senior in high schol (graduating pretty early), and I was planning on going to my local community college to obtain an Associates Degree in Nursing;

But i am having 2nd thoughts considering that NURSES have to perform tasks such as cleaning poop and dealing with dead bodies.

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I suggest you become a CNA first to see if you can handle all the "gross" things before you decide to go into nursing. There are other aspects of nursing that you won't have to deal with "gross" things, but chances are, you'll start out as a bedside nurse for at least a couple years before you can move on to other positions that don't require direct patient care.



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Amazingly thorough response. I appreciate it!

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Yes we deal with poo, urine, vomit, blood, secretions, dead bodies, nasty infections, flesh eating bacteria, etc the list can go on and on.. At 16, these things sound unbearable but in reality is a small part of the job over all but it is a part of the job. Nursing is so much more than just the above.



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Yes, I am very mature for my age, there are just some things that my stomach can not bear. Therefore, I am looking into some Ultrasound Technician Programs around my town.

Thanks for your response!

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Duplicate threads merged and moved to pre-nursing student forum. Agree with the suggestion to consider CNA first. Nurses can do everything a CNA can do and more.