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  1. man sent home with a broken leg

    How did this happen, and how can this be avoided - the man goes to emergency because of his leg, they bandage it and send him home?
  2. nurse tells pregnant woman she's having phantom labour

    "The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, a women's rights advocacy group, is also trying to help her reunite with her baby. They have offered to house Bilotta in their women's shelter and they have already helped her file complaints with the Ontario Omb...
  3. In the past, I got my CPR from St. John's Ambulance two-day training sessions. Or, another time I got it through my employer - SRT Med-Staff arranged for training session for interested staff at their office (probably I paid a fee for this). You mig...
  4. Is this nurse competent - if she/he told this pregnant woman that she's only having phantom labour, and given an antacid? Yet the woman (who happens to be in a jail) is pregnant, and has a breech delivery, after being put into segregation. http://ca...
  5. Applying for non-RN positions

    Are there any nursing agencies in your area (check the yellow pages, or ask around)? Have you tried long-term care?
  6. nurse fired

    Important that this issue of privacy and confidentiality is, is it possible to consider that this nurse can learn to work according to the rules? And maybe consider that she would benefit by being given a warning, rather than termination? Maybe with...
  7. nurse fired

    Reminds of a local situation here where a nurse got fired for similar reasons - knowing one of the patients personally, the nurse got into her file and then told her own mother (acquaintance of the patient) about the patient's health problem. So the...
  8. nurse fired

    This nurse had been going into files of people with whom she had personal connections, not professional reasons, so they fired her. She knows that she isn't supposed to violate patients' right to confidentiality. So, I'm thinking that her employer ...
  9. Some patients were not given sedation during their eye surgery as described in this link: and so I wondere...
  10. A mother brought her infant three times to this S'toon hospital - why were they refused treatment:
  11. for assessing a senior's competency?

    Maybe family has to speak to a lawyer, to get things moving on this? Sounds like court decides. So, there must be a formal way that this is all arranged.
  12. for assessing a senior's competency?

    Thanks for the replies. So, when family has requested this kind of assessment, having spoken to the nursing staff about this request, because of concerns about the senior's ability to make decisions about their finances, etc., then does the family ha...
  13. for assessing a senior's competency?

    When a senior client is in a senior's facility, and a family member requests that the client's competency will be assessed, who decides re: the client's level of competence to make their own decisions about things, such as their finances. Does the ...
  14. what about this doctor?

    Doctor in Montreal taking photos of naked female patients:
  15. missing AE stockings

    When there is a dependent patient who relies on staff for bathing and putting on the AE stockings, and then the stockings go missing - with the result that the patient now has none - and is left with bare feet and running shoes to wear - who is respo...