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  1. Alma 3323

    The Grading Scale For Your School

    Ours is 92 = A; 82= B; 75= C Less than 75 is failing We have to average 75 or above on all tests and 75 or above on other stuff- papers etc I wish we had pluses and minuses because my 91 B is right now equal to an 83 B. I'd like the extra half point on my GPA
  2. Alma 3323

    Disappointing news, what can I do?

    You are an excellent writer. That is useful for nursing school. I was in a program in high school called Health Ancillary Training Service. and was able to work my whole senior year, 3 hours a day, at several hospitals in my area including UC Davis Medical Center. This was great for my career because I was exposed to all the different departments in the hospital. You've gotten good advice about where to volunteer for the next couple of years. 4H also has summer camps to give you more experience with children. Good Luck.
  3. Alma 3323

    OHSU from OCNE cc anyone doing this?

    Each one of you is correct. We can stop after the second term of year 2 and go on to OHSU without getting our RN OR We can finish the CC program (take the NCLEX), and take that beginning term in the summer and take 3 more terms the next year to finish the BSN. So 4 terms to the BSN. SO----- anyone done this yet? No one from my school has skipped the NCLEX and gotten the BSN instead of an ADN and I don't plan to, but I'm interested in what you have done.
  4. Alma 3323

    OHSU from OCNE cc anyone doing this?

    I'm in my first year at an OCNE school. They tell us we are already eligible for OHSUs BSN transfer program which is apparently all online. Has anyone done this? What is it like? How hard is it to accomplish when you are working as a new grad nurse? What does it actually end up costing you?
  5. Alma 3323

    Relocating for the elusive first RN job

    I think it would be fantastic to work at Johns Hopkins. Take it and get a house big enough for vacationers from Boston. This would be a dream come true.
  6. Alma 3323

    Chemistry or statistics in first semester of adn?

    I would take chemistry it has more to do with pharm. and it is an easier class.
  7. Alma 3323

    How do you de-stress?

    I'm sitting here listening to Barry White you are my everything. It is in perfect time to the figures above and is stress reducing to watch and listen. Course, Barry recommends other things to de-stress ;-)
  8. Alma 3323

    Bed Bugs

    I read of some company using huge heater fans to heat up the inside of the building so the bugs died. Worked very well.
  9. Alma 3323

    Appeal letter for SAP, due to degree

    I just heard the same thing today. it seems to be just a formality. I need my advisor's signature but that's all cause I'm in the program already. I'll be happy to get a loan this is really straining my monthly budget.
  10. Alma 3323

    Has anyone else gained weight in NS?

    I had to write a self-care plan the first week of school where I promised myself to eat lunch every day from home. I said I would eat beans, lentils, hummus and split pea soup (I fix one thing each Saturday. I've been eating that for lunch for 4 weeks along with a tortilla, yogurt or a cheese stick and a fruit and I've lost 5 pounds. This is a good thing. Who would of thought that eating lunch instead skipping would help me lose weight. My 'movements' are also easier to pass. Ha ha I also have 1/2 cup of oatmeal every am. Dinner is usually the same as lunch I'm so lazy.
  11. Alma 3323


    Do they come with Microsoft 2010, can I do a paper on one and then email it? Mine has Windows 7 and you have to buy the office programs that is word excel and outlook. Microsoft 2010 is the off ice suite with word et al. I took an English class this summer and emailed all my papers. Do I need a password to connect or can I just go into a place that is wireless and connect. It is easy to connect to wifi but you need to know the password so your system will let you on. Unless you have no password on your wifi but I wouldn't recommend that. I really like my netbook I got it from Costco. The newest ones have even more storage space on the hard-drive. 279 or so gig Two important tweaks: 1. Use the f 11 key to minimize the header online (works for all computers) 2. If your touch pad is over sensitive (jumps your cursor around when you type) press Fn F7 to turn it off. You'll need a separate mouse then. Joyce http://img.an-file.info/smilies/twocents.gif
  12. Alma 3323

    Did you get anything?

    My husband downloaded a pinup drawing of a nurse with the slogan "feel safe at night sleep with a nurse". I start NS this month. I told him I didn't want him looking at her all the time. Ha ha.
  13. Alma 3323

    Medical school vs Nursing School

    You might look into Physician Assistant if you like primary care but want to avoid all the drawbacks of medical school. Look up PA forums. Much more affordable than med school too.
  14. Alma 3323

    Me, myself and Facebook

    I'm thinking I should get an anonymous FB page so I can have some privacy. Maybe use my dogs name.
  15. Alma 3323

    Too Little, Too Late.....Too Bad

    Some places are just hard to work for. My former boss decided to let me go and proceeded to ignore me for weeks. Then they changed my job description which required me to apply for my own job. A 25 yo got it for much lower pay than mine. Now I'm starting Nursing School. LOL