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  1. Just curious

    yeah it is weird. I was asked that once. I said a dolphin--because they are very smart and gentle. Even more weird I was asked once which disney character I would say I am most like!!!!!! LOL
  2. employer wanted to try me out!

    and administering a tb without any nursing license---ummmmm that's gotta be illegal and practicing nursing without a license. I would call the licensing board on her if it were me. I agree--you dodged a bullet.
  3. Using BSN when you have not earned it

    Not sure as this is a degree not a license. You could check with the American Nurses Association. They might know. You could also google it. But yeah gotta agree its tacky and unethical at the minumum. You could put her/him on the spot and ask where ...
  4. Tips for administering Haldol

    I can't imagine not having restraints when you really need them. And I personally have always likes haldol. Old yes, but it works. Geodon I see not working as well or taking too long to work, Zyprexa okay, better, but then you have limits with your b...
  5. boredom in psych nursing

    When all your work is done there is always.........the patients! lol actually taking some time to spend with them. To talk, be a part of the mileu. In inpatient psych I found on days and eves I was pretty much busy all the time. On nights sometimes I...
  6. Increase abuse of Bath Salts

    Left drug and ETOH detox about 8 months ago. I worked in upstate in NY. Never heard of this before. New info to me.
  7. question: 1 on one what to do?

    Yes I too read that as a 1:1 outside the ICU. More for monitoring for some kind of safety issue. (High fall risk, suicidal, in restraints, etc.) The 1:1 staff that we would get when I worked psych and we didn't have the staff to cover it ourselves, w...
  8. uhhh.

    Try asking someone from the physical therapy department. When I worked in LTC for a short time and found many of the CNAs not using the lifts correctly went to the physical therapist and he was more then happy to hold sessions throughout the day for ...
  9. Finally a job after almost 8 months! Yeah!

    Well folks I just wanted to give some hope to those of you out there who are unemployed. I left my last job in August and just finally got a FT position FT days, Mon-Fri at an outpatient VA clinic!! So excited! I am getting my foot in the door going ...
  10. I'm very guilty...of laziness....gulp....

    Gotta agree with the posters so far. And actually when you start studying for the NCLEX you would be surprised how much you will learn. I found the studyying process helped me to see where my strengths were and were I needed to fill in the gaps a lit...
  11. Do you have techs?

    When I worked L&D back in 2003 that hospital had two separate units as well--L&D and Mother/Baby and special care nursery as we sent out babies needing NICU but did have the special care nursery for those babies needing care. All three areas ...

    If its a medical clinic there legally has to be a medical doctor directing the place. Sometimes they are a little more behind the scenes but legally a clinic can't run without an MD/DO director. If the issues seem to be mostly in regard to employee s...
  13. A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I am not sure we are all clear what it is you are worried about this ex telling the BON. I mean is he saying he is going to tell them lies--make stuff up about you? Or do you just not want them to know what it is that he is saying he is going to shar...
  14. A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I would not reccommend you 'getting even' as suggested. THAT could cause you problems. False accusations can land you with legal charges. He could sue you for slander. Don't stoop to his level. If you want the BON to think you are a professional then...
  15. A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I'd say if he gives them "info" that is not accurate you can sue him for slander!!! And what "sexual activites" does this lovely ex of yours think the BON is going to be concerned about? I mean unless the behavior is at work wth patients or something...