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Seaofclouds is a BSN, RN and specializes in CCRN.

I am many things in life, and a nurse is just one of those things. I have a wonderful husband and three children that keep me very busy. I have been a nurse for over a decade. I have had the opportunity to experience several different areas of nursing and have found that the bedside is the place for me (for now). 

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  1. Seaofclouds

    Pay Differential

    You should ask again for the information. It varies from place to place. I've worked some places that shift differential is for 7p-7a and others that have a 3-11p differential and then a different amount for 11-7a . I've worked some places that have weekend differential and some places that do not.
  2. Seaofclouds

    help me prioritize please

    What are the responsibilities of the PCAs on that floor? Do they obtain the BS's before meals? Sounds like some of the tasks could have been delegated to your PCA and that may be something you need to work on/address. Did you ask your preceptor their thoughts on how you handled your day?
  3. Seaofclouds

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    If you are referring to Case #14C-4972 (4.5 million), it wasn't Vande. Here's the settlement information from that case: http://www.juryverdicts.net/YebuahVerdict.pdf
  4. Seaofclouds

    seeking for job

    You could start applying for RN positions. You should be able to look online for your license verification. You might find run into some difficulty getting someone to sponsor your VISA, though, so be prepared with any information you can have to help if they have questions.
  5. Seaofclouds

    Military Nurses

    You won't be "enlisted as an officer". You are either enlisted or commissioned (as an officer). As for paying for the schooling, if you want to go into the military as a nurse, you will need to do it before commissioning as an officer. If you want to enlist (under another job) and then use the military benefits to pay for nursing school, that is an option. You will want to speak with an AMMED recruiter. Right now, getting a commission as a RN is difficult. There is a lot of competition for only a few spots every year.
  6. Seaofclouds

    RN pay rate on experience vs education

    Most pay formulas I've seen start based on years of experience as a RN (some count LPN time, some don't). Then from there, they add a set amount for a higher degree (BSN, MSN) and a set amount for certifications (CCRN, etc). Most places only allow one pay boost for certifications (meaning if you have more than one, you don't get more money). I think this works well overall.
  7. How many hours per week for each nurse? How many nurses per shift?
  8. Seaofclouds

    What are my options?

    Are you planning to work as a paramedic? Excelsior's site states it is for "experienced healthcare professionals". It also mentions military corpsman as a possibility, so why not try for a MOS change if you are set in going in this direction. You could get the military to train you as a corpsman and get some healthcare experience. I understand that you feel this is the only option you have, but please understand that this program is not going to set you up for success. Did you look at their CPNE (this is how they pass students on "clinical skills") pass rates? It was only 51.8% for those that finished in the 2013-2014 school year. The year before that, it was only 47%. That means after doing the whole program, only about half actually graduate and become eligible to take the NCLEX! And remember, this is from students that are "experienced healthcare professionals". Reading their program information, they state that this program only for sure sets you up to be able to take the NCLEX in New York. Other states have additional requirements you will need to meet (many of which are clinical hours) in order to get a license in those states, so you may be limited in which states you can get a license/job. In addition, while you are planning to then go into a RN-BSN program, you should start looking at what RN-BSN programs will accept your ADN from Excelsior. You have other options, even if they don't get you started right now. Also, you mentioned having completed your pre-reqs already, that's great, but many programs (RN-BSN) require them to be completed within a certain timeframe prior to your entry into the program. If they are more than 5-10 years old (depending on the program), you may have to retake those classes. Just something to think about. Also, as you are also hoping to direct commission into the military as a BSN RN, please understand what the competition is for those positions. Right now, the competition is fierce for RNs looking to direct commission, it may get a lot worse (or better) in 6 years when your current commitment is up. I understand you are already speaking with a recruiter, and that's good, but please think about what you will do if you don't get to direct commission into the military as soon as you get your BSN. If you truly want to be a nurse, there are better ways to go about becoming on.
  9. Seaofclouds

    Certificate of Employment

    I've seen a variety of ways that employers verify employment. Sometimes they will call the office directly, sometimes they mail them a verification form to fill out, and some employers use internet programs for employment verification. It will all just depend on the place you apply to.
  10. Seaofclouds

    Didn't follow through and caused med error

    This is why doctors should be writing/entering their own orders. One thing you could have done though, was added "already given by MD" on the actual order you wrote. That way, pharmacy would have seen it was given and the nurse (who should have checked to verify the new order) would have also seen right on the order that it was already given.
  11. Seaofclouds

    A question regarding expired licensure.

    You may be able to apply to have your license reinstated. There are usually very specific requirements for reinstatement, but the BON should be able to tell you about those.
  12. Seaofclouds

    Tips for better time management?

    Cluster your care whenever you can. Chart as you go throughout the shift. Are you getting the same assignment back on night 2 and 3 of your 3 night stretches? If so, try to keep track of what does and doesn't work through the night. Look at what things you can cluster and go from there. It takes time to really get the hang of things. Be patient and keep listening to what's going on around you.
  13. Seaofclouds

    Nursing license

    Are you sure you did not complete the program? Have you reviewed everything to make sure the school is not mistaken? You will need to contact your old high school to get a new copy of your diploma or at least your transcript that shows you received your diploma. Then take the class you are missing. I'm sorry you are going through this. I hope it all works out.
  14. Seaofclouds


    What do you need help with? You have to give us more information if you want us to help you.
  15. I agree 100%, but some parents take it to the schools as the bullying crosses over into school time as well.
  16. Seaofclouds

    Nurse Recruiter and HIPAA violation?

    I agree with the others, report it as a HIPAA violation.