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Wanted to post this here too to get current nursing student opinions...

..........if you were trying to figure out what your true calling was, but had no idea, but wanted to do something other than what you were doing?

My current job is pretty cushy, fulltime, but doesn't make so much that I couldn't leave it, and it certainly is not a career nor will it lead me to a career (pretty entry level). I don't care for the hours and sitting all day makes my back hurt. Data entry, pretty much. Mostly I stay there for security.

Nursing became an option for me a long time ago, I did the pre-reqs. I am slated to begin the ADN program in July. It is a part time program that will possibly enable me to work full time while in it. It will take 2 years to complete (it goes year round). I am still not sure if nursing is for me, but don't really have any better ideas right now. I am pretty sure it is medical field (ie, phys therapy, dietetics, laboratory, etc).

So.......assuming your current job was not really going to take you anywhere, would you sacrifice your current security atleast to get the ADN, even if you may realize within the program that it was not right for you? I am 29 years old, married and no kids, could afford my bills if I work part time, just barely. I would have to get a student loan, but the ADN program here runs around $5,000 dollars, pretty cheap IMHO. Starting wages where I live for RN's would represent a $8.00 per hour increase from my current wages, but, of course, much more stress. And I could always get my BSN, or a different bachelors for that matter....

Am I still young and should go for it even if it does not end up being right for me or should I stay in my cushy BORING job for security only until I concretely figure out which direction I want to go (which has not happened yet in 29 years)?:coollook:

Please help me decide!:crying2: Am I just scared to change?


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Change is never easy, but sometimes must be done based on one's current circumstances. I'm learning that all too well at the age of 53. :o

If you really want to become a nurse, go for it! If you don't pursue what you really want to do, you'll only end up later in life regretting that you didn't at least try it. :)

I was in my early thirties with three small children when I started college. I was nervous at first, but the good thing about community colleges is they are made up mostly of working adults -- many who are well into their sixties, so once I saw that I was't going to be in college with a lot of "older teens and young twenties my nerves mellowed out pretty quickly. :)

I didn't enter college to become a nurse, but a psychologist. Now I wish I had stayed focused so today I could be working as a Clinical Psychologist. :stone

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That's a hard decision, especially when you don't know exactly what you want. But I do have to say, please, if you go through with this...don't just quit because you've decided it's not what you thought it would be. It can be so extremely difficult to get in a nursing program and when someone gets in a program and just quits or just wasn't ready for the work it means someone else could have taken that slot and would have been thrilled to be there. For me, I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a teenager. I am finishing my BSN at 31-years-old. I don't know if I would want to go through all the stress of nursing school if it wasn't something I absolutely knew with all my heart that it was something I want to do for a career. JMO


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I know exactly what you mean. I'm quiting a good job to go to nursing school, but I have known I wanted to be a nurse for a couple years.

I volunteered at a hospital and had several job shadowing experiences before making the final decision. Perhaps something like that may help you decide if nursing is for you.


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Thats s what i did myself. I went and volunteered at the local hospital in the ER for six months to see if not only if i liked it. But also if i could stand all of the blood and guts. I did on both counts, I met some really nice people that, though they did tease me about becoming a nurse they were and still are pretty helpful.

Try and find out if you want to be a nurse. I keep thinking of all the people that I have helped and will be able to help when I do become an RN. I find it enjoyable when people remember me from the er and and say hi to me on the street. Good luck in no matter what you do

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Hi Janice! It's nice to see you in this forum. :)

I would say that you already have so much time and energy invested in schooling for the nursing program, that I would go for it. The beauty of nursing is that there are SO many different areas you can get into. Not only different departments, but not even bedside nursing altogether. You could go into administrative, teaching, lab work, etc. (assuming you'd be interested in continuing on to get a BSN). As long as you enjoy the science part of it, and the healthcare part of it, I think you can find your niche, even if it isn't direct patient care.

Good luck with your decision!


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I was a loan officer for several years and it was a cushy well paying job but I was bored to death. Went to the college one day to talk to someone about returning to school and left enrolled prereq classes, and now in my 2nd sem of nursing. I love working with people, love helping people and am very compassoinate. It is scary, exciting, terrifying, stressful, but the satisfaction of knowing I am getting through it makes it worth it so far.


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Janice ~ I am so glad you asked this! I am in the same boat as you. I work as a Medical Secretary at a OBGYN office. It is somewhat boring because we are slowwww! There are no advancement opportunities. Very cushy, decent pay, zero stress.

