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What job can I get with Exercise Science and Nursing Degree


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Hi all,

Since I'm still at my LTC job (week 7), I want to know what else I can do so that I can either work per diem at the LTC job or Leave completely when the time is right. I have a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Studies as well as a BSN in Nursing. I was wondering, since I've been job searching what I can do that is a good combination of the two, is somewhat more enjoyable that LTC and that pays well. Any input would be much appreciated.



An old friend of mine in NY has the same two degrees and she is an ER Nurse at a level 1 trauma center. She loves her job!


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Sports medicine, like has been said.

With LTC experience, and your degrees there is also rehab nursing to look at there rehab step down units, and independent facilities that specialize in this field.

My first degree before nursing was in Health Science. One of the internships I did before my student teaching was for Johnson & Johnson. They have many divisions with one being wellness. I thinkit was called J & J Healthcare Systems--not sure if it's still the same as it was back in 1997. They are a division that puts their wellness programs in their own companies as well as other companies--corporate health. They used RNs and also had a person that ran the fitness part of the program. They had told me they were looking to change the model and to combine and try to hire people that could do both. Sounds like you would have those credentials. It was a lot of things from running the gym, doing short work-out sessions out on the factory line to decrease injuries--the workers loved that! -- and screenings, classes, etc. The focus being prevention and wellness. Not sure if this is something that sounds interesting but figured I would put it out there.

Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehab

Research especially if you have a Masters in Exercise Science.

Ex. effects of high altitude or high altitude simulation testing

Stress testing centers for various corporations and occupations.

Hospital based fitness centers such as this one:


That's what I was going to suggest. Cardiac rehab. Heck get connected with a heart hospital. Or work out your own deal with park districts and such after you design a program with lots of teaching included. Try and talk with a few Cards and ask what they think and if they would support something like this with a local park district for people s/p supervised rehab eg pts need to be OK'd to participate.

Sports medicine?

:anpom:Another vote for sports medicine!:anpom:

Good luck in whatever path you select!

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That's what my degrees are as well! I am just working as a staff nurse right now but I am looking into Public Health jobs that might include community programs for wellness, etc.

That's what my degrees are as well! I am just working as a staff nurse right now but I am looking into Public Health jobs that might include community programs for wellness, etc.

Do those exist?

roma4204, BSN, RN

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They did where I did my public health clinicals. It would just take some work to find a job opening with so many budget cuts these days.

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Are you willing to move? That will make a big difference. If so, I will copy and paste a job I saw posted recently. There are some opportunities outside the traditional health care setting.


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Another RN here with BS Exercise & Sports Science! I returned to school to earn a BSN. Currently work in ER but also work a few times a month PRN in fitness/wellness. I find it refreshing to have that fitness job to go to do, keeps me motivated to stay active and healthy. In the future, I'd love to find a way to combine both as well but loving ER.

I've heard about RNs with this type of background (health degree + RN) involved in Sports Medicine, cardiac rehab, public health and wellness programs. Good luck in your search!

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What about working for a sports club or sporting organisation, like we have over here for our footy? That would be interesting and it pays well (here anyway). Start ringing all the big clubs near you and do a Google search for jobs in this area. Open your mind to the possibilities!

You could also get a teaching position somewere, or work in local schools/high schools maybe.


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When I was finishing up my BSN around '97, all the cardiac rehabs were staffed with RNs. Cool, I thought, I'll do a few years of ICU then when I'm burned out, I'll do cardiac rehab since I practically had a minor in exercise science. Well, five years later and those jobs weren't RNs any more, they were held by folks with masters in exercise science. Rats!

Of course, RNs were doing stress testing in the hospital, but those jobs were far and few between. I was working in a post cardiac surgery ICU, and I have to tell you that in all honesty, what those exercise phys folks were doing was a joke! "Lets go for a walk Mr. Jones". You need a masters degree to do that? Guess who took the patients for walks when cardiac rehab wasn't around? Guess who did the exercises with the patients when physical therapy wasn't around? Guess who was getting the patients out of bed the first time after surgery? Guess who has to arrange all the IVs, monitor cables, VAD lines, or total artificial heart drive lines when going for a walk? Guess who did CPR on my patient when he stopped breathing the first time out of bed? It wasn't cardiac rehab I'll tell you that much! :cool:

I guess if you want to do some teaching at the YMCA, then you'll have the alphabet soup tacked on to the end of your name to open some doors. You'll definitely need some ACSM (American College of SPorts Medicine) certifications as well though. I think everybody requires that these days. While I don't think they are difficult to get, it's not cheap, and you'll probably have to travel to get into the classes that's required for the certs.

Good luck! :)