What type of Chemistry did you take?

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which chemistry course did you take for your bsn for your accelerated or traditional program?

i am trying to understand the how acceptable chemistry for health science majors is. i am considering the schools listed below. those are the ones that i am strongly considering. i figure college chem i will transfer in.

any of you out there that took college chemistry and had to take another type of chemistry when admission told you it was not acceptable?

shenandoah university

marymount university

suny stony brook

suny downstate

i was shocked to find university of florida does not require any chemistry.


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I am taking General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II (the premed track). The nursing chemistry classes were closed at my present school so I went ahead with those classes. The generic track BSN school I want to transfer to stated those chemistry classes are ok since the premed track is harder than the nursing track sciences.

If I were you though I would contact the schools you are interested in and make sure that whatever chem course you are interested in will transfer/acceptable for their program. Better safe than sorry.


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Oh yes I am in contact with all of them about which CHEM courses is transferable. Just trying to get some feedback from others. Thanks for your input.

I received the go ahead from a professor to take College Chem I without taking Intro to Chemistry.


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I took General Organic Biochemistry I and II with labs.

I took the General Chem I and II for premed/science majors.


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I am registered for an Allied Health Chemistry class to take in the fall. I was told by one of the schools that I am applying to that it is the only transferable one so that's what I need to take.


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I took General, Organic and Biochemistry 1 and 2 at one school...Got a C in 1 and a D in 2 (at East Carolina University) The school I transfered to required a class called Chemistry for Health Science Majors but we used a general, organic and biochem textbook...Got an A in that class. It was just a one semester class, no parts 1 and 2. That was at Winston Salem State University


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Organic & Biological Chemistry

Alma 3323

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I took this too

"general, organic and biochem textbook...Got an A in that class. It was just a one semester class, no parts 1 and 2." It is what is required for ADN for the Jr colleges all over the state of Oregon. I'm getting an A and I love the class. I'm reading the whole book so I get as much knowledge as possible.


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Joyce in Oregon and MotivatedOne - could you tell me who the author of your textbook is please? That's the same name of the textbook that I have to get for my class in the fall. Thanks!


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I took general organic & biological chemistry. It was very easy.


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I can't remember the author of the textbook we used in my classes. I just remember the textbook having a blue cover. I'm sure that doesn't help.

Good luck with your class!

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