What time do you do vitals at night on mother baby


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We do baby vitals at 1am during nights. I find this disruptive to our patients sleep. What time are your routine vitals done for babies at night?Routine Moms vitals are done at 9pm and 5am and 1pm. Babies are 9a, 5pm, and 1 am .


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They usually do baby's vitals when they are up feeding, unless they are on meconium vitals 4 hourly.


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They usually do baby's vitals when they are up feeding, unless they are on meconium vitals 4 hourly.

Can you share what are 'meconium vitals'? We do vitals on babies whose mom's were + for GBS.

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When I did mother/baby, we did mom's vitals/assessment twice in a 12 hour shift, but no hard and fast times. We did baby's vitals q4h for the first 24 hours of life, then q8h thereafter. If the baby was late preterm, they had q4h vitals the whole stay. It was all over the place and drove me crazy. You'd have baby vitals due at all different times of the shift. I also thought assessments and vitals on healthy moms twice a shift was overkill.

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For moms we did: q30min x 3 on admit, then q4h x 3, then BID. For all VS we also did fundal checks. I usually tried to get at least one head to toe in on my shift, then just VS/fundus the rest of my shift. I tried to get it as close as I could to the start of my shift at 1900 so I didn't have to bother mom anymore. ]

For babies we do q30min x 3, q4h x 24h, then q shift. GBS+ no tx or pretermers get q4h VS x 48h.

09/17/01 seem like weird times to do vitals. Any reason they can't go to 08/15/23? It's not exactly q8 but it should be close enough.

When I worked mother/baby if I had a baby on q8h vitals I'd try to get them assessed any time between 2200 and 0100. I'd have mom call when baby was up to feed so I wasn't waking them up an extra time. I loved being able to get everyone assessed and tucked in for the night before 2300.

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Vaginal deliveries are Q4h in PP for the first 24h, then q shift until they are discharged. We lump vitals in with our fundal checks and do them approximately at 2000, 0000, 0400, 0800, 1200, 1600.

C-Sections are q4 hours for the first 48 hours, then q shift until they leave. Same times as as vag deliveries, but if they have duramorph or a PCA pump they are q1h x4 when they get to the floor, then q4 hours after that. If they are on a mag gtt, it's q2 hours until the mag is discontinued, usually on the even hours.

I will sometimes do my 0000 assessment/vitals closer to 2300 so I can let them get to sleep earlier. I lump my 0400 with any other care I might have to do (bloodwork, checking feeds, etc) so I don't have to wake them more than once in the middle of the night unless they need me.

Our babies are usually qshift at 0800, 1600, 0000. If they are gbs+ they are q4 on the same schedule as mom. LPIs are q3h before feeds.


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Moms who deliver vaginally are Q4x3 then Q8 until discharge. C-section moms are Q4x48 hours then Q8 until discharge. If they received Duramorph we do Q2 respirations/pulse ox for 12 hours. We try to get all vitals done more or less on an 0800/1600/0000 schedule (plus 1200/2000/0400) as needed.

Babies are Q8VS if >37 wks, AGA, GBS- or GBS+ with no rupture/labor. If GBS+ with rupture/labor (even if adequately treated which makes no sense to me) they are Q4x48 hrs then Q8 until discharge. Babies who are SGA,


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I was newborn nursery, not mother-baby, but I do recall the moms got vitals 3x per day (I believe it was q4 for a set time after a C-section, then 3x per day), something like 0600, 1400, and 2000. Babies were q2h x5 and then twice a shift, no set times. For the 0000-0600 stretch I usually tried to do it when baby was awake, or be as quiet as possible. I'd often pair it with bilis & PKUs.


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Our facility requirements are once per shift for the mothers. Baby vitals depend on which pediatrician is on - one is fine with once per shift and the other wants Q4h. Personally, I do vitals Q4h on both mom and baby for the first 24 hours after delivery, then Q6h until discharge.


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c-section moms or higher accuity moms q4hrs. 8p-12a-4am. babies under 24hrs old or who are higher accuity are also q 4hrs. under 24 hrs vaginal deliveries 12am.