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  1. Seaofclouds

    Pay Differential

    You should ask again for the information. It varies from place to place. I've worked some places that shift differential is for 7p-7a and others that have a 3-11p differential and then a different amount for 11-7a . I've worked some places that have weekend differential and some places that do not.
  2. Seaofclouds

    help me prioritize please

    What are the responsibilities of the PCAs on that floor? Do they obtain the BS's before meals? Sounds like some of the tasks could have been delegated to your PCA and that may be something you need to work on/address. Did you ask your preceptor their thoughts on how you handled your day?
  3. Seaofclouds

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    If you are referring to Case #14C-4972 (4.5 million), it wasn't Vande. Here's the settlement information from that case: http://www.juryverdicts.net/YebuahVerdict.pdf
  4. @JKL33 Here is the full reference for the Berger quote: Berger, J.T. (2003). Ethical challenges of partial do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders: Placing DNR orders in the context of a life-threatening conditions care plan. Archives of Internal Medicine, 163(19), 2270-2275.