What are you thankful for?

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i'm thankful for my son's remission,:balloons:

my upcoming adn graduation,

my new job on the general surg floor,:nurse:

most of all-my awesome family! :icon_hug:

so...what are you thankful for?

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My family, my wife, my bun in the over, and the fact that there are only 19 days left until I graduate.

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I'm thankful for the gift that is my life, and my family. I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my cupboard, and the opportunity to change careers and go to school at middle age.

I suppose I should be grateful and thankful also that I'm now AARP eligible, but I haven't embraced that yet! But I am thankful for God's continued blessings and His presence in my life.

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I'm thankful that I have 3 1/2 months left of my program and I've made it this far and that my family has supported me through the whole process.

my friend who loaned me a computer when my computer recently gave up

the people on ebay who sold me textbooks that are like new and about 1/10 the cost of new

the helpful folks on allnurses when I have questions

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My children, husband and family

Graduation is 27 days away

a new job

My family is * finally * healthy

all of the new friends that I have made during school

The new opportunities in my life

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I'm thankful for:

My family, friends, and pets

The roof over my head

A job that I love

Enough money to live on

The beauty all around me

The wisdom that has come with age

The continued safety of my dd and SIL in Iraq

The ability to serve others

The steadfast hand of God guiding me through life

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My sweet children.

My adorable grandchildren.

My husband.

My mother.

My friends.

My life and health.

The miracle recently.

And, of course, all my allnurses.com family!!!!!!!!

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My family, my friends, having a job, getting through the days, and knowing that come July, I'll be able to make much more of a difference in lives than I do now....

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