What is the least amount you would work for as a RN?

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I was offered a position in an adult day care and what is the wage? $12.00 an hour. I find this insulting. Any one else find this insulting or am I being silly? Thanks :)

omg, no I would never work as a RN for $12!! They pay CNA's more than that around here!

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:twocents:That is a low blow if you ask me especially for an RN position!

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Money is strictly relative.

While it may sound low, if you live in an area that has a super low cost of living, then $12 bucks an hour may be great. I make more than $50 bucks an hour right now and barely keep food on the table because I live in a high tax, high cost of living locale. Of course, you have some who even work for nothing as they volunteer their services in various humanitarian relief efforts.

Further, you have to also weigh the non cash benefits (which may have cash value, like free parking, free day care, etc) that some employers are willing to give versus the non cash requirements to keep the job (paying for commute, own certifications, equipment, etc).

Good luck!

That is very low. The lowest I would personally take would be $22.00/hr. A lot of home health agencies and LTC facilities are offering higher wages than hospitals. Plus, you probably wouldn't be learning any skills with this job, I would continue to look.

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I do find $12.00 to be very insulting for an RN job,however if the benefits are superior they might make up for the low wage.

I took a $7.00 per hour cut to make $17.00 per hour at my current job. I have no call, no week-ends, no nights, but also no insurance. My new job is extrememly flexible. Very kid/family oriented. 8am -4pm. 2 weeks PTO and overall a cushy job.

Depends on the pro's and cons....

Way too low unless it really isn't a "nursing" job. Maybe something that doesn't require a nursing license, all weekends and holidays off, flexible schedule..........MAYBE, but probably not. I don't think I would consider anything below $25 and hour and really prefer to keep it around $30/hour.

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Like the other posts, it depends on the location, cost of living and experience. But it also varies on the kind of work you will be doing as an RN. I made $12/hr when I used to work as a Medical Assistant. Therefore, as an RN you should be getting paid at least twice that amount.

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thank you all for your replies. This is a part time no benefits job. I will have to pass medications, give insulin, take out the all trash, supervise program assistants and work every Tuesday and Saturday.

I live in a very rural area, but this job wouldn't even put me above the poverty level. I can't even begin to understand how an agency with 5 different offices in the state could pay such low wages.

I think I will pass on this "opportunity".

Thanks again for all the great advice and help

i would sweep floors to care for my family, but a $12 an hour offer is a slap in the face for an rn unless it comes with at least 300% or more shift dif.

op, i can understand why your answer is no.

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I do find $12.00 to be very insulting for an RN job,however if the benefits are superior they might make up for the low wage.

Are you kidding? You'd need something like $10.00/hour in benefits to make up the difference. I suppose if they provided a hooker during lunch ... then I would consider. :)

Seriously, anything less than $22/hour + benefits is an insult. An even then, $22/hour is still on the low side, considering all the education (4 years), and responsibility we nurses have to endure.

Just my two cents.

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Nurses, like any other vocation, are not paid what they deserve but rather what they (a) negotiate and/or (b) what the market dictates.

The fact that they pay such a low wage and yet are (presumably) able to keep staffing at the level that they require indicates an extremely depressed market and/or saturation with nurses... oh yeah, and a cheap-*** employer!

Would I or wouldn't I? It really depends on what were my other options. Were it a choice between $12/hr as a nurse or nothing, I'd take it while I was desperately looking for other options. If, on the other hand, I could earn that same $12/hr doing something else then I'd take a pass.

Sometimes life doesn't provide the luxury of turning down a paying job - even if it sucks.

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