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  1. SL2014

    GN to NP in <1yr

    I disagree with your perspective. Perhaps, for this nurse it is not time to be an NP, but that is not true of all new graduate nurses. The RN role and the NP role are COMPLETELY different. Being an RN on the floor for a few years is probably helpful but I don't think it makes one NP better than another... Yes some NPs don't feel prepared out of school, they can easily sign up for an internship and hang out with an MD or another NP before they begin to practice independently. Floor nursing isn't for some people. Saying a GN shouldn't become an NP until they have x years of experience is like saying a CNA shouldn't be an RN until x years of experience... except this makes MORE sense because the CNA and RN have much more in common than the NP and the RN. Sometimes I think that the nurses who discourage GN so much from being NPs are jealous because they are jealous that the twenty-something GN has the drive to become an NP, while the 45 year old nurse with 44 years of nursing experience (sarcasm) is still stuck at the bedside and can't imagine going back to school... Just an observation.... I'm jealous of my 22 year old friend who only has a few months until she's an FNP... It's okay to be jealous, but resist the totally natural urge to rain on their parade.
  2. It seems like this is a person who works for a travel nurse company and wants to make their site more appealing.... Beneficial information: Length of assignments Location of assignments Pay range Hours Specialties Housing Paid Uniform Stipend Health/Dental/Vision TUITION REIMBURSEMENT is huge, to me at least.
  3. SL2014

    Interdisciplinary Bullying!

    This happened to me when I was in ICU and when I was in LTC. The staff were literally running to the manager for anything and everything, sometimes blatantly lying, other times making a big deal out of nothing by distorting the truth. I didn't even try to talk to management about being "picked on", here's why... No matter what... If you are "in trouble" for something, anything that you say to "defend" yourself, despite being truthful and/or in the right... You look like you are trying to save your own butt and/or not taking responsibility for your actions- regardless if said actions even occurred at all. So in both situations, I left. I wish there was a better way, I have even thought about calling and telling them what happened "after the fact" when I no longer had a job to save but I figured that if the management was concerned with the morality of their staff they would have asked my opinion. I'm sorry this is happening to you, it is extremely stressful and makes you feel terrible. To worry is hard enough, to worry about your job is harder and to worry about your job and feel like everyone is out to get you is even worse. *hugs* Good Luck!
  4. SL2014

    Night shift diff

    Most do offer a shift differential. I agree with the first person who responded. State that you wanted to work nights because you need a shift differential and if they do not offer it you would like to go back to days.
  5. SL2014

    what is a scientific process of nursing?

    Look in your text book or Google "nursing scientific process". We are here to clarify and point you in the right direction, not do your homework for you :)
  6. SL2014

    What are thoughts on Simplenursing.com ?

    I've never heard of this until you posted this.
  7. SL2014

    Jobs in school, success on NCLEX

    I'm not sure how much being a Pharm Tech will help you with nursing. Being a CNA will help you tremendously.
  8. Work smarter not harder. Get paid more to do less? Why NOT?
  9. SL2014

    How Would You Report This Illegal Work Situation??

    You posted a thread asking for people's opinion. That is what you received- a lot of other peoples' opinions... Since a majority of the opinions seems to disagree with yours, instead of telling people to pass over a thread that you posted: perhaps re-evaluate your opinion?
  10. SL2014

    How Would You Report This Illegal Work Situation??

    And I cannot agree more with the people who have already said: DO NOT report her to the BON. She hasn't done anything blatantly illegal, harmful, malicious or wrong. If she ends up getting investigated for the issue that you are saying, the investigation will (in some states) always show up on her record. You could be ruining someone's career and effectively THEIR LIFE for no reason.
  11. SL2014

    How Would You Report This Illegal Work Situation??

    My response might get flagged but... It kinda seems like you are just "hating" on this person for whatever reason... I hear an undertone of jealousy and/or intimidation in your post. She might just carry herself confidently, giving others the impression that she isn't "just an aid"... She has been asked if she is a doctor and said no... Case closed. Also, giving medical advice to staff isn't illegal or out of scope of practice, it becomes illegal/out of scope if she gives medical advice to patients. Should she wear her ID and identify herself as the aid? Ya, definitely... But it's not the end of the world. You seem to be getting really upset about a pretty minor issue. That being said, if I'm totally off the mark about there not being an issue- if she has worked there for that long and everyone likes her: don't even waste your energy. You will not win and you will bring a lot of negative attention to yourself. It's crappy but it's workplace politics.
  12. SL2014

    Are you satisfied?

    There are tons of forums on allnurses.com that request salaries, if people are uncomfortable posting salary then they don't have to respond :). It is because a bunch of us students were wondering how many NPs work in the field that they are certified in. There has been a lot of confusion regarding scope of practice, especially when comparing ACNP and FNP. It has also been noticed that ACNPs are usually paid more according to job postings that we looked at but we don't know if that is because of the ACNP certification or due to working in acute care. It was also noticed that DOE for pay can be confusing, some employers care about prior nursing experience while others do not and pay/hire based on NP experience only. I'm sure there are a lot of NP students and practicing NPs who have wondered what others' experiences have been like. I am also very curious regarding job satisfaction by practice and also by state, I'm wondering if there is more satisfaction in states with a more expanded scope than others. Also, general satisfaction based on practice, are midwives more satisfied than ICU nps? Stuff like that.
  13. SL2014

    Are you satisfied?

    Hello All! I would like to get perform a survey including NP salary, certification, area of work and job satisfaction. There are other threads from 2009 addressing salary, none addressing satisfaction. Your input is greatly appreciated. Please answer the following questions... 1. Certification (FNP, ACNP, Midwife, WHNP, etc) and education (MSN, DNP, phd). 2. Years of experiences as an RN and years of experience as an NP. 3. City/State of Practice 4. Employment Area (hospital, clinic, with cardiology doc, etc) 5. Yearly Salary 6. Job Satisfaction on a scale from 1-10 (1 being not satisfied at all, 10 being the most satisfied).
  14. SL2014

    Sigma Theta Tau

    Yes it is equally competitive here also. When I got the membership I was thinking "I need more stuff to put on my résumé" because as a new grad your résumé looks like everyone else's. It still took 300 apps to get a job but the two times I was interviewed I was asked about memberships and got offered jobs both times. Whatever you can do to set your résumé apart from the rest is beneficial. I was a sigma theta tau member, American nurses association member and critical care nurses association member. I also put my HESI average of 98.04% on my résumé lol. Do WHATEVER you can to stand out.
  15. SL2014

    Sigma Theta Tau

    I am/was a Sigma Theta Tau member. My GPA was 3.75, I was #2 in my cohort of 55 nursing students the girl above me had a 3.76. Yes, that's right, no one in my cohort got Summa Cum Laude lol. Just my experience but- it was a waste of my money at this point in my career. I don't have time to go to meetings or anything like that so there is no real benefit. CCNA however I felt was a very good investment because I got nursing journals every month, they were very informative and kept me up to date on recent EBP.