What sort of drug test is typical in nursing schools?


Greetings posters,

I am set to take my first drug test for my nursing program in nine to eleven days. I took 4mg klonopin 3 days ago and had been taking it occasionally-not daily-for a couple weeks. I am somewhat confident that I can pass a regular urine dip immunoassay test, but I am not certain what sort of test is used in situations where a lab is subcontracted to perform the work.

Are mass spectrometry/gas chromatography tests the exception rather than the rule? I know they are used to confirm a positive result but I think that for a small young man who exercises, 12-14 days will be enough to get the drug out of my system.

I hate to ask a question like this and am well aware of all the disappointment it evokes on other posters on this forum. So I apologize in advance for asking.


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If your worried, then that's a pretty good indicator that your doing something your not supposed to be doing.


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Why would you take 4mg of Klonopin in one day, that is alot of Klonopin and no dose a doctor prescribes. Obviously you don't have a script for this or it wouldn't be an issue. So that means your are using street drugs. Maybe you need to realize you have a problem and address that instead of wondering if your going to pass a drug test for NURSING school because you are using street drugs....

Shaking my head,



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Do you (OP) realize that you are putting yourself and patients at risk by taking this drug, or any drug for that matter? Now, if you are taking it for a medical condition is one thing, if it's "just because" it's a totally different issue. The state, whichever you are in, has a peer assistance program for drug/alcohol impaired nurses, and I think some have that for students as well. If you are taking this drug recreationally, you really need to consider joining such a group. I agree with the other posters that if you are taking this illegally, not good at all. And, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. And, being more concerned about passing a drug test when you are taking this illegally is an issue that runs a lot deeper than just wanting to know if you can pass a drug test. Again, if you are taking this for a medical condition---you need to disclose. And, find out why you require more than a standard dose, if that is the case. If you are impaired, you CANNOT put patients at risk!!

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If you have a prescription for it - no problem.

They do not tell us the method because they do not want people evading.

You will also be taking 'random' tests throughout career.

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Not to rain on your parade, but if you are just entering a nursing program, your username is in violation of Allnurses.com terms. You may not claim to be a nurse if you are not currently licensed as one.

And your statement:

"I hate to ask a question like this and am well aware of all the disappointment it evokes on other posters on this forum. So I apologize in advance for asking."

speaks volumes. You are way too knowledgeable about the various tests and how to "beat" them. AND you realize what what those of us in the know will understand from your questions.

Not sure why you're pursing a nursing career, but I doubt that the profession needs someone who is already on the wrong side of the law before he/she passes an entrance exam. You must help yourself before you can help others.

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I dont think anyone can answer your question, because who knows. But as others have stated if you are prescribed Klonopin then it shouldn't be an issue. Good luck.


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It bothers me when people come here wanting to know if X drug will show up on drug test, or how long it stays in system. It is a WAY bigger issue that that is a concern for us but not for you. You need to reevaluate your career choice if this is how you process a seemingly glaring problem to other posters and I agree using a nurse name when you are not one isn't cool. I am a EMT and I am in nursing school but I am nowhere near a nurse. I will be one day, when I have earned it. Try not getting snippy with people that take the time to respond to you. You asked the question and put it out there, no one is going to just skip over the issue...


Okay, I apologized for all the different (and valid) reasons all of you would be disappointed upon reading my post. I'm very well aware that what I have done is wrong for all the reasons you've listed, and if you're unable to answer my question, then there's no need to tell me what I already do know.

Also, I was unaware that I was misrepresenting myself as a nurse. Where did I (accidentally) indicate such?

Finally, no one who posts here is aware of lab procedure?


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IF you are "aware"

you need to re-think your choice as becoming a nurse...

If you are having any type of "problem" and concerned about a drug test. AND you are doing illegal such things, and have NOT been prebscribed this....I hope they find out...

Plus the fact that you know various ways of how the testing is done...kinda scares us and give YOU away


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OP, it sounds like you might want us to be able to give you an answer that suits your needs, but it is unlikely anyone here would be able to do that, whether we're familiar with lab procedure or not. The types of drug tests vary from school to school the same way they likely vary from facility to facility. No answer we could give you would solve your problem. No one can assure you the drugs you had been taking occasionally for the past few weeks, and just took a few days ago in a sizeable dose, won't show up and everything will be ok. It's probably a good rule of thumb, though, to figure that the drug test given is especially sensitive to whatever you have taken that you weren't supposed to. My mom tells my siblings that...and she's a substance abuse counselor. I wish you well once you get this figured out though.

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