What speciatly do you plan on entering?

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After you are out of nursing school what kind of nurse (OB, Med-Surg, CCU, ER, etc) do you want to be and why?

What are your future goals in Nursing?

Also how do you feel when you hear some nurses say all nurses should start out in Med-Surg?


I am interested in either ER or some type of Critical Care. I would like to eventually be a flight nurse for while and I also plan to get my masters (maybe in Forensic Nursing). One thing that excites me so much about nursing is there is SO much to do and learn!!

As far as the med-surg thing I don't have any desire to start there and though I am just a student I don't see the point if that is not what you want to do.


I plan on going straight for the ICU as soon as I finish school. My plan is to work for about 3 years so I can take advantage of some tuition reimbursement, and then go to nurse anesthetist school. I've been told that doing a year of med-surg is helpful for when you finally do ICU and are floated to the floors, then you have the time management skills and are prepared to take 6 patients when you are floated. I however, don't want to waste a year doing something I have absolutely no interest in.


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Emergency nursing is about the only thing I see myself doing. I love the excitement, and the fact that you never know what's going to walk through the door. The ER is where my heart is. I was an ER tech for about 9 months, and have worked as a Medical Assistant at an urgent care clinic for about 5 years. My career goal is to become a PA or an FNP

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I love OB, that's where I am leaning. I would eventually like to get into NICU. I thrive under pressure and stress feeds me. I'm weird. :)


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I want to go into L & D with pediatrics as a close second. I may feel different in 2 yrs. who now......but as of now...that's where I want to be.



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Originally posted by fnimat1

I want to go into L & D with pediatrics as a close second. I may feel different in 2 yrs. who now......but as of now...that's where I want to be.


that should say "who knows.....lol"


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short term goal is to start in the ICU

long term goal is to become a CRNA

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Short term goal here is to remain in my LTC until I graduate from school, which is about 2 more years...

When I have my RN, I will apply at other facilities they are building here in town , but I really would like to be a surgical nurse or a traveler, after the kids grow up...

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I am not quite sure yet... I have loved the elderly I have worked with so far and felt like I connected well with them, but it has been a long time dream of mine to work in NICU. I guess I will see how the rest of clinicals goes...


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I still don't know. I love cardiac. I truly enjoyed those pt's. I didn't care for the OR other than the hours are great. I still have to do advanced med-surg and women and child. The jury is still out. My long term goal is to get my masters but I am not sure which way I will go. I think I would like to teach.

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I'm starting in the ICU on July 7th!!

I am one of those funny people who really wouldn't have minded starting out in Med/Surg. Probably because I'm spoiled here in So. Cal. where ratios on days are no greater than 1:5 and nights 1:6-7....on top of lift teams, IV teams, wound care teams, etc.!!!

Unfortunately, I'm moving to another state, and when I interviewed for several med/surg positions I felt like running away when I heard the ratios of most other places!!!

:eek: :o :D :o :D


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When I started Nursing school, I was die hard either OB/Labor and Delivery or Pediatrics... Had my OB rotation during my 2nd semester it was OK... Could do without the screaming women, so if I could work in the Nursery with the babies, I would love it...

Haven't had Pediatrics yet, so not sure about that... Everyone says Peds is great except for the parents, that they are the ones who make it difficult...

I loved my OR rotation.... If I am lucky enough to find a position open when I graduate i might apply for that... But if that doesn't work, then I will probably stay where I work now... Which is Orthopedics... I know.. *everyone cringes*... But it really isn't that bad.. :)

Who knows where I will be... :)

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