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Originally posted by venom600

Yea if you don't mind paying for the steep price.

A 12 in powerbook is no more than if you customized a dell notebook. They retail for 1599 and you can get an ed discount for 1499. Depending on what you want in a computer..... Me, I don't mind paying 1499 for a computer that's so user friendly. Different strokes for different folks.

Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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I've had my iBook for a year and a half. Love it!

The computors at work are Dells, we have more problems with them, and they are not so logical to use as my little iBook.


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What a great question Rnin, I am also in the market to buy a laptop for college.

I have been hearing great things about apple and the ibook. But no one i know has an ibook. I just love the aesthetics of apple products.

I know this is a stupid question but...

All the websites I visit now, will I be able to access them with an apple computer?I ask this because from time to time I see programs that say something like....sorry apple users, you cant do this.

All I do on my computer now is upload pictures from my digital camera and surf the net, thats it- so I apologize for my lack of computer prowess, but Iwouldn't want to buy an ibook and then regret it.


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Hmmm...As far as I know you should be able to access any website that you need to access with an Apple. One warning...you will have to buy Microsoft Office OS X if you need office for school. The CD you have for your PC will not run on the Mac. Microsoft does not put both versions on the CD. That's the only drawback to Apple. I did not have to purchase anything extra or different when I bought my powerbook. There are several websites that have mac info on them. If you'd like them, send me a PM.



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Thanks Brett for the info, I will definetly be making an apple purchase this fall!


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When I bought my laptop I went to three different computer stores in search for the best prices for a Sony...I kid you not...all three people who helped me said why do you want a Vaio? I asked them to take me to the best laptop and they each took me to the Toshiba Satelite. I have a Dell PC but the specs on the toshiba were more impressive than the Dell laptop. I hesitated because I had never considered a Toshiba (I admit, I wanted Sony or Dell for the name) but I am so happy that I bought it.

At one point I asked my uncle if my downloads and digital pictures were going to "fill" up my laptop. He was a buyer for Fry's Electronics before he retired. He laughed at me and said I could run a small company with my Toshiba. He said I had one of the best.

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents since I hadn't read anything about a Toshiba. Check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised. :)

Jason G

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DELL is top of the line. You may pay a little more than the others out there but its worth it. I just bought a dell INSPIRON 5100 for school and it is fast and dependable (so far). I got a 2 year in home warranty so if anything happens to it technicians will come out to my house the next business day and repair it as opposed to sending it to a company via mail and waiting for them to repair it. I'm more than satisfied with it.

If your not considering a dell, stay as far away from Gateway as possible.


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"Just thought I'd throw in my two cents since I hadn't read anything about a Toshiba. Check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised. "

May I ask how mucy you paid for the Toshiba? I've head really good things about them but thought they were kind of $$$$

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I just bought an HP for 850 brand new! It works great, very user friendly and the support is good too.


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I have a Dell I5150 and love it. This is my 1st. laptop.



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Originally posted by Jason G

If your not considering a dell, stay as far away from Gateway as possible.

I did tech support and IT engineering-type crap for 6 years b/f switching to nursing. I've had nothing but bad luck with HP and Gateway. HP makes great printers and sucky PCs. Never a problem with a Dell -- I recommend them to everyone. Compaq is also outstanding but generally a little pricier. I haven't worked with Mac stuff since the mid-90s and they were still really non-compatible with the rest of the world...but I hear this is much better now. My laptop is a Dell -- 3 years old. Only problem I had with it was the power supply started acting flaky. I called Dell and they were out replacing it the same day.


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Another vote for Dell. I've had my desktop for three years without a single problem despite my constant tinkering and upgrading. Their individual compentents seem to be on the same quality level as IBM and the price is right.

I have very little personal experience with the Mac systems but they seem to be fine for personal computing.

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