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My oldest Son has a Gateway laptop which is awesome, he's never had problems with it;)

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FWIW, love my Sony. The LCD is a huge 16"!

No probs in the nine months I've had it.

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I have a HP desktop and I would never buy another one again, so I would not recommend a HP computer, though there printers are great.

Also someone mentioned Toshiba. ALL my electronics are Toshiba (big screen tv, surround sound, DVD player, etc) I think Toshiba ROCKS!! I have never had any problems with them at all, ever, and I have been hooked on them for years now.

I want to buy a laptop and had forgotten that Toshiba even makes laptops so I would definatly look at them personally.

I hate Sony, I have never had anything but problems with Sony products so I am leary of them anymore.



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I'm on my second toshiba laptop which is the toshiba Satellite s253 which we purchased on 8/29/01 for $1,494.47 with tax here at CompUSA in Illinois. I'm not sure if thats a good price or not. Never a problem so far, and we're happy.

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