What makes a COB crusty?


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Literally crusty? Its the dried up tears of the new nurses they bullied. New nurse tears taste like candy to COBs.

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What makes a COB crusty?

A lot of experience right from the get-go. Time. Trial by fire. Endurance. The fact that nursing care now is seldom patient oriented. That giving time to the patients who need it is no longer the 'new reality of nursing' (lecture from a supervisor who said I spent 'too much time with patients'.) Hearing another nurse say, "I'll be right back, okay?" and then not following up on that. Expecting one nurse to do everything for each of their patients. The demise of Team Nursing, and the introduction and bastardization of Primary Nursing. Technology that complicates simple things. Satisfaction surveys. Business orientation and the bottom line being more important than people. I have not had a raise in 15 year! Bah!


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I can use my previous career for my nursing crust? Woot, woot! I feel a deep dish crust coming on!


If in a previous career you dealt with colleagues or subordinates who were ignorant or lazy or spewing misinformation, and in this vein caused you stress, distress, anger and extra work.....then yes :)


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I would only give up a chair if all other computer stations are taken and the doctor has to put in orders. Too bad EPIC does not have an app for a tablet.

Epic does have programs for iPhones and Android devices, where MDs can enter orders from their devices. Haiku is the program for entering orders. Canto is for iPads where an MD can review a patient's notes and labs as well as dictating notes after a patient visit.

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How 'bout this one:

Boss hires blood-kin to a pivotal position. Relative is inexperienced, immature, without the proper knowledge or inclination to gain needed knowledge, inept, unprofessional, and pretty much a complete ****-up at said job. Boss sides with kin every time, regardless of circumstances and legitimate concerns/complaints. Owner lives far away and is only concerned with the bottom line.

It grates my crust, big-time, to the point I am frequently walking around leaving trails of breadcrumbs!

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The medical beds on our unit are the hand cranked variety

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I thought of you COBs today. A medical assistant called from one of the local specialist offices about a mutual patient who I referred: the receptionist pulled me put of a patient's room to talk to her and she said "I want to talk to the doctor not just a nurse". I lost it.

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I've always worked Peds. At all of my jobs up until the 1990's, it was the norm to have only 2 nurses working night shift (which is what I always worked). That meant no matter how many patients we had, we each had half the unit. One Peds unit I worked was 36 beds and was almost always full. That meant we each had 18 patients & we each had 1 nurse's aid. And yes, we did hourly rounding; sometimes more often with infants who had IV's.

This is the experience I had from day 1 at my very first RN job in 1978. I now do private duty Peds home care & love it but there are times when I miss the busyness of the hospital.

I also remember when smoking at the nurse's station & in the break room were common. I have never smoked & used to hate having to go into the break room for any reason!

I guess having survived this would make me a COB but I don't officially hold that title.

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Glass syringes

After you counted your needles, they had to be sharpened

I saw the introduction of art lines and the swan ganz

Making our own TPN under a hood

Standing watching and counting the drops of the IV and having to know the difference between a macro drop and micro drop

Anyone remember sippy diets?

Remember drum catheters (forerunner to central lines)?

Floating a swan could take over 2 hours because you had to use the floroscopy (sic?) machine

Spinning a crit

collecting the urine to do a sugar and acetone

doing your own specific gravity on urine

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