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Coder by night, nurse practitioner by day. Nursing gives me my social energy, coding is much more intellectually rewarding though

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  1. How do you manage ADHD in your clinic?

    people really overthink things on this forum. it has guidelines, and I hope they taught people in nursing school how to read, because that's all that's required to follow guidelines. And I am pretty sure a guy named psychguy would be a mental health ...
  2. Why preceptors don't precept

    all the differences are there because the credentials bodies are ran by stupid people with worthless DNPs. They have no idea how to run an organization and try to keep nursing as far away from actual science as they can. Oh well, once these graduates...
  3. Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    pretty sure at most hospitals CRNASs do the same as the MDA.
  4. Why preceptors don't precept

    I never said anything about community colleges. I was pointed toward the for profits. Not quite sure how you made that non-existent connection. Community colleges are the wisest choice anybody could make for their first two years, I was pointing out ...
  5. How do you explain the DNP?

    you cant really explain it much better than a waste of time and money.
  6. Why DNP and not MD?

    well, if they are doctor title hungry and they go for the DNP instead of MD, they probably just couldn't hack it out in organic chemistry or physics and went the pseuododoctor route
  7. Why or why not CRNA?

    the math thing is pretty true. my original degree was in physics. While there aren't many jobs out there for physics people doing actual physics (unless you have a masters or phd) we get hired like crazy for computer type stuff. Physics gives a grea...
  8. All the degrees, no job

    basically what psychCNS said is if you like real science nursing isn't for you. Thanks for admitting nursing isn't real science. its pseudopsycholophilosophiEnglish 101 its not even worth the ology.
  9. Why preceptors don't precept

    I found this article in my E-mail recently, it was a pretty good read, and if one goes around the site they will see several other complaints by preceptors pushing the same issue. Students are not prepared for clinical. Has the Bar Been Lowered for R...
  10. All the degrees, no job

    uhhhh, why are people even arguing and trying to dispute the awesomeness of the DNP. I mean you get to be an expert clinician, researcher, teacher, and administrative doctor nurse that can do everything from playing doctor, accountant, high end resea...
  11. New NP Blues

    lol all those big words they tend to dodge in any nursing curriculum. I talked to one of my friends who is in an online np program. she states they don't have tests.... ever. They write papers and do discussion posts. Let me repeat that they write pa...
  12. New NP Blues

    That stinks, it does sound like your in a sticky situation, but here is the quickest fix I can think of. Well the big thing is that everything is repairable knowledge wise. If you still have your physical exam and health assessment book I would finge...
  13. New Grad FNP job hunting

    I do not believe that psychguy and synaptic are berating the profession. The job is probably just pretty easy for them. Some things are easier for some people than others. I come from a physics/coding back ground.. which I still do in my spare time.....
  14. Np in correctional facility

    120000 or so from nurse practitioner-ing. another 140k from my new side biz.
  15. If a product is continually bought, the seller has no reason to change the product. Students are purchasing degrees from said colleges on a regular basis, even though they are dissatisfied with the product. it is a little bit different in the educati...