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  1. CER022512

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone looking for info about Remington- while they are nationally accredited, they are not regionally accredited, meaning that if you were planning to continue your education to get your MSN after graduating with your BSN, the credits will not transfer to a university (such as UCF). This is a deal-breaker for me . Good luck to everyone who was accepted!
  2. CER022512

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    Does anyone know when they will let the July 2011 applicants know about acceptance? Do they wait until after the June 3rd deadline? Also, has anyone spoken to a RCON grad before about their job search? I am curious to find out if hospitals tend to group Remington in with schools like Keiser or Herzing when considering people to hire...I know for a fact that UCF BSN's get hired first, so I'm curious where Remington grads fall in.
  3. CER022512

    What's your pre-nursing new years resolutions?

    1. Definitely studying as much as possible- not just right before a test, like I'm used to from my first degree. 2. Get A's in my 3 classes! 3. Keep up with my workout schedule/healthy eating, even throughout the stress of this upcoming semester 4. Get into my ABSN program and figure out the best way to pay for it. Lofty goals, but I have a great feeling about this year! Good luck to all my pre-nursing friends this semester!
  4. CER022512

    ever doubt/second guess yourself?

    Amen to that. I graduated in May with a Communications degree, and I pretty much didn't even know what that MEANT until I started looking for jobs, realized I made a huge mistake, and wished my parents would have supported my decision to do nursing (a plan that I presented to them 2 years ago and was told I was "not allowed" to do it). They don't support me at all, but I consider the path I'm choosing to be an adventure, and a very important growing experience! Whenever I catch myself second guessing my decision and feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is too far away, I just tell myself "Anyone can do ANYTHING for _____ years" and then I insert the time it will take me to become an RN! You can do it!!
  5. CER022512

    Anyone ever take A&P I and Chemistry together?

    Me too! We're both insane! lol
  6. So...I've been desperately trying to get into a Chemistry class for Spring- it's one of the last ones I need before I can start applying. I'm in Orlando, FL, and I just noticed something- Valencia doesn't require Chemistry, Seminole State doesn't require Chemistry, and now UCF's ABSN says that you can substitute other "life" sciences for Chemistry! Am I nuts or has it always been this way?? Because I have memorized these pre-reqs for the past 2 years and I KNOW Chemistry was always required everywhere! Anyone else notice the disappearing Chem. requirement at other schools? Leave it to me to pick the one program that still wants the dang class.
  7. CER022512

    Am I CRAZY?!

    he really is very supportive, so at least i have that going for me! :redbeathe
  8. CER022512

    What does a pre-nursing student want for Xmas?

    a)$30,000 for tuition OR b) a bigger brain so I can be smart enough to get into the ABSN program of my dreams instead of having to take the longer, way more expensive route!
  9. CER022512

    Herzing University Orlando

    I know, it's a little frustrating. I would ask them what the deal is and see what they say- I'm sure it's not something they like to divulge to future students! Just out of curiosity, when did you submit your application for the May 2011 class?
  10. CER022512

    Am I CRAZY?!

    Hi! I know, I was very upset about the May class filling up! I'm not complaining though because starting in September is still a lot earlier than I would be able to start at any of the other schools around here. As far as the accreditation, the director said in the meeting that the NLNAC is coming to the school in February for the official visit, which I believe is the last step before deciding if they are granted accreditation. I'm not scheduled to actually start classes there until the summer (just for 2 last pre-reqs), so if they do not get accredited by then, I don't think I will go through with it because it's just not smart to graduate from a non-accredited nursing school. I'm also getting really frustrated with Herzing already because first the whole May class thing happened, and now she's trying to tell me that I have to take College Algebra with them when I already have a Bachelor's degree with FOUR different math classes in it, including Finite Math (same as college algebra) AND statistics! I'm with you on the financing thing- it is so expensive! I'm really stressed about it, and I know I'm definitely going to have to take out a loan, which I am not happy about. My fiance is actually more supportive of me going to nursing school than he is of getting married when we planned, so I'm more worried about the in-laws and my parents reactions to this news! lol
  11. CER022512

