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  1. military spouse

    Insulin Line

    I'm curious how each of your facilities runs insulin line. Specifically, do you allow inmates to complete the FSBS with the glucometer, do you clean glucometer between inmates, wear gloves while administering insulin? I've seen a variety of techniques.... Thanks!
  2. military spouse

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location Phoenix, AZ metro area Pay rate $70,500 In which area / specialty do you work? audits What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ASN, BS, MSN in progress How many years of experience do you have?20 Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? FT What shift do you work? Days Do you receive any shift differential? No Are you a manager or supervisor? No
  3. military spouse

    Overtime pay versus holiday pay

    I completely understand what you are saying and I posed this same question to my employer. Basically, we get one or the other. Had the holiday been the day before I think you would have received holiday pay for that day and the next shift would have been overtime.
  4. military spouse

    Made a huge mistake now worried for career.

    It really sounds as if you didn't do anything wrong as far as good nursing care is concerned. Maybe you weren't following the policy, but it doesn't sound as though the policy is clear. You had an order for a medication that was available in your facility and you adminstered the medication. Sounds like the facility needs to make their policies clearer.
  5. military spouse

    Low Census- To Take Cancel or Not?

    I was in a similar position to you a few years ago and always volunteered for first call-off. The bad thing, was we were on an hour recall, so if the census went up we had to go in. Didn't like that part!! I don't think it reflects badly on you at all. Many people are in situations where they REALLY need all their scheduled shifts, so if you don't you might be helping somebody else if you take the cancellation.
  6. military spouse

    How much does money influence where you go....or stay

    I wouldn't quit a job over $2.00 an hour unless I was absolutely miserable. After the govt. gets their hands on it, it will be closer to $1.00/hour which just wouldn't be worth it to me.
  7. military spouse

    Average Cost of Insurance

    My husband is retired military, so we pay $460/year for family health care through Tricare. Dental is $95 or so per month. If we didn't have it through him, my current employer's health plan is close to $500 per month (employee share) for a family. When I worked directly for a state, I paid $50 per month for my husband and me and just did that because it offered better care than Tricare and it was a nice supplement to the Tricare. Insurance varies tremendously and can range from under $100 a month for a family to well over $500 per month for a family.
  8. military spouse

    HELP! New grad, work nights, pregnant, depressed!!

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I'm not a night person either. Perhaps a switch to home health or something similar? There are many programs out their dealing with children and perhaps you would be a good fit.
  9. military spouse

    What is the least amount you would work for as a RN?

    Way too low unless it really isn't a "nursing" job. Maybe something that doesn't require a nursing license, all weekends and holidays off, flexible schedule..........MAYBE, but probably not. I don't think I would consider anything below $25 and hour and really prefer to keep it around $30/hour.
  10. military spouse

    Wexford health care in corrections

    I wasn't able to attend the meeting, so I missed what happened. I'm surprised she said those things. We were told they forgot to mail the offer letters and then mailed them Tues. or Wed., but nobody has seen it yet............ It will be interesting.
  11. military spouse

    Wexford health care in corrections

    It's hard to believe it will get better with Wexford considering they underbid CMS. Don't know the pay scale or shift diffs, but the PTO is SUBSTANTIALLY reduced and no matching of 401k with Wexford. We'll see how it works out.
  12. military spouse

    Correctional nursing like ER?

    They can be similar, but they can also be very different. Just be prepared to make decisions independently, without other nurses or a Doc at times. I work in a facility that has both a dispensary and an infirmary and it can range from ER type visits, Doctor's office visits, nursing home patients, med-surg, etc. At night there is one nurse for approx. 3,000 inmates.
  13. military spouse

    Wexford health care in corrections

    Out of curiosity, did your facility just hire a ton of people? We were told that maybe they were hired so people could use up their PTO, but one of the new people commented that they were told they could apply for any job since no one would have seniority with Wexford--technically true, but still suprised by her statement. Seems that the current staff is being told one thing and new hires (all of whom are new grads) are being told something else.
  14. military spouse

    Wexford health care in corrections

    Yep, in Maryland. I was talking to one of the providers and he said Sept. 26, Wexford is supposed to notify the state of staffing plans. He said the date had already changed once and who knows if it is rumor or accurate.
  15. military spouse

    Wexford health care in corrections

    I don't know anything, but I'm guessing you must work for the same state as I do. We're being told maybe in Oct. they will come in and explain pay/benefits and allow us to apply for our jobs. Have no idea if that is accurate.