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Hello everyone! I will be starting a 2-year ADN program this month. I will be taking Fundamentals of Nursing (lecture, lab and clinical) and Pharmacology. I was wondering what everyone has been doing to get prepared for nursing school. Since I purchased my books and supplies (about a week ago) I have been reading and taking "book notes" and, as well, I have been making flash cards of all the key terms in the books. Is this a good idea? I wasn't really sure where to start, but my sister is a nurse and she said to start reading the books. I really wanted to get a jump start on everything but I hope I'm not going overboard. What do you think and what are you doing to prepare?:roll


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I'm not doing anything.

That's me, Ms Super-Prepared.

We go back the day after labor day and before then I have to read a bunch of chapters and write 4 papers, so I imagine I'll have to get started sometime soon.

I'm going into the final year of an ADN program.


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I'm cleaning house! After finding out about Flylady on another thread, I'm inspired to clean & straighten so I won't have the distraction during the school year. You can actually see my front passenger seat now. I tend to get distracted at exam time & clean instead of studying!! :chuckle

I'm also SLEEPING IN!! Getting all that extra sleep I'm going to be missing in the Fall.


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I am patiently waiting for my CPR class (part one) part two is next week. Then i am patiently waiting for my husband to get paid so I can get my books. ug...I always seem to be waiting. oh well. I will have everything I need by September.


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i have started reading my health assessement book and can't wait to start my 1st semester of rn school. all the best to all of us!

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I have to go pick up my books today. I am taking my son to get his too...he's going to the same college I am! (Not for nursing.)

I've been cleaning and working...should study more for boards....


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Cleaning and organizing closets!!!!!Also I started putting family pictures in albums. Have not done so since my daugther was 3 months,(She is 3 1/2 YEARS now), so you can imagine all the work ahead of me. I'm trying to finish before I start school on Aug 26.


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Originally posted by Julielpn

I have to go pick up my books today. I am taking my son to get his too...he's going to the same college I am! (Not for nursing.)

I've been cleaning and working...should study more for boards....

Hi Julie, I am going to the same school as my son too! He is in computers...my daughter is also in collage at another school. My poor husband ---our books alone for the 3 of us will be well over a thousand dollars this semester! :eek:

Kitty W, I signed up for the fly lady e-mails also...all 15 or so per day! I am not doing it the way they say, but it does make me think! And I do have this sudden urge to clean...I think its nerves!


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I'm also cleaning out closets and cubards! I'm also starting my 2yr old in pre-school for a few hours this week to get her used to it. She'll be going for 2 full days and will be home with a nanny the rest.... sigh...... I hope she likes it!

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Sleeping, lots of sleep!:zzzzz


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I am going over all of my A&P notes. I haven't looked at any of them since Spring & am afraid I will forget something. I can't pick up my books until the 19th. I heard it is a ton of books & will come to about 500.00!!! I can't wait to see them:)

I am going over my A&P notes too, and reviewing my Med. Terms, and trying not to freak out!

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