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  1. Hi.

    Would you tell me about your experience at Excelsior? I am currently in the online RN to MSN program and U. Texas at Arlington, but I'm considering changing schools. I already have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree but UTA still requires that I take a bunch of additional liberal arts general education courses in addition to the BSN nursing courses to complete the degree. At this point, I feel like literature, political science, and history courses are not how I want to spend my time and money. You might have given me an out!

    I'd greatly appreciate your input!

    Thank you.

    1. military spouse

      military spouse



      Well, Excelsior was MUCH less expensive than most options. I think I ended up having to take 12 or 13 classes, usually one at at time. Many students took more, but I’m a bit neurotic 🙂

      I had a great experience, and would highly recommend it if the prestige of the school is unimportant  



  2. military spouse

    Insulin Line

    I'm curious how each of your facilities runs insulin line. Specifically, do you allow inmates to complete the FSBS with the glucometer, do you clean glucometer between inmates, wear gloves while administering insulin? I've seen a variety of techniques.... Thanks!
  3. military spouse

    CPOE and noting/reviewing orders

    I'm curious if/how others note computerized orders that go directly to the appropriate discipline. For example, if the correctional provider orders a lab in the EMR and that is communicated directly to the lab personnel, do you as the nurse note or review the order. Similar situation with appointments that are scheduled directly by the provider entering the order, or meds that go directly to the pharmacy. I realize each BON has variations, but I'm curious how it is handled at your facility. Thank you!!!
  4. Hello all, For those of you that reside in a state that doesn't allow an "assessment" or nursing diagnosis by an LPN, what have you found to be acceptable documentation for the "assessment" on a SOAP note? Our state does not clearly define "assessment," but does allow the LPN to gather and record assessment data. We want to allow the LPN to practice to their fullest ability, but don't want them to jeopardize their license. Any thoughts?
  5. military spouse

    Treated LTBI

    If a patient has LTBI and receives treatment, does your facility refer to them with any special terminology? Does your health problems/master problem list still indicate LTBI or is it updated with different terminology? What if they report treatment, but past adherence is unknown? Would that still be referred to as LTBI? Thanks!
  6. I find myself in a position where I don't have true access to a patient population and don't have access to a DNP or Phd. I've been trying to look into DNP programs, but it appears that those two issues may be tremendous roadblocks. Does anyone know if it is possible to find a DNP program with a physician as a preceptor and a non-patient related project? My current position is in management/leadership and that would be the type of program that would interest me. Thanks!
  7. military spouse

    Touro University Nevada

    Thanks for the response! I'm looking at ASU as well, but am very concerned about the practical experiences and finding a preceptor. My current environment is one where I supervised nurses in a non-clinical setting, but I have the ability to influence and develop policy. This seems to make finding a program challenging...
  8. military spouse

    Touro University Nevada

    Can one only be an educator for this program? I've emailed the school, but haven't received a reply.
  9. military spouse

    Infirmary 23 hour observation

    Thanks everyone for your replies!
  10. military spouse

    Infirmary vs other

    It would depend on the size of the infirmary and the number of nurses. I really enjoyed my time in the infirmary...
  11. military spouse

    LPN documentation on SOAP note

    I am curious how your facilities handle the documentation of "assessment" on a SOAPE note in Arizona. Do you have policies regarding this issue? Do you require that RNs co-sign the note and, if so, what is the significance/understand of the co-signature? Thank you in advance!!!
  12. military spouse

    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Practicum

    What qualifications does a preceptor need to have?
  13. military spouse

    Infirmary 23 hour observation

    Thanks for the reply. Do you get orders for things such as VS frequency?
  14. military spouse

    Infirmary 23 hour observation

    Just curious how each of your facilities handles a 23 hour observation? Less paperwork? Orders? Thanks in advance!!
  15. military spouse

    DNP after WGU anyone?

    Very interesting conversation! Have any of you completed additional practice hours at Chamberlain or Chatham? Does anyone know anything about the necessary qualifications if the mentor? Also, the DNP in education is offered where?
  16. Very curious how others handle this issue. Do the meds move on the IM, with security/property, or does your medical unit collect the meds to move with the charts and COC? How do the inmates get their next dose before movement if meds were collected and/or packaged prior to the movement? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!