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  1. Can be accepted and will be accepted are two different things. Nursing school is super competitive to get into. Also, HBU is very expensive, but there's definitely scholarships that most of the students in the nursing school can get, provided their grades are good. A 3.4 GPA can get scholarships for sure. Look into it, as well as the other nursing schools in Houston. You have tons of options.
  2. I went to HBU (graduated in 2008), but the program has changed a ton since then. There are also a ton of other nursing schools in Houston. You've got tons of pre reqs to do BEFORE nursing school, so it'll give you time to do more research on where you'd like to wind up. I'd avoid non accredited schools if I were planning on getting more education later.
  3. earthcrosser

    A question to nurses with children

    The negativity is there because it sucks to always get begged for favors (with nothing offered in return or those same people telling you they won't help you when you need it). I used to switch with people or take their unwanted shifts, but it quickly became an expected thing (or they would always refuse to help me when I needed it), so I simply stopped. Last year, I was workng the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December since everyone in my family was going out of town (it was my year to work Christmas), and someone threw a fit because I wouldn't work the 23rd for them (they were not working any of the actual Christmas holiday). Workng weekends and holidays is not super fun, but it's part of hospital life. If you can find people to swap, be nice to them and try to help them out as well.
  4. earthcrosser

    Advice needed about clinical instructor

    But with language barriers, you may think you're meaning one thing, but the patient is hearing something else. With language barriers, tricks only get you so far...a translator ought to be used for best accuracy.And like with skills, there is a benefit to observing or following the direction of others when communicating with your patients. Just because she does things differently than your other instructors does not mean its incorrect - it may be frustrating because it's not what you're used to, but stepping back and trying to understand what she is trying to teach you can help you see the benefits in her methods.
  5. earthcrosser

    Advice needed about clinical instructor

    You may do well in the ICU, but you really need to reflect on why your instructor thinks your confidence is lacking and work with her to figure out ways to improve upon it. Having people walk you through stuff will occur in the ICU oftentimes - people are very, very sick and you cannot have someone simply try and figure things out (or get flustered during their first times doing techniques) - so you need to relax when your instructor is talking you through things so that you can still do well. It is a different technique than one you were used to, but it is for your benefit. You are still learning (and getting hands on time) and she is making sure you are practicing safely. She is not saying you CAN'T do ICU (and be successful), simply that at this time, she is unsure that you would be successful at this time. You have room for improvement, but you need to come up with a game plan - and that means working with her to come up with those ways to improve on your practice as a nursing student.
  6. earthcrosser

    Houston Job Market

    if you have a super strong background and are enrolled in a RN-BSN program, you stand a bit of a chance of getting into somewhere in TMC (We hired 3 new ADNs recently...but most had prior LVN experience or did a capstone in the hospital). The market is super saturated and there are tons of nursing schools pumping out new grads, along with new grads moving here BECAUSE of TMC. It's pretty hard to land a job here, but it can be done.
  7. earthcrosser

    Advice needed about clinical instructor

    If its your first time doing something with her, it may be appropriate for her to talk you through things. This is not a fault of hers, just a different way of dong things. I sometimes talk people through things while they do things with me the first time - I've never seen them do that task (and if it is your first time doing it, you often can get flustered during the skill, even if you can verbalize the steps beforehand). You are not looking bad to the patient by having her talk you through it.Perhaps she really is getting a vibe from you of not having much confidence whatsoever while on the unit and is simply trying to help you as best she can? Maybe have a private discussion with her to see where she thinks you can improve and how to improve upon it. You may get more freedom when you are doing things to her satisfaction.How is she managing the other students?
  8. earthcrosser

    Is nursing still a good career choice?