    Herzing University Orlando

    I know there are a few discussions about Herzing on here, but I wanted to start one specifically about the Orlando campus. Has anyone gone there for their ASN? I am highly considering it, despite the hefty price tag (30K), because I will be able to start there the soonest, and it is an accelerated program, so it takes 14 months instead of 24. However, they are not accredited yet, although they are in the process and having their visit from the committee in February. If they do not get accredited, I will obviously not attend, but I can't imagine that they won't get it because they have a very high NCLEX pass rate and it is a great program. Anyone know anything about the school/program?
  12. I haven't actually done it, but I am signed up to take almost the same courses together (A+P 1 and Micro) this Spring. Like I said, I haven't actually done it, but I think if you can manage A+P 1 and Chem, it wouldn't be that much more of a struggle to complete A+P 2 and Micro together. At least, that's what I'm hoping for! Good luck
  13. CER022512

    TEAS V

    Well, I just got back from taking the TEAS V. I'm pretty disappointed with my results after seeing the above posts stating in the 80-90% range. I got a 76% overall. I only needed a 58% for my program, but I really wanted to at least be in the 80% range. I took version 4 in August, and got a much better score (85%) but that was without the Science portion, because that particular school was for LPN and did not require the science score. I studied for both tests using the ATI Version V manual. I bought and took both online practice tests before taking Version 4 in August, and I did a lot better on those than I did on the Version V today. I also used the 2 practice tests in the back of the book, and scored slightly higher on those compared with my real score on Version V. To be quite honest, I studied for about a week for the Version 4 using the Version V manual in August, so when I found out that I would have to re-take the test for this new school I'm applying to and it would be Version V, I felt that I did not need to study that much more, since I felt really prepared for Version 4. I was definitely wrong! I was pretty shocked at the level of difficulty on the reading portion, which is usually a breeze for me (I still got a 90%, but it was more challenging than the study guide). Math is always the hardest for me, and if I would have studied longer, I would have done better. I actually found the Science portion to be pretty dead on to what I studied in both the manual, and using this school's science powerpoint's: http://www.science-class.net/Teachers_Slideshows.htm#LifeScience (unfortunately, I have a HUGE problem retaining science information, so everything I studied was on the test but I couldn't remember the answers- awesome.) Spelling/Language was the easiest part. If I wouldn't have bombed the science so bad (56%) I could've reached my goal in the 80's, but...oh well. I HIGHLY recommend reading through every single one of those powerpoints I posted above, because almost all of those subjects were covered in the science section (not so much earth science/rocks, like on the version 4). Good luck everyone!
  14. CER022512

    Am I CRAZY?!

    I just looked back on some of my old posts, and it's funny how much my plan has changed from month to month. Sometimes I feel like I am going to come across every obstacle possible before I can actually breathe a sigh of relief and say YES! I'M AN RN!!!! Back to reality. So, I just got back from Herzing Orlando's Nursing Info session. I was very excited about this program because they do not technically require that every pre-req be completed before applying (basically, you can still be accepted into the actual "Nursing" program as long as you finish the pre-reqs before starting), and also, the advisor told me today on the phone that I would be able to start nursing classes this May. This sent me over the moon because I have been so depressed that, due to several hiccups in my nursing plans, it seems like the earliest I would be able to start with most other programs around here is Jan. 2012! But, of course, during the info session she announced that the open spots for May are now taken, and the earliest start date is now September 2011. Disappointing, however, still better than my other options. Anyways, as I was listening to the Director of Nursing describe clinical schedules, it dawned on me- I AM SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING MARRIED IN FEBRUARY 2012 . How in the HECK do I think I am going to set a wedding date and actually ATTEND my wedding, if I don't even know if I will be available, due to the ever-changing CLINICAL SCHEDULE???!!! Forget about a honeymoon, that's not even an option! Is it crazy for me to postpone my wedding until I graduate (approximately November 2013)? Or is it the best idea I've had so far? It's so depressing to think of having to postpone the day I've looked forward to for so long (we've already been engaged 8 months), but it's even more depressing to think of postponing my :nurse:ing dreams AGAIN. I need advice! (I do realize there are MUCH bigger problems out there in the pre-nursing world, but I just figured I would see if anyone has had a similar situation. thanks pre-nursey friends!)
  15. CER022512

    nutrition question....HDL and exercise?

    Exercise increases blood glucose and lipid levels, and the increase in blood flow that comes with exercise speeds up the rate at which HDL transports cholesterol from cells back to the liver for recycling. This is what I inferred based on what I read in my book.