What regions have the best nursing job opportunities since the economic recession?


Since the economic recession, noticing many areas of the country are having hiring freezes and even laying off nurses in some areas (scary!). Wondering where are the best areas for job opportunites despite the declining economy--if there even are any areas left! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!:)

I am not a nurse(yet) but I do work for an insurance company(working on nursing school apps now). I pay out short term disability claims and refer folks for long term.

I find that the "unhealthiest" people(eg-obese,smokers,drinkers,the noncompliant etc) tend to be from the South. That is not a slam against the region. I lived for a time in VA and hope to move back again someday.However, I would assume that more nurses would be needed for an unhealthier at risk population,kwim?

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I will venture to say the South. You want to go where the economy is still okay and has been affected the least. I know that Houston is still doing really well because of the oil industry here.

Also, anywhere in the south where there's an influx of immigrants from Mexico. These people still get healthcare when they're sick, even if they can't pay. Focus on acute care and stay away from facilities that perform a lot of elective procedures. People are still going to get healthcare whether they can afford it or not. Remember, its the law that hospitals cannot turn away ANYONE who is sick and needs to be admitted.

As far as people being fatter in the south, that may be true, but I doubt that it has anything to do with the economy and the ability to get and retain a job in healthcare.


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I can tell you where the opportunities are not and that is NJ. Hospitals are closing here d/t lack of funds. You can still get a job in home care or LTC if you want.

Atlanta is a tight market right now. Outside of Atlanta looks good. Most all second tier cities seem to have needs and are hiring. Florida is reporting difficulty. Just pick the area of the courntry you are wanting to move to and then visit that forum here on Allnurses and check it out. Then begin to apply to all the areas you are interested in and see what kind of response you get. Good luck.


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I would say big cities. I live in West Virginia and nurses start out making only 20 dollars an hour here, and Huntington WV is the most obese city in the country right now, lol. I've seen much higher starting salaries for other states.


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No jobs to be had in MN at this time in acute care. It's very tight all over MN. Lots of layoffs in Minneapolis/St Paul

I noticed this past week job postings for new graduates at local hospitals - Alabama, with Birmingham in specific, appearing to still be needing nurses...538 job listings in Birmingham alone (per indeed.com) and that is just for RNs.....77 postings for LPNs in Birmingham. 2314 for rns in Tennessee.....so looks like our region does have the best opportunities right now.

hi Justin savo. If you have been away from the bedside for more than 3 years and you are looking to come back then you have definitely made the right decision to get a refresher course. The job market for those without recent bedside experience is non-existent from what I can tell. I finally got a job 40 miles outside of Atlanta at a small community hosptial but that is only because they have a very progressive nursing leadership department (MSNs) and a very progressive HR department. I didn't expect to get the job, I just went as part of my fact gathering for my thesis I hope to write (recruitment and retention of RNs). I was signed up for the local University refresher course but the hospital is going to treat me like a new grad. I am excited since I will need 18 months to finish my BSN/MSN.

Good luck to you! :up:


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Houston's still hiring, but because of all our schools here, don't expect any incentives (including relocation) unless you've got some experience under your belt. There are some places in Texas that do still give incentives - smaller cities like San Antonio.


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My hospital is still hiring nurses. An RN with ICU, ED, or OR experience is coveted. We have the luxury to be choosy with our new grads because the area is saturated with nursing schools/programs. My hospital is in KY. I think new grads start at about $22/hr. but cost of living here is alot less than big cities. we are not getting overtime, but they have not cut our prn nurses yet either.


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The northeast does not have many openings in acute care. I am from NHand I graduated in May of 2008. Could not find full time acute care position without experience. I took a LTC position in September. I just got hired for 16 hrs a week at a med/surge ortho unit. I am taking it until full time positions open and hoping the LTC facility I am at now will let me pick up a couple of shifts per week.

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