What are thoughts on Simplenursing.com ?


I'm in my first year of nursing school and have been seeing a lot of simplenursing.com . Has anyone purchased their product? Is it real? A waste of money? Or was it helpful? I am not seeing much on reviews except what is on their site. Any info would be appreciated.



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I've never heard of this until you posted this.


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he is good by watching his free videos on YouTube . enough for me.....


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Great vids on YouTube. Never purchased anything from the site


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I have never personally purchased any of the content, though several of my classmates have and say it's great. I have watched several of the videos on youtube, and if you can get past the silly spelling and pronunciation errors, there's good info laid out in a clear way. One thing I really, really have a problem with is that he is NOT a a nurse. He does have on the website that he flunked out of nursing school on his first try, but then I think the rest of the website implies that he got through the second time and is now a nurse. Apparently he did graduate from nursing school (and ADN program, last May) but he is not listed as licensed with the California BON...which means either he took it and failed, or he hasn't bothered taking NCLEX. Either way, I'm uncomfortable with the way he presents himself as an expert (talking about his multiple years of healthcare experience)....and those years are as a tech. I have absolutely NOTHING but the utmost respect for techs, but I wouldn't shell out hundreds of $$ to anyone to teach me how to be a nurse when that person isn't actually a nurse themselves.


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I wouldn't bother working as a nurse either if I had that website. I'm sure he makes more money than the average nurse with that website.

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Good day:

I purchased the product on Black Friday, and cancelled that weekend as the videos did not play well. When I asked for help in their Facebook group, they deleted my post. I was offered a full refund with the condition I cannot be a part of their Facebook group (they do not accept any negative comments even asking for help) for which I accepted.

On the good side, Michael shared they are having their web site completely redesigned and sometime in early 2015 the videos should work consistently in all of the major browsers. On the down side, their Facebook group has compensated (referral fees = compensation) members who push the product and will tell you they are not being paid to say nice things when they are being paid through referral fees. Since the FB group is tightly managed where ex customers are not allowed and any negative posts deleted quickly, all you get is a good picture without any negatives. Going back to pluses, I do believe Michael is passionate about teaching; though as some here will tell you some of his videos (the public youtube ones) do have mistakes in them.

Thank you.


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I wouldn't pay what he is asking. I did look at some of his free videos on youtube. *shrugs* They helped minimally on certain topics during my earlier semesters.


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there are about 70,000 subscribers. that in itself is worth the risk of a months' subscription. sign up for a month to month with 40$... and cancel before you are billed again. i spent more than that no useless NCLEX books. lol i am a recent graduate and using it for only pharmacology.


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Not worth the money. Just watch the videos on youtube. Customer service is terrible, you never hear back from them.

I truly wish that I would have spent my money elsewhere.