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  1. lavendersapphire

    TEAS Test

    do a search for TEAS test on here. You'll get a ton of threads, but if you scan through them, you can get some of the answers to some of the random questions on the test.
  2. lavendersapphire

    Kennesaw State Waiting Game

    Oh, and I think the fall 09 thread has some interview questions as well.
  3. lavendersapphire

    Kennesaw State Waiting Game

    I applied to the summer traditional and fall accelerated (whichever one I can get into, but leaning more towards the traditional. The summer application period closes on Monday, so let the wait begin!) and have been stalking all the Kennesaw threads....
  4. lavendersapphire

    How many times did you take the TEAS exam? (or other entrance exams)

    took the TEAS once. I'm applying to multiple schools, so its above all the requirements, and it has to admit me somewhere, lol.
  5. lavendersapphire

    I retook the TEAS today...

    Good luck to both of you! I can't believe you have to wait to get your results, that has to be killer. I took mine at Clayton State and it was the electronic version, so I got mine right away (and waiting for the screen to load was nerve wracking!)
  6. lavendersapphire

    VA Hospital - nursing program

    I want to add the program VANEEP (as well as the other programs) are ONLY for VHA employees (those in the health system). And only if your medical center/hospital is approved for the program. I work in the benefits administration (VBA) area and they...
  7. lavendersapphire

    Is my GRE score bad?

    I say just submit and see. You never know how heavy they use the GRE score compared to the rest of your application.
  8. lavendersapphire

    Want to be a nurse. But.....(pre-med? Nursing?)

    I was the premed route during undergrad (my degree was a BS in Criminal Justice and I was taking the premed classes on the side). Pretty much it just went one step further than the nursing prereqs. For example, the nursing programs I'm applying to re...
  9. lavendersapphire

    Pregnancy and Nursing School

    I'm a year younger than you and am also looking to start NS next fall. With that said, we've been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year and there's no way that we're going to stop trying and getting fertility testing just because of NS. To us, its...
  10. lavendersapphire

    For A&P1, what are LAB PRACTICALS/TESTS like??

    I took this class years ago, and the only thing i remember is that part of our final exam was on the bones. The prof took apart the skeleton and put indivual bones on the tables (I think there was about 10 bone stations and we had 30 seconds to a min...
  11. I find that most universities (at least here) dont care where you get your prereqs done as long as the cc is accredited. They understand that CCs are cheaper financially if you're taking a handfull of courses. Also check out some traditional prog...
  12. lavendersapphire

    Where on earth are CA students with a low GPA(3.3) applying!?!?!

    Plus the cost of living here is WAY cheaper than Cali
  13. lavendersapphire

    Where on earth are CA students with a low GPA(3.3) applying!?!?!

    I'm in the Atlanta Metro and none of the BSN schools here - Emory, Georgia State, Univ. of West Georgia, Clayton State, Kennesaw State, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing (Mercer Univ.) have waiting lists. Neither do any of the ASN programs. Thou...
  14. lavendersapphire

    anyones who already taken the teas exam

    The one that i had was sedimentary. Something about a river that empties into the ocean and the rock is very brittle and breaks easily. I forget the actually question, but I knew the answer was sedimentary.
  15. lavendersapphire

    What TEAS score does your school require?

    I'm also applying to Kennesaw (80%), GBCN says 78.9% (though they say better than the national average which is 72 or 74% so I'm not sure which one they want. Maybe it's their average...West Ga is keeping theirs a secret until after you apply, Clayto...