What are the top paid nurses?!

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I'm just wondering....


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It would be a Nurse Practioner and then Nurse Anesthetist would be the highest paid (APRNs) Both nurses are highly specialized and have extensive training beyond nursing school. I'm not sure about other specific areas.



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CRNA are the highest paid they make more that practitioners!


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Top floor nurses make from 30-35$ an hour at my facility. If you go agency you can make $40.


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It's all relative. Depends on where you live, how much experience you have and what you do.

Where I live, NPs make between $60 and $70,000 a year. Any nurse here with more than 10 years experience is making more than the NPs. It is not uncommon for staff nurses to make more than their own nurse managers. I also work with several nurses with diploma's in nursing who make well above $100,000 per year (they have 25 - 30 years experience)

CRNAs are by far the highest paid nurses, but they also have the highest insurance premiums.

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CougRN.......what is a "top floor nurse"??? Thanks. :)

As a staff nurse.........the pay sucks! :o


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What I mean was that the highest paid staff nurse makes 30-35$ an hour.


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what is CRNA? Thanks

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There are some surveys in journals and on websites that offer the actual facts that you are looking for. Off the top of my head, I don't know the websites, but the Nursing 20xx (fill in the year) journal does a survery every year.

In general CRNA's make the most money for people in direct patient care roles. Top nurse executivees also make a lot of money (relatively speaking, of course). Top professors also make more than most people realize. I'm not sure about CRNA salaries, but top administrators and professors often make between $100,000 and $150,000 per year. Of course, to get any of those positions, it takes advanced education and years of experience being good enough at your job to earn promotions.

Not all nurse practitioners make more money than staff nurses. Many make less. That largely depends on the local supply of NP's and the demand for them in your area.



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well..i have a question. what is the top paying nurse job. like a er nurse or what?



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well..i have a question. what is the top paying nurse job. like a er nurse or what?


difference in pay between specialties (or, er, icu, med/surg) is negligible if there is one at all. the biggest difference lies in location. nurses are paid very poorly in some cities (even relative to a lower cost of living) and much better in others.

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