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  1. CougRN


    umm, yes i'm positive. try going to the AANA website for that information. we dont need the ANA our lobbying group is larger, stronger, and more respected.
  2. CougRN


    The ANA doesn't lobby for CRNA's. We have our own lobbying group that has been very good to CRNA's for a long time. And I don't think the goal of our association or CRNA's is to become "equals" to MDA's. We have a lot of the same skills and training but that doesn't make us equal. They have their job and we have ours and a lot of it overlaps. If you want to be the Doc go to med school, if you want to give anesthesia go to NA school.
  3. CougRN

    When to take Valley Review?

    I think since it is a Review class it helps to identify strengths and weaknesses. So taking it 3-4 months prior to graduation gives you the opportunity to work on the weaknesses. So that's why I took it 4 months prior to graduation.
  4. CougRN

    PICU experience for admission

    UNE in Portland, Maine has in the past
  5. CougRN

    I passed

    So, if I may ask all of you who took the test lately do you have the same feelings about Memory Master not being all that helpful too. I take the exam in 3 months and I'm focusing now on the Sweat book which i have read twice and M&M. Any suggestions or recomendations would be great. Best of luck to all.
  6. CougRN

    What now?????

    didn't take it twice but there are schools out there that don't require the GRE. if you are willing to relocate anywhere then there are schools that won't require that ugly GRE exam at all. look on the AANA website and check out the schools and what each require. then call program directors and discuss your options with them. they make the call on who gets in and who doesn't so they are your best resource. best of luck
  7. CougRN

    payment for SRNA's ?????

    not where i am. i run my own room with an MD who supervises up to 4 rooms. the only time a crna is on the case with me is when it is medicare.
  8. CougRN

    2007 school ranking

    the article should tell you what exactly is incorporated into the rankings.
  9. CougRN

    My feeling after taking boards...a lesson for all

    Thanks for the honest post vinny. I take my boards in 3 months and I'm scared to death. You have a great attitude today though and I hope it pans out for you this first time around. Best of luck.
  10. CougRN

    I know I need at least 1 yr ICU but when do I apply?

    you need a year of experience before you start school. so find out when the school's start and then do the math. just remember that some schools want more than one year and they have the right to require this. the aana is the group that says that one year is the "minimum" requirement.
  11. CougRN

    decadron as antiemetic

    use it all the time, check the research, it is there.
  12. CougRN

    How many years?

    one year of icu when accepted. two right before i started. no other nursing experience. my classmates have between 2-20 years experience.
  13. CougRN

    SRNA clinical tactics

    do what you like but i hate the frickin game. never liked it as an RN and don't do it as an SRNA. but that's me.
  14. CougRN

    Regional Anesthesia - How much are you doing?

    we do rotations for regional for mostly spinals. we do bier blocks every now and then but epidurals and any other regional, including epidurals, are hard to come by. will probably graduate without ever doing anything besides bier block, spinals, and maybe 5-10 epidurals. sucks but that is the climate in the NE.
  15. CougRN


    before school? if you really have to read before you spend the next 2 1/2 years constantly reading i agree, Basics of Anesthesia by Miller is your best bet. It has everything in a simplified form. But really, you have this time to yourself and i suggest you take it while you can.
  16. CougRN

    CRNAs in Colorado

    i have heard that denver general is a good place to work but they have students from TWU and they seem to hire them. not a lot of positions in denver from what i am told from a friend in my program looking to move back. prime areas like denver and phoenix seem to have slim job prospects for CRNAs due to MDA monopoly