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What does a pre-nursing student want for Xmas?


:gift:Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year! I have spent hour after hour studying and learning parts of the body. I take my books everywhere, and attend all my classes. I never watch TV or listen to the radio as I don't have time. I try not to spend t...o..o..much time on Allnurses. When I'm not studying I'm spending my time on all my other responsibilities such as raising my children and reminding my husband who I am (when I leave my study nest). Occasionally I clean house well.

1. I would like a Starbucks gift card (gift cards for Barnes and Noble, and Panera Bread would also rock).

2. I would like a couple more hoodies, sweat suits ect as I need something comfortable that can take me through my whole day and be appropriate for everything from school, to chauffeuring kids, taking care of a preschooler, cleaning, and working out.

3. Vouchers from my family that I can cash in for "uninterrupted alone time" and cleaning.

4. A really great quick dinner and crock-pot cookbook

5. Several packs of my favorite pen

6. a motivational book for pre-nursing students (for all those times I'm starting to feel burned out already)

7. antacids (for the sick feeling I get whenever I think of the application process and what I'll do if I don't get in).

8. An itunes gift card (for study music and to purchase study apps)

9. "The Complete Human Body: Definitive Visual Guide"

10. A digital recorder

Thanks for my early gift of Noise cancelling headphones! They're a lifesaver. :gift:

What's your Xmas list?:ornament:

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I don't ask for much:

(1) Acceptance letter at my preferred accelerated BSN program;

(2) A scholarship to cover all my expenses therein.

Everything else is cake :D

I already got my acceptance letter to my aBSN last week, so Christmas came early for that.

I also asked for an ipad since I learned that my school only does e-book textbooks. That way I can install my text books on both it and my laptop.

And Starbucks giftcards are always welcome ;)

TEAS V Study Guides

A&P Study Guides

Bare minerals makeup (to mask the late-night studying sessions)

:) :) :) :)

a)$30,000 for tuition


b) a bigger brain so I can be smart enough to get into the ABSN program of my dreams instead of having to take the longer, way more expensive route!


I would like to have scholarships to cover tuition and books for spring and summer sessions (since my Pell isn't enough to cover it all and a few other needs). TO get into the ADN program instead of taking the "long" way around. HESI study guide (they use the math, reading and writing of this to admit to the ADN program and i'm VERY antedated by standardized tests)


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An acceptance letter


and good health

I would love:

Acceptance letter for my program (which are supposed to be delivered by the end of December).

Barnes and Noble gift card to buy a book for fun reading (who knows when I will read it, but I LOVE to read).

A stethoscope (I don't even know if they give you one for the program, but I just want one.....seems like it would make nursing school more of a reality! Stupid, but oh well! LOL)

and a Manicure/Pedicure for some alone time!

I've asked my family to donate to my first semester of nursing school fund. :p

So note to the wise pre-nursing student, start saving your pennies now!


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I would love it if Santa:

(1) Allow my acceptance letter to come before May.

(2) Tutition and books paid for nursing school

(3) Some alone (Weekend spa trip)

(4) Great grades

(5) My Family's good health

(6) Peace of mind going into the Spring Semester

(7) A Honda and Cable

One or all will do me just fine :)

strawberryluv, BSN, RN

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Dear Santa,

Please provide for me the following items

1. Impeccable motivation and mental stamina for my finals

2. Dean's List eligibility

3. Good Health

4. Happiness

5. SNOW!

A black pea coat, boots (trying to hint to my husband that I like Uggs), annnnnnnd a tanning package =)

1. good exercise regime

2. money for school

3. a nice man who will cook my meals and won't whine. (got that covered)

4. peace, endurance, love, stress free mood, to prepare me for the program.

5. meditate and pray pray pray. don't matter if you are religious or not, just pray. haha

savnlivzPRN, LVN

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1. Allheart.com gift card

2. Amazon gift card

3. School books paid for

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I want everything on MeghanTK's list plus:

A Kindle

A MacBook Air (if I didn't already have a mac book pro)

A gift certificate to a massage therapist

1. A smart pen

2. A notebook computer

3. A small vacation before NS starts in the fall

1. ipod touch

2. perfect health

I start nursing school next January!