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  1. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Texting while doing patient care?

    OK, this is totally UNACCEPTABLE and taking a picture because you don't have a pen?? That just screams unproffesional! I have to admit one day my watch stop working and I pulled my phone out to use the stopwatch, but I explained to the patient what I was doing so there would be no question was I taking care of them or posting a status on FB. We as well do not get good cell reception, I do not make calls from my phone unless I am at lunch but if I am at my station away from view of the patient's if I get a text I will look at it and sometimes respond. Most days before i go into work I do that check in thing on FB saying I am at BLANK BLANK HOSPITAL, it tells my friends and family with common sense not to call or text unless a true emergency is going on and I check my text because 99.9% of the time it is my daughter who could care less if I am working or not because EVERYTHING in a 16 y/o's world is a emergency! But this story, not cool!
  2. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Can one become a nurse if one has Genital Herpes?

    And why would a nursing program need to know this?? They wouldn't....
  3. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Will they hold my first career against me?

    No girl, your fine
  4. PinkRocksLikeMe

    What is the hardest course you have ever taken and why?

    CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY Did I say Chemistry? LOL I LOVED pysch and I have made awesome grades, then hit chem like a brick wall, having to take class over!
  5. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Nursing Student with a Drug Addiction

    Stay out of it. Pink
  6. PinkRocksLikeMe

    First Med Error Blues...

    Oh honey, bless your heart. You did what you were told to do by the senior nurse and the doctor. I would just document everything and how it played out for yourself and know all nurses make med errors, it is just a matter of time. And the ones that say they don't are the ones to watch out for!! (((((((((((((Big Hugs)))))))))))))))) Pink
  7. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Needing encouragement, trying to get past being fired a few years ago.....

    First of all I want to say I am so sorry to you for what you are dealing with in your home. I am going through the same thing and it is hard to come to work acting like everything is OK when you are dying inside, I was married 17 years, still am but about to be divorced. The way you were fired was horrible and again I am sorry for that. But, you do not need to ask what you would be good at, you would be good at anything you wanted to do, your self confidence is so low right now and I think that is why you ask that, I am here if you need to talk. Keep your chin up, know you are a good woman and a good nurse!!
  8. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Oh boy. Let go from job... not sure if this is it. :(

    I am so sorry you got let go from your job but I wanted to say the most disturbing thing about your post is that your husband saying you are not cut out to be a RN, what inda crap is that?? I hope you don't believe that, you need support right now instead of critisim, hang in there, people get fired all the tume doesn't mean you are not a good nurse OK Pink
  9. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Well, maybe nursing is not my calling for now..

    You could appeal it I would think...
  10. Hello, I was wondering a couple of things. I have pseido tumor cerbri, fibro and intercranial hypertension. I have had several LP's with pressure in the high 40's. My vision is getting worse and my doctor is wanting me to get a shunt. The idea of a shunt at 1st didn't sound like something I wanted to do but with continued high pressures and headaches that are the worst DAILY the idea of the shint is looking better and better. I was giving oxycodone to take when things get bad and I also take Lyrica for my fibro. I have been fortunate to not to have to take my oxycodone but a couple of times and it happened to be on the weekend I did not work but it got me thinking about what happens if I need to take one at night when I work the next day, or if I am at work (if you can even do that) hence my post. Sad thing is this, I have heard how many people were I work sometimes jump to the conclusion a patient is drug seeking because they are asking for pain meds witen they cannot find anything wrong, for instance had a patient that had a suspected pseudo tumor, pt was headed to get LP, asked for pain meds before the procedure, the nurse was annoyed and made comments about why does she need pain meds for a LP, she is a seeker, etc I asked this nurse if she ever had a LP, she states NO, then I tell her I have and it is painful, and maybe just maybe the patient was hurting NOW , it is not like the pt was no allowed to hurt before the procedure after all pt came in for a headache. BTW, you can only dx a pseudo tumor through a LP doesn't show up on a CT or MRI. Getting off subject here and I apologize, I just wanted to show bias to chronic pain even in the ER where people have ACUTE pain as well. Was wondering how many of you take pain meds, does anyone know you are taking them, what is the policy at your hospital? Thanks in advance!! Pink
  11. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Oncology RN Forced to Resign

    I am sorry this happend to you but for some reason I feel like there is more to this story than being told. Your personality has nothing to do with determining if you are a drug seeker, diverter, etc. But I do not understand how they would just fire you for documentation errors, seems like they would counsel you about it. Have you ever gotten into any other trouble at work, no other counseling? Like said before if your not guilty get a lawyer, and you need to ask them what kind of drug test they want, I have never heard of you being able to take a OTC drug test and then show them results, you could have had anyone pee on it, you see what I am saying, that is what they will think to, you need a drug test witnessed through a company not on your own. Good luck to you, I hope everything turns out well!! Pink
  12. PinkRocksLikeMe

    When someone else gets terminated

    He for whatever reason was asked to take a drug test, the very fact he refused is suspect. People do start rumors, makes claims, etc...Against people they don't like especially if it is a clique of people doing the talking and whispering. Sad but true, I have seen it happen. Just know it could be you one of these days, you know never to refuse a drug test and so did he, so his outcome was his choice. Sorry you lost a friend in all this though, but don't beat yourself up saying your assessment skills are lacking, you do not know the reason he was asked to take one. It could be gossip, he could have showns signs of impairment, it could be a on the job injury or it could just be that a RANDOM drug test. DO NOT 2nd guess yourself OK. Good luck to you sweetie, Pink
  13. PinkRocksLikeMe

    What info should nurses let a PCT/CNA be aware of?

    I guess it is what the nurse feels comfortable telling you. I am a ER Tech and I have had some nurses tell me, and then I have found out after the fact, after I have started an IV or put a foley in but it doesn't matter because I treat each patient as if they have HEP/HIV whatever cause you know what the PATIENT may not even be aware if they have something, Use universal precautions all the time and the take special care (like inspecting the skin for the BP cuff when taking vitals, you should do this with every patient by the way) all the time and you will be fine. Pink
  14. PinkRocksLikeMe

    Fmla Question

    Well it should actually be handled through your HR Dept. I have a pseudo tumor cerebri and I was out for an extended time. I had a very nosy manager who told me I had to bring my doctor's notes strictly to her. When I called and spoke with the lady at HR that handled FMLA, she told me that my manager had NO RIGHT to know the reason or anything about my medical issues. She said HIPAA laws still protect the employee. So I would make sure with your HR department that this is covered under HIPAA and let them know you want this to be confidential. That should really not have to be said, it should be known. Good luch to you, I hope the time off will help you re-group and get back on your feet!! Sending healing (((((((((hugs)))))))))) your way!! Pink
  15. PinkRocksLikeMe

    If I see one more post titled....

    I am the OP and you guys really have had me cracking up in this thread!! I appreciate all the feedback you guys gave about posts that drive you crazy. Then it went off way to the left but the posts have MADE MY DAY the past few days. You guys are hilarious!!