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Coder by night, nurse practitioner by day. Nursing gives me my social energy, coding is much more intellectually rewarding though

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  1. sauce

    Np in correctional facility

    120000 or so from nurse practitioner-ing. another 140k from my new side biz.
  2. If a product is continually bought, the seller has no reason to change the product. Students are purchasing degrees from said colleges on a regular basis, even though they are dissatisfied with the product. it is a little bit different in the education sector, because some people would otherwise not be able to pursue a master's degree though, but it still must be taken into account. Degrees and products, even though we have to work for them also. As time goes on degrees from said schools will not be worth as much as they are now, and if one is not willing or able to get into a program that is sufficient it is most likely better that they stay a nurse. The advanced practice field is not for most people, even though 10 years from now we will probably have 2-3 times the number of the nurse pracitioners we do now. Just because they want another degree basically.
  3. sauce

    Np va pa

    why don't people ask more interesting questions like np vs software engineer.
  4. sauce

    Psychiatric NP - job security?

    yes yes, nursing skills are transferable. After working as a nurse for a year I could wipe my butt clean in three strokes instead of the usual 5. Saved me TON on TP expenses. I was also really good at cutting and ripping tape, sticking thumb tacks in the wall, and blocking out annoying distractions like when my wife has her friends over and they all do the girl-chat thing. I used to need headphones but now I can focus without. Not to mention I am a freaking pro at unraveling cables when I build myself a new computer. I KNEW those IV line disasters would come in handy.
  5. sauce


    They still won't get paid more, just more required education if it actually does go through for the same job. The colleges make more money though at least, so thats a plus for them, but not for us regular people. I looked through the DNP curriculum, didn't look like it would help much, also talked to those who made the mistake to go through with it, they all regret it... all those lost hours and tuition dollars they have to fork out.
  6. sauce

    Organic Chemistry

    O Chem 1 was not too bad and I took it at a university. 2 requires some work though. I will say organic chem is probably harder than anything nursing has to offer.The first semester was much harder than anything I ever did nursing wise. who would have thought that a medical school pre-req would be harder than the conglomerate of nursing, right lol. Probably because organic chem actually requires some insight, thought process, and the holding of laws and configurations in one's head, something that nursing does not require in any aspect. Why is a crna going back and taking organic chemistry though?
  7. sauce


    The laws of capitalism disagree. Only degrees that add marketable value will command a higher salary. The DNP does not. also nobody cares about the right to be paid more. Why don't you go tell your employer about that right. I'm sure they want a good laugh. Playing the I have a right game is like a child shouting that something isn't fair. Yeah. Life isn't fair. DNP is not marketable. Two facts that when taken into consideration will lead to a better life.
  8. sauce

    How to get DOT certificate

    I might just set up shop at truck stops and rest areas and run around with a stethoscope selling DOT physicals. Buy one get a free T-shirt. I mean all it takes is a small medical bag and a computer with wifi. GET YOUR PHYSICALS YOUR INSURANCE PAYS FOR IT ANYWAY SO WHO GIVES A FLYING-J HOW MUCH THEY COST. SIGN UP NOW AND GET A FREE T-SHIRT.
  9. sauce

    I am a student NP. Should I put RN-BSN on my resume?

    Obviously the ladies that run the credentialing bodies are suffering from penis envy (I don't seem many guys on the boards of our credentialing agencies). Due to the lack of penis, they are in search of something they can assign a length to and measure. So they have invented the alphabet soup length contest. I do give them points for at least trying to monetize it, because you know all these nurses are fighting tooth and nail to be ultra-uber-smartleetsauce and love spending the money they don't waste on 200 dollar scrub tops on more letters. Pay X dollars and take X test and you get more letters. I guess it is sort of like scrabble, you get more letters and try to make as much wordage as you can. I think pychman and xeno are probably onto something. Freelance nurse writing seems to be a popular topic on this site now so maybe we should like you know, make a degree or cert for that. I mean, pay me 500 bucks and ill give you a literature test I stole from some random comp-1 textbook website. If you pass I will crown you "Queen nurse of the pencil" and you will earn the QNP-NP title, which will allow you to write as many papers as you want, just... "officially" I mean think about it, we have been treating di-beets for YEARS, and most of us are not certified diabetes nurse-education-er-scribers or whatever that dumb cert is called. But obviously we are inferior since we are NOT certified. So obviously if you get this writing cert you will be AN EXPERT WRITING INSTANTANTLY AND BE ABLE TO WRITE A NOVEL ABOUT NURSING AND MAKE BAJILLIONS OF DOLLARS LIKE J K ROWLING AND HARRY TWATTER. Whos with me?
  10. sauce

    I am a student NP. Should I put RN-BSN on my resume?

    What is with nurses and credentials. I've never seen another profession so obsessed with the alphabet soup behind their name. Nobody cares that we have a nursing degree. It's not like it's hard to get them. The more letters you put behind your name the more ridiculous you look. Pick one or none and go with it. Sauce- MSN BSN ASN AAS ACLC PALS APRN FNP NP-C, TTYL PRN QQGG UBER LEETSAUCE
  11. sauce

    FLASHCARDS...don't waste your paper!

    Great idea for the 50s. Now we have electronics
  12. sauce

    It's time to vent!!!

    America is the land of entitled wimps. We've grown soft
  13. sauce

    APRNs should only be DNPs!

    I suppose a butt wipe ologist could throw in the coefficient of kinetic friction when wiping to determine the maximal butt wipe force able to be applied without causing a skin tear. Of course this would require calculus since most forms of stool could be considered s lubricant and usually stool isn't distributed in s perfect shape thus again requiring calculus. and also the friction coefficient of the style of wipe would also have to be considered. Lol but anyway like you said nursing isn't all about science at the rn level which is fine, but ego-ology many nurses having thinking they know everything is what causes the annoyance. Then this is carried over to the aprn role which actually should have more science and the sh*t his the bedpan. Aprn practice seems to be based off of symptom matching and cookbook medicine, again which isn't all bad and some docs do it too. But again, when APRNS try to tout they are just as good as docs in all aspects it just sounds ridiculous and all these research studies pop up saying we can handle disease as well as docs. Sure, we can, at least the ones that can be algorithmitized. And those are the only ones present in these studies. Sort of you know providing the lay people with false hope and lies. Many diseases cannot be cookbooked and there is where the difference lies peeps. htn and and dm outcomes just as good for APRNS compared to docs. Great. All that says is we can read a flow chart lol. Not to mention how do you control for specialist care. You can't.
  14. sauce

    APRNs should only be DNPs!

    At least the good nursing schools require people to take the teas before they enter in. So at least some nurses know what mitochondria are. I'd say most probably think it's a bone disease though. But all the sucky ones don't require anything really. Of course everybody but the worst end up with similar jobs though since nurses are in short supply everywhere. That will change though since for some god awful reason everybody wants to go back to be a nurse. I guess so they can feed their kids which isn't really an unnoble cause but it doesn't mean they have any what of a scientific mind. More than likely it means they are super unscientific. Eh it's a good thing most regular nursing jobs don't require any brain power. But when somebody steps into an aprn role that changes and most people try to retain the unscientific mind. Doesn't work out too well
  15. sauce

    APRNs should only be DNPs!

    But it wouldn't be nursing if it had a lot of science lol
  16. sauce

    Does your first job define you?

    We haven't paid all our dues till we die. right? :)