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  1. jennylee321

    NGT policies about days until removal for Neonates

    28 days but as said above you should also find out what manufacturer says some tubes are marketed for longer term use
  2. jennylee321

    NGT policies about days until removal for Neonates

    28 days
  3. jennylee321

    sposue/partner present during labor and delivery

    No you can't use the doula research because the outcomes such as less intervention and better breastfeeding outcomes have been proven specifically for doulas but not spouse/partner.
  4. jennylee321

    Any advice for a new grad trying to stay afloat?

    And a 76 in leadership is fine, don't be so hard on yourself !
  5. jennylee321

    Peds Pulmonary Unit??

    Hope you like sputum! Kidding aside, it would be a great environment to start in peads
  6. jennylee321

    Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

    "We promise the staffing will get better". I wouldn't believe that until it actually starts happening.
  7. jennylee321

    As seen on TV

    I know there was a big uproar among nurses when mcdreamy's ETT was only in at like 5cm
  8. jennylee321

    Bare bones staffing

    Even without codes to consider, how about nurses being able to take the breaks they are legally entitled to. So yes minimum of 2.
  9. jennylee321

    New Grads in the ICU

    I feel like orientation plays a big factor in whether new grads are successful in critical care areas. Level 4 NICUs have been hiring new grads for years through children's hospital residencies. Because I had such a extensive orientation my transition was a smooth one.
  10. jennylee321


    You can get into a very negative way of thinking after applying to so many positions and not hearing back. I'm sure many people can relate to this feeling. But be careful, this was of thinking can spiral out of control and affect the way you are coming off to people.
  11. jennylee321

    RN in London, Ontario

    To clarify wasn't saying there's no chance LHSC will hire you but because everything is centralised through HR if they denied your application at this first point, the same thing will keep happening. Glad to hear you got a job in LTC. Because LHSC is unionised it makes it difficult to get in especially full time. What is your home county/ first language?
  12. jennylee321

    How to be better at teamwork (and still get your work done)

    I think most nurses have a pretty good sense of when other nurses are drowning. Whenever I'm super busy dealing with a decompensation or admission nearby nurses are typically either helping me or if they are too busy themselves, they have the courtesy not to ask me for help until I've got what I'm dealing with sorted. Whereas I often have little stretches between my tasks where I will float around and see if anyone needs help. These are the best times to offer help because if you offering help when you really are quite busy the help you are offering won't be overly helpful (wow that was a lot of helps in one sentence lol). I think frequent communication with colleagues is important to teamwork. I'm often working in a specific clinical area with 1-3 other nurses and I communicate when I have important things going on so we can coordinate tasks that require 2 nurses as well as breaks. When you are offering help I think the most important thing to do is being specific in your offer. Particularly when someone is being held up with one busy patient. "Do you have any meds so for your other patients that I can do?" "Do you want me to do a round on your other patients?" "Should I call the on call doctor to get some orders for you?" Ect. Offer things that you can reasonably do within your current workload. Sometimes people ask me if I need anything, but they don't mean anything. They don't have time to stay for a 20 min procedure. So communication is key.
  13. She needs to be held to a higher standard because she's the lead nurse, it isn't like she's just a peer so this behaviour needs to be addressed. There's a lot of nurses out there who love thinking they are god's gift to nursing. And only they can save the patients. Her behaviour is unprofessional.
  14. jennylee321

    No one to talk to about nursing... Am I crazy?

    I think when we see connections between the Krebs cycle and our practice, these are special moments that we keep to ourselves because no one else earned this special moment Hahaha I actually explained somethinh to a new staff recently and related it to the Krebs cycle. They looked at me like I was cray, but I was fresh off a pathophysiology post grad course.
  15. jennylee321

    NICU visitation policies needed

    I don't think any non sibling children should be visiting, siblings only when their are childcare difficulties. It's difficult having small children in the NICU all the time and they spread germs like wildfire
  16. jennylee321

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    I work in baby land where we double check almost all medications but I imagine paralytic should be a mandatory double check.