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...........for your take of it. It really helps, what you are saying.

I did not particularly hate the "yuck" of clinicals, but rather I felt very akward dealing with the patients. I just felt that I did not have the right thing to say in any situation. I consider myself not very good at expression emotion (other than anger) and the people aspect of the clincals was hard for me. I just don't ever feel like I can relate to others or put myself in their shoes. I, for the most part, feel like a social "leper". I know that is very harsh and I know I do not give myself enough credit. I am my own worst critic (well, me and my entire very critical family):rolleyes:

It is just so hard to take that step to find your passion when you don't even know what your passion is..........when you can't remember what you wanted to be or liked to do when you were a child because the only memories you have are bad ones! What then?

Today is my birthday and I swear I WILL NOT be talking about this this time next year. 29 today......gotta have it figured out by 30!!!!!!!!!:uhoh21:

I'll let ya know. I am so excited about the advising appts I have next week. Maybe they will guide me to a career counselor/testing and just plain ol' help me decide!


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