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  1. katesmom

    Anyone over 40/Student?

    I have been in clerical/admin healthcare for the past 14 years. I feel there is no room for advancement and am considering becoming a nurse? Ive been thinking about it for many years but my kids are at a great age now that I feel I could juggle school with all my other responsibilities? Any advice? Im considering WakeTech?
  2. katesmom

    College & Motherhood

    I do not know how I am going to balance this? My children are 3 1/2 and 8 months old. I registered for a online Math & online Humanities class for Spring 2008. One week into the semester I have already had to drop my courses - I have no time to read / study or do assignments! Everytime I would sit down to do some homework, I was interrupted. Of course my children come first - but I was hoping to have a few hours to myself during the day to study. My husband is gone most of the day so that is not an option. I work 12 hour shifts on the weekends. At this time online is the only way. Should I wait until I can actually attend on campus so that I have that time just for me? Advice needed, I may try this again in Summer or Fall 2008 How do you do it with little ones?
  3. katesmom

    Math Jitters

    I have applied to an ADN program. I struggled through Pre-Algebra about 6 years ago at a different college. Unfortanuatly my MATH did not transfer to my new college now I have to take the placement test to see where I need help. I stink at math. Pre-algebra has so many rules & I just know Im going to be placed in a basic Math class & have to work my way up again. YUCK! I just dont like it & dont get it! I can memorize rules all day long- But once test time comes I will forget. Anyone here ever take the Compass Placement Test for Math. What was your experience with it. I need to test out of Mat 050, Mat 060, Mat 070 to stay on track in the Pre-Nursing curriculum. If I dont I am going to fall so far behind. I have my Chemistry Credit (thank goodness) I have been using a lot of helpful websites to study & refresh
  4. katesmom

    How many of us 30 somethings are out there?

    Im 33 & have been working in healthcare for 5 1/2 years. Ive thought about becoming a Nurse for at least 3 years now, but never commited myself. I have two small children, so the scheduling of classes should be interesting? I have some Pre-reqs to finish up this spring & am praying for a FALL 2008 admission to Nursing? Im nervous & excited - Hoping I can juggle everything?
  5. katesmom

    how many nurses work at NICU

    Im a secretary in a NICU. We have critical babies that are generally 2 patient assignments to 1 nurse. We also have intermediate babies (stable) they are 4 patients to 1 nurse. We staff 14 to 16 Nurses. We generally have 40 babies in our ICN
  6. katesmom

    Elementary Education or Nursing?

    Your post really hit home with me. I am so analytical & weigh the pros & cons of every career decision too. Ive become paralyzed by my indecision to become a Nurse. The commitment scares me & Im really dragging my feet. I applied to Nursing School 3 years ago & then got scared. I then did a Medical Transcription study at home. I disliked that & never finished the program. Since graduating high school many moons ago I have weighed so many careers. (Elem Ed, Nursing, Pharm Tech, Medical Coder, Medical Transcription, Loan officer, etc...) I took a personality test to determine a career path. Turns out Im an INFJ (Introverted / INtuative / Feeling / Judging) - "As an INFJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in primarily via intuition. Your secondary mode is external, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit with your personal value system" Wow that was an eye opener. I too have been through mild depression because of my indecision..... Its so hard & scary to settle on one career choice. I can honestly say of all of the careers Ive research (a ton) Nursing offers a huge spectrum of possibilities. I currently work in a ICN Nursing Unit as a secretary & the nurses I work with love what they do. They have so many opportunities available to them & tons of opportunities to make extra money (shift diff / CE's) You never quit learning as a nurse. I also feel that once you start caring for others you will take the focus off of yourself & wont doubt your decision as much. I need to take my own advice when I say commit to it & endure the hardship.
  7. What is the difference in these two types of nursing programs? Thanks :spin:
  8. katesmom

    Watts or UNC

    After careful consideration Ive decided between these two Nursing Programs. I havent applied to either college yet. Im a little concerned about acceptance into UNC because my high school grades were not at the top 50% of my class, but I do have all of the min. requirements (minus Algebra 2) hopefully my college transfer credit will make up for that? Watts seems to have a great reputation too. Is there are really long waiting list for Watts? I live 20 miles north of Raleigh so I would have quite a commute to either school, but it would be worth it in the end. What do you all think? I would love to hear your suggestions:spin:
  9. katesmom

    Advice - Relocating to Cincinnati OH

    Thanks AmyLiz & Nursemissthang! . Thanks for the information!
  10. katesmom

    Advice - Relocating to Cincinnati OH

    Hi. We are moving back to Ohio. We moved to North Carolina 5 years ago. Im so excited to return to the good ol Buckeye State! Question: Although I used to live in Ohio, Im not that familiar with Cincinnati. Im wondering where to look for housing/apts I am looking for a family friendly neighborhood (preferably in N Cinci) I have a 18 month old, so family friendly is important. Im looking into Cincinnati State for my Nursing Degree. Any advice? Thank you!:)
  11. katesmom

    Which college in Raleigh/Durahm

    Thank you for the link. I hope your studies at WakeTech are going well for you.. I didnt get into WakeTech this Fall, so I was looking around for another option? I may end up trying again next Fall 06? Have you started clinicals yet? How are they going?
  12. katesmom

    Need Information About Charlotte

    Our friends live in Matthews NC (a suberb of Charlotte). Its great. We live in Raleigh & love making the trip to Charlotte! There is a lot to do in Charlotte. Oh if you love to shop visit Concord Mills Outlet Mall --- FUN FUN FUN! I wish we could move to Charlotte. Can you tell I like it!:wink2:
  13. I have been researching nursings schools in the Raleigh area for about a year now. Can anyone tell me about Durham Tech, Vance Granville, Watts Nursing School, ECPI? This is such a transition for me & I need some good advice. Thanks!
  14. katesmom

    Im soooo nervous!

    Well, I thought I was going to start the NUR program this Fall, but I chickened out at the last minute & missed my opportunity to get into the classes I need. So now I have to wait another semester to start school & another year to be accepted (hopefully) into the NUR program. A little about me: I have a beautiful one year old daughter & am happily married. I currently work as a medical secretary in a OBGYN office (been there for 3 yrs). I dont have a degree yet but have been in & out of college since 1993. I have tons of credit hours & a large student loan debt but no degree. My husband teases my about this, so I dont want to let him down or myself. I fear that I will get nervous & quit school...I have a tendency to do this. When the going gets tough, I quit! Ive been researching the NUR program since last Dec. Im so nervous: I have all these what if's in my mind.. Ive considered other majors, but none of them get me as excited as becoming a Nurse? All the opportunities, helping others, meeting people it just excites me so much. Can I really do this?
  15. katesmom

    North Carolina Roll Call

    :spin: Hello everyone! My name is Leah & I live in Youngsville NC (about 20 miles NE of Raleigh) My husbands job moved us here in 2001. Since weve moved here we got married, bought a home & had a baby girl, she is 10 months old now! I love motherhood! I am a pre nursing student at Wake Tech CC. I have all my gen ed prereqs done. A&P here I come:sniff: Bye