What is in your pockets at shifts end?

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alcohol pads, 3 pens, 1 of which isint mine....

maybe an angio, a hep-flush, a dollar bill(for a pack of gum and some life savers)

intern on call's beeper, ADN's beeper... pair of gloves...

pt list, and, a partridge in a pear tree (my keys, with a little tree keychain, and a picture of danny bonaduce laminated up in the limbs....)


I carry one of those small 6x7 inch organizer aprons (I call it my carpenter's bags) which holds my calculator, yellow highlighter, permanent black sharpee pen, red/black ball point pens, alcohol wipes/betadyne wipes, an "alligator clamp" or two, kelly forceps, & pair of scissors, and small flashlight. I try & empty my actual pockets before going home, which has my "brains" and MD orders (copies). I also have had the problem of ending the shift with at least double the # of pens that I started with (and no memoryof having aquired them!) ;-0



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3 alcohols, 1 brain, 2 hemos, 2 scissors, 2 pens, 1 reflex hammer, 1 steth, and assorted IV connector parts, and if I'm lucky- 1 peppermint.


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Originally posted by Chuckie

I always have scissors, hemostats, pens x2, about a dozen paper towels with notes, calculator (small), IV clips, Computer notes for accessing, change purse with change. keys tourniquet, occationally a saline flush or valve mask for CPR. ACLS cards, list of phone numbers. and more.

What's left at the end of my shift?

You'l laugh...

2 pens and my money that I always walk around with


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whatever is left in my pockets at the end of my shift automatically goes in my locker...lol

usually...assortment of pens, a red pen, a highlighter, alcohol pads, tape, wrappers from anything i have eaten. ends of stickers from blood tubes, money, scissors, saline flushes, cigarettes, lighter, notes, assignment sheets, and iv connectors.

i dont even want to talk about my locker.

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Well I just got home and am sitting down at this computer with a bowl of raisen bran. In my pockets I have...2-allnurses.com pens, 1-highlighter, 3-alcohol wipes, 1- unused lancet, 1-pr. of scissors 1- packet of maple syrup from someones bkf tray, a tongue blade, a pkt of equal sweetner for the coffee that I never drank, my report sheet, 2-cotton tip applicators, a lighter and a pk of Benson and Hedges...menthol. What would we do if we had no pockets??? :confused:


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OMG!!!!! Let's see....note paper, tissues, scissors, guaze pads,rubber bands, tape, pens, usually a chap stick, sometimes my watch (depending on what i've been doing), penlight and an assortment of open packages of supplies used and haven't made it to the trash, syringes without the needles for medicating through tubes etc,etc !!!!!!!

If I had a dime for everytime my ID and alcohol pads have been through the wash...................:(


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You thieves!!!! I'm the one that doesn't have a single pen left in my pocket... Just a bunch of alcohol wipes and the occasional alligator clip and a saline flush.


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Pens(the good kind from drug reps), my scissors(hopefully if nobody borrowed them), blue caps for HL's, tape, NSS flushes, alcohol swabs, sometimes empty vials of meds, papers with info and phone #'s, gum, breathsavers, change, 2 varieties of tubex injectors, Virginia Slims Ultra Lights, lighter(if nobody borrows it),and chapstick. Between my scrub top and jacket I have 4 pockets and I use them all.

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