Ive been considering nursing for sometime. I too have my pre-reqs finished. (except Math placement test) Im 95% sure Im going to start my technical courses this Summer. There is still that 5% of me that says "you cant be a nurse" Im trying to ignore that!

A couple of family members tell me Im "too sensitive" to be a nurse, if that isnt a cliche?

Good luck with your decision, Ill be thinking about you! Let us know what you decide?

Hey all..

Thank you guys for the advice. I guess what is really hard for me is the fact that I have NOT wanted to be a nurse forever and really can't say that I cared much at all for my nurse assisting classes (the clinical so far). It really stressed me out, but again, hard to tell if that is because I deep down don't want to do it or because I am scared of the unknown.??

In general, I don't think I like taking care of people. I need to find a way that I can "specialize" because I think that is where my happiness lies. Reseach nursing doesn't look half bad to me, but if I don't know if I want a career out of nursing, I don't want to shell out the $$ for my BSN. ADN is quicker and cheaper.

Complicating matters as well is some debt that I have. I wonder if it makes more sense to suck it up, stay at my job and get another job to pay off my debt and THEN worry about what I want to do. My focus thus far has been trying to get to some sort of schooling so that I could make more $$$ (to pay the debt) but also find my niche (hopefully).

I think in July I will just end up quitting and saying "to hell with it". If I stay where I am I will never go anywhere. I have been applying for a few jobs very close to me, as I won't go far to make $8.00 an hour.

I hear you on not taking the spot in school unless I am sure. I know there are people who have waited for that chance all their life. Next week, I have my advising appts and I plan to ask about shadowing. I know of no hospital here that will do it, thought maybe they would.

Katesmom.....I am in the same boat, but it is very different. If I knew I really wanted to this, I would have absolutely no hesitation going for it, even considering the loss of security. I have been doing this "investigation" for years now and nothing has come to me as to what my true life's calling is! I am starting to lose my passion for even the things I used to be passionate about. It's like I am just breaking down over this decision, like my life will not or CANNOT come together until I move on this! But you?..........I say GO FOR IT WITHOUT REGRET!:rotfl:

Sometimes I think I should just have a child instead! How crazy is that? Just trying to find someway to add some meaning as to why I am on this earth.....



I look forward to your posts. I hear ya on the scope of a nursing possibilites. What do you think you can do in the area of "labwork"?


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Hey all..

In general, I don't think I like taking care of people. I need to find a way that I can "specialize" because I think that is where my happiness lies. Reseach nursing doesn't look half bad to me, but if I don't know if I want a career out of nursing, I don't want to shell out the $$ for my BSN. ADN is quicker and cheaper.

Hi Janice, it might be helpful for you to talk to a career coach to get an professional opinion. Be very honest with yourself about your interests and skills and get some experience observing nurses in different work settings.

Some people who want to be in healthcare but don't care for too much direct patient care opt for Lab tech, radiology tech, ultrasonagrapher... you may want to also look into those healthcare jobs and not just nursing.

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I look forward to your posts. I hear ya on the scope of a nursing possibilites. What do you think you can do in the area of "labwork"?

I was thinking along the lines of research, that type of thing. Stuff that doesn't involve direct patient care.

Let me tell you - I didn't particularly enjoy my CNA clinicals either. Unless you absolutely DESPISE it, I don't think you should use it as a gauge as to whether you'll enjoy nursing. Yes, nursing involves a lot of that, and the CNAs probably aren't going to respect you if you're not willing to get your hands dirty once in a while, but nursing is so much MORE than CNA work. You really have to use your brain and your critical thinking. What you do as a nurse is as important as what the doctors do, and not anyone can do what you do. I was surprised at how much responsibility nurses have, and how much freedom they're given to do things based on their judgment. We're not just lackeys!

Also keep in mind that during your CNA clinicals, you saw ONE population - geriatric. Once you get into med/surg (and not med/surg at a VA hospital like where I've been the last two semesters!) you'll see a MUCH larger variety of people and cases. It can get a little hum-drum when every single pt. you have is there for either COPD or CHF. I would never base a decision on going into nursing on CNA clinicals, especially CNA clinicals at a longterm care facility (if your goal is somewhere other than geriatric/hospice).

I found the CNA training to be kind of boring and silly at times. I've NEVER experienced those feelings with any aspect of my nursing school. Everything I've learned is new, challenging, and has immediately discernable value (well, except maybe Gordon's Functional Health Patterns :rolleyes: ).

Good luck in your decision!

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