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What a time to get sick!


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Great, it's the weekend before finals, and I am SICK!

I have a sore throat and I am just exhausted all over even though I actually got 12 hours of sleep last night since yesterday was last day of classes and finals don't start till monday, all I want to do is sleep and it hurts to read, like my head just won't take it in. Waaaah! I don't want to be sick! I hope it goes away fast.

Good luck to everyone else still in finals for the semester, and congratulations to all you December graduates, you rock!

I hear yah. I've been sick with the flu for the past two weeks and finals have been horrible. Luckly the teachers that I have made an exception for me to take some of the exams at a later date. I did my last one today in History it was due last week.

Hope you feel better!

This nationwide flu epidemic is getting scary. Half of my class was absent yesterday and it was the last lecture before the final on Tuesday. Can't they just make more vaccines? :confused: I see pictures on the news of people standing outside of clinics in the cold with their small children waiting in line for what vaccinations are left ... I think to myself, if they don't have the flu now, they will within a day or two after standing out in the cold and wearing down their immune system!! Here's one to make you chuckle -- I'm paranoid that I'm going to catch the flu if I go out for a couple of hours this weekend and do some Christmas shopping in the hot jam packed mall, so I'm ordering on line instead! I'm willing to spend the extra few dollars on shipping, figure I'd spend it on gas anyway. I need to be well for Tuesday's test!! :chuckle Good luck to everyone on tests and feel better soon!!

I was sick as a dog for my most important final. I don't know how, but I still got an A.

My eyes were blurry and watery, and I was blowing my nose the entire time. I had some trouble marking the answers in the right places, so I made sure to re-check them as much as possible.

Even though you feel horrible, keep studying. You'll probably do better than you think.

I highly recommend Theraflu! I got my flu shot in October but my husband didn't and Texas has had a big outbreak of flu. He had a huge presentation to do at work and was running a fever, had a nasty headache and sore throat. I got him some Theraflu and he made it through the meeting and his presentation.

Hope you feel better soon!

I had just gotten over being sick by a couple of weeks and my son gave me another cold. Fortunately for him, he is feeling much better. Unfortunately for me, mine turned into a sinus infection and tonsilitis. I hate feeling like I swallowed broken glass. For everybody else who is sick right before finals and Christmas, I hope we all get better very soon.


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hope you are feeling better soon. all the best on your finals.

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Hope you kick the sick soon.:o

Good luck on your finals!


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Can't they just make more vaccines?

They are making the vaccines as fast as they can. It takes time.

The root of the problem is a mild flu season last year meant 12 million vaccines got thrown away. This mean t big $$$ loss for the 2 pharmas that make flu vax. So... this year, they didn't make as many.

Looks like the flu has peaked in CO for those of you in the west. :D

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It takes 4 months to make the flu vaccine. By the time they make any more, this outbreak will be over, and besides, the virus(es) will no longer resemble the one(s) they used because that's how viruses work. (Remember micro?)

Also, it takes 2 weeks from the time you get the shot until your own immunity is working. By then, you could be done with it and have the natural kind....

The pharmaceutical companies that made this stuff made something like 5% more (6 million doses?) than were ordered--orders have to be given the spring before....

Basically, it seems to boil down to "who knew?"

Try Zicam for nasal congestion, sinusitis, etc. It's a gel that stays right in your nose and sinuses where it belongs, it works in about 8-10 seconds (REALLY! Yes, SECONDS) and lasts about 10-12 hours. If nothing else, you feel better and you can breathe and rest. I took it last year when I had the flu, and again when I caught a bug from a patient at work.

And it's cheap--less than $10, and I got it at the grocery (Kroger). I've also seen it at Wal-Mart.

Sign this--washing my hand a WHOLE lot lately.....!

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