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  1. Alma 3323

    Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

    Put some dye on the plugs after you unplug the TV. Catch them red-handed 😄
  2. BTW I found it easier to get a job in a critical access hospital in a small town. Then you can move on after a year or make a career in a varied environment.
  3. This happened to me but I was told they were hiring so many new grads they didn't want to add my 4 years home health experience to the mix. I found out later the ratio there was 8 to 1 whereas I am now at 5 to 1 with better pay. So there's that!
  4. I really enjoy rehab. If you complete the various chartings throughout the day you'll feel great about your work. Braden s and sepsis screens by 9am, assessment s by noon, education and FIMs by 5 and care plans and note by 6pm. Of course med passes and cbgs as ordered. The time suckers are toileting and problem solving with dietician s, therapy and your CNAs. A sharp active cna is essential. You will get so much satisfaction watching you patient s get active again.
  5. Alma 3323

    Anyone going to WCEI for certification ? Your thoughts?

    I plan to take this soon. To become certified you have to show previous experience or work with a certified nurse. I have been reading the Wocn textbook from Amaon to prepare. If you don't have a bsn and don't live or work near the wta sites or Emory... go for wcc. It's nothing to be ashamed of.
  6. Alma 3323

    Looking for more information on becoming certified in foot care

    Look up rainier foot care ed in washington
  7. Alma 3323

    Looking for more information on becoming certified in foot care

    Dvd and onsite ed
  8. Alma 3323

    This person outranks me?!

    Regarding sputum samples they're not even supposed to have saliva in them so I'm pretty sure vomit would be bad. The acid could kill the bacilli or interfere with the dyes
  9. Alma 3323

    This person outranks me?!

    Yeah rank=degrees from college. Some people know just eniugh to get by, that's in all fields. Yeah he should know this stuff but asking theses questions multiple times shows a problem. He is brave enough to ask. I'd try to jump through that RN hoop to get the pay you deserve.
  10. Alma 3323

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    Wow, such hard first years. I was able to finish all my non nursing courses before nursing school so that helped alot. My nursing instructors were poor teachers, I had the worst 2 years of my life in nursing school. And that's including birthing and raising 6 kids to adulthood. My first job was Home Health and Hospice. I've since moved to acute care. I loved HH and would recommend it as a first posting. You learn assessments, wound care, foleys and PICC line care really well. I found med surg faster paced than I enjoy which makes it very intimidating for a new grad.
  11. Alma 3323

    EXTREME Wound Odor Hospice, please advise

    We used Nystatin powder on a fulminating cancer wound of a hospice pt. So yeast or fungal different meds. But Dakins would help it all.
  12. Alma 3323

    Getting a job in Northern Cali?

    Sutter Coast in Crescent City is different from Sutter Memorial and all the other Sacramento hospitals. Do you want Redding or Chico or where? If you haven't applied for your license yet do it now it takes 3 months.
  13. Alma 3323

    Another reason to like home health..

    HH is great. I started as a new grad 2.5 years ago. I'm now confident and effective. I have saved people's lives and given them teaching and training to change their lives and improve their health. This is a good place to start your career if you like chronic conditions and have good self confidence. Of course I work for a supportive company/non-profit.
  14. Alma 3323

    non clinical jobs for rns!!? pls help!

    I got a job with home health. They do hire new grads and will train you. I don't want to hear how they shouldn't I will be fine. I really like my little agency and am confident I will be a great HH nurse.
  15. Alma 3323

    Medication orders

    Mods, I recommend this be made a sticky because the link to the CMS is current and of great interest to HH nurses.
  16. I love mine. My Walmart has some for $6 for 2 pair(near the pharmacy). They aren't as good of quality as the expensive ones but they are good enough. Not all Walmarts have them though. They really make a difference. Measure your calf and foot sizes. If you have big feet just buy mens size Medium.

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