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Ok, I have been out of curculation for a very LONG time. :D

I am also poor. Need to know what is appropreate for a 42 yr. old. I don't have alot of $ to spend but would like to look good. Also, I haven't worn make-up either. Is it required? I don't want to look like a tramp, but I also don't want to look like Britteny Spears. Shopping at Goodwill doesn't bother me. Neither do yard sales. However, I don't even know what is popular. My last popular bluejean name brand was CHIC!!! :D

Any advice?


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i think the most important thing is to comfortable yet appropriate.

Make-up is never required.

Maybe a nice neat pair of jeans with a comfortable top. no rips or paint stains or the like. and nothing low-cut or too tight.

nice comfortable shoes.

Oh...and this may just be my own pet peeve...but never too much perfume!!!!!

i was in a class last semester where a woman wore so much perfume that she made half the class nauseas. I'm sure she wondered why people avoided sitting by her until the instructor said in a very nice and general way to the class :

"I have allergies that may be aggravated by perfume, so i'd appreciate those of you who wear it sitting toward the back of the room"

after that, she didn't wear it. (:

Be comfortable,casual, and neat.

good luck! have a great semester!

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Wear something comfortable, but neat and clean. You will be sitting in classes alot, for long periods of time. :) Good luck! :)


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We were told by the nursing dean at orientation that she wanted the nursing students to dress professionally casual. She said that she can't put in a dress code for what to wear, but expects the nursing students to look their best in and out of clinicals. She stated that we were a reflection of the program. If cost is a big thing, you wouldn't believe the nice things you can get a Wal-mart and K-Mart for practically nothing. These stores also carry the latest styles. Maybe you could do a lay-away for school clothes.


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I agree, clean, neat and comfortable. Jeans (they last a long time too) are good and shirts or plain t-shirts. and If you don't wear make up there is no need to start, but if you were looking for 1 thing that makes a big difference for a small amount of cash, mascara. It's all i wear and i wear it so I feel good and not to impress anyone.

Good luck keep us posted with how it goes.

oh yea, everything is popular as long as you feel good in it and it fits you properly.


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I found it very amusing that in our class at first all the young ladies dressed like they were going out on a date - but after a few late nights of cramming for med term the dress got much more casual and their make-up became much less important to them also lol


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HI: My advice: Wear something loose and comfortable, you get hot working on the dummies in the lab, and sometimes you are bending down, over beds, to the floor, etc. Do you know how to sew? Myself, I usually wear the khaki type pants and a blouse, but I have seen some real interesting attire at school. I agree with the no perfume, some of it is rank. good luck to you! :nurse:

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The most important thing is to invest in two pairs of comfortable shoes. One for clinicals-usually have to be white. One for classes and lab- just comfortable.

Jeans are always a good bet, often sold at yard sales, you may also check yahoo auctions and ebay auctions. I also recommend wearing short sleeves. We would have girls in nursing lab trying to do things with these great big flowing sleeves and they were always getting caught or snagged.

Makeup- runs and by the time class is over there won't be any left on your face.:) Be comfortable.

Another good purchase is a back pack to care the necessary items. Several pens- usually required black ink. Pencils for math calculations.


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Ha Ha! I used to be one of those girls who always went to school with the perfect hair, make-up, clothes, and jewelry. I could pull that off during my first year, but by the end of my second year, that was out the window! I had continuous bags under my eyes, hair always straight with overgrown roots, and wore whatever was clean.


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I usually wear jeans & a t-shirt/light sweater/sweatshirt depending on what the temperature is at the time. That's fairly typical of what most folks in my classes wear.

Clinicals at our school require a uniform (white pants/skirt/shirt & white professional shoes), and are very strict about how you look then. In class, it's a bit more relaxed, but they still expect you to look decent...we're supposed to look neat and tidy.


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I agree with these posts. Be COMFORTABLE and clean, what else is there when you're in the RN program. LOL. People to go to classes to pay attention. No one will notice what you are wearing unless your clothes have holes in them or you have a bad smell.

Target, Walmart, K-mart and Old Navy have good, inexpensive clothes. I would invest some money in really good pair of comfortable shoes for clinicals.

If you're really worried about what to wear or want to be with 'in' crowd, go to the mall or the student center of your school and sit down and look at what people are wearing. You could get some ideas from there.

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I like different colored khakis-tan, olive green, etc.-they look a little dressier than jeans but are still really comfortable. On top, a nice t-shirt or sweater. Nothing too fancy. I do invest in good shoes.

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