nurse tells pregnant woman she's having phantom labour


Is this nurse competent - if she/he told this pregnant woman that she's only having phantom labour, and given an antacid? Yet the woman (who happens to be in a jail)

is pregnant, and has a breech delivery, after being put into segregation.

Humane treatment and competent nursing staff are still required. What about the infant's needs and rights? Did this nurse act professionally, responsibly, competently?

And further into the article "Allan Manson, a law professor at Queen's University, told CBC News that an inmate could possible find the Canadian government liable for failing to provide adequate protection and care for inmates according to its own laws"

There may be many problems with the jail system, but that does not excuse the nurse for being incompetent or inhumane.


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"The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, a women's rights advocacy group, is also trying to help her reunite with her baby. They have offered to house Bilotta in their women's shelter and they have already helped her file complaints with the Ontario Ombudsman's Office and the Ontario College of Nurses".

Hopefully they'll get to the facts of this situation.