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  1. GingerSue

    what about this doctor?

    Doctor in Montreal taking photos of naked female patients: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/montreal-doctor-suspended-fined-filming-naked-patients-hidden-20110215-153425-718.html
  2. GingerSue

    missing AE stockings

    When there is a dependent patient who relies on staff for bathing and putting on the AE stockings, and then the stockings go missing - with the result that the patient now has none - and is left with bare feet and running shoes to wear - who is responsible for replacing the AE stockings? The patient had to pay for these in the first place, they cost about $100 per pair, and seem to have gone missing following bathing?
  3. GingerSue

    Assessment of Edema

    This is from Jarvis Physical Examination & Health Assessment, In the Chapter "Peripheral Vascular System and Lymphatic System" If pitting edema is present, grade it on the following scale: 1+ Mild pitting, slight indentation, no perceptible swelling of the leg 2+ Moderate pitting, indentation subsides rapidly 3+ Deep pitting, indentation remains for a short time, leg looks swollen 4+ Very deep pitting, indentation lasts a long time, leg is very swollen This scale is subjective and qualitative. The amount of pressure used is arbitrary, as is the judgment of the depth and rate of pitting. Clinicians need a standard quantified scale in order to ensure consistent clinical measurements and management. Many classify the edema by measuring the depth of the pitting in centimeters (1+ = 1 cm, 2+ = 2 cm, etc.) (Welsh, Arxouman, and Holm, 1996). Some measure with a millimeter scale, others by an increase in weight, still others try to quantify the rate of time the pitting remains after release of pressure. Check with your institution to determine a consistently used scale.
  4. GingerSue

    the Denver II Developmental Screening Test

    maybe I can help with this - just checked and I have it stored on the computer, so I'll give it a try
  5. GingerSue

    Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    and this is a link with some quizzes re: the cranial nerves http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/class/bio201/cn/cranqzr2.htm and this is from wikipedia - to help with the mnemonics and for sensory, motor, or both: main article: list of mnemonics for the cranial nerves as the list is important to keep in mind during the examination of the nervous system, there are many mnemonic devices in circulation to help remember the names and order of the cranial nerves. because the mind recalls rhymes well, the best mnemonics often use rhyming schemes. examples are: on old olympus towering tops, a finn and german viewed some hops. old opie occasionally tries trigonometry and feels very gloomy, vague, and hypoactive on occasion our trusty truck acts funny. very good vehicle any how. another to help remember the types of information these nerves carry (sensory, motor, or both) is thus: some say money matters, but my brother says big brains matter more.