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    Nursing Home Activities

    Most popular at our facility is bingo and trips to the Dollar Store. Everybody loves the Dollar Store, LOL!
  2. All I really want is that everybody who wants to pick up Granny for a home visit on the holidays, CALL AND TELL US, before showing up with no notice!! Since we have 55 residents on my hall, it is extremely disruptive when half of them need to be up/dressed/freshly bathed, with meds packaged to take home, at a moment notice. All I ask is that you tell me in advance, so the CNA's can plan their care and get Granny ready so when you pick her up, it will be smooth sailing!
  3. New grad here, please forgive my questions :) I have always been taught to NEVER NEVER NEVER take a blood pressure on the vascular access arm of a dialysis patient (also no blood draws from that arm). My question is.... what would happen if someone does? I understand that this site is their lifeline, of course that should not be compromised. But if an nurse/aid/family member does a BP without knowing it is contraindicated, what can happen to the patient/site?? Thanks! I just started working LTC and I have a few dialysis patients. I always worry about the "what if's"!

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