    Big Texas cities can be tough to find employment in right now. There are tons of schools churning out new grad nurses and only so many spots for them. The market is very competitive. Definitely go for your BSN if you are serious about doing it - ADNs are having an even harder time getting jobs. Scheduling also may or may not be flexible...not every place will have self scheduling, and there are always holidays and weekends that must be worked. I love my job, but sometimes, it can be hard working on a holiday away fom your family. But it must be done. That being said, if you feel like nursing is what you want to do, go for it...but do your research and make sure you have a realistic expectation for what your job outlook and schedule will be like when you graduate. Best of luck!
  9. earthcrosser

    Basic IV help

    A lot of people think the needle is in - parents will be terrified of their baby's scalp IV because they think a needle is going into their brain.Don't feel embarrassed to ask questions - you will find that your patients or their families will often later ask you some of those same "basic" questions. You can even ask your teacher abou how to educate the patient about said IV insertion - it'll be helpful at some point in your career.
  10. earthcrosser

    Graduate Nurse Internships

    October is a bit early. Anything up in October will be for those graduating in December. At the start of next year, like February though April, you should generally see the applications for internships that will be for your graduating class.In the mean time, fine tune your resume and have some letters of reccomendation ready to go when it's time to apply.Your schedule will vary based on each individual hospital/program.
  11. earthcrosser

    My worst fear come true.

    Honestly, it's very good that you've got perspective on what caused this...that way next time, you can address that issue and succeed. It's hard to not graduate on time, but it is very commendable that you are able to look at the positives in a very hard situation. Good luck to you next semester.
  12. We have three major holidays on nights - Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, and New Year's Eve, along with three minors - Fourth of July Eve, Memorial Day Eve, and Labor Day Eve. One year, you work two majors and one minor, the next is two minors and one major. This year, I'm doing Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve. I hate having those two paired, but that's how it is. The days are not the holiday, but if too many people are working, they will move some people to the days of the holiday and count it as them working the eve. Otherwise, the managers want people to work a day touching the holiday if they're not doing the official holiday. It's not a great system, but it's working so far.
  13. earthcrosser

    Should I get my ADN or BSN based on my life goals?

    my nursing school (which was not a community college) taught both adns and bsns. i was responsible for knowing, understanding, and applying all the content that the bsn students were learning, i simply did not get all the credit for the extra courses that they took, like epidemiology and research. i have just as many prerequisites as a bsn student, but at the time, they had a spot open only for an adn student, so i took it. i do agree that people should aim for bsn degrees, however, i don't like being discounted as a nurse, simply because i'm an adn. to the op, nursing is really not as crazy high in demand as your mother is thinking. yes, there are jobs, however, they are often harder to come by for new grads...and those jobs may be in less desirable (to you) areas, depending on what kind of nursing you want to do. a lot of hospitals are really pushing for bsn grads only for magnet status (amongst other reasons), so your job prospects may be limited getting an adn.
  14. earthcrosser

    Houston Baptist University information

    I'd like to say it was a 3.4 to a 3.6...somewhere in that range. I wound up with a 3.4 by the end of the program, but that still netted me a job. I actually got in quickly because I opted to take a vacant ADN slot. Veeeery expensive ADN!
  15. earthcrosser

    Houston Baptist University information

    Those courses are not built into the nursing curriculumn. I had everything done before I started nursing school, but you may be able to complete some of the classes after acceptance (I don't reccomend this...HBU nursing classes have lots of reading and projects/work to do, so adding other classes on top is not the best idea.) I had no issues getting in, but I was there under the old dean, so I am aware that quite a few changes have been made to the way things are done (especially as far as applications go.) I know when I went there (2006-2008), there definitely was a heavy emphasis on ICU - that was the juggernaut class, but I learned a ton in it. It was incredibly difficult, but fun at the same time. It was one of the classes that many people did not do well on, but it is very much possible to get through the program without failing, It is very expensive, but I do feel I did happen to get a good education from there.
  16. earthcrosser

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    No, I did not misunderstand your post. Not everyone is going to eat them in front of kids - and it would honestly be in poor taste to do so. However, do you know how many products are made in an edible form that are based off of something that is really inedible and ought to not be eaten? Candy paints, candy bandages...If your child is at the age where they cannot comprehend real versus pretend things and to not touch things that aren't theirs, don't have them available. Don't leave pills lying around either - pesky calls to poison control can be avoided. For an older kid or even teen, they could (hopefully) handle eating a candied sunflower from an allnurses pill bottle without going and eating every pill in sight on the belief that they are all candy. Still, I don't hate the idea of pill bottle candies - in the right venue, they can be cute. I wouldn't waste my money on them, but some people would enjoy them. Of course, like I said previously, this isn't the type of thing I stress over. I do understand your opinion, even if I don't think it's as big of a deal to see a product like that.