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  1. mentalhealthRN

    Just curious

    yeah it is weird. I was asked that once. I said a dolphin--because they are very smart and gentle. Even more weird I was asked once which disney character I would say I am most like!!!!!! LOL
  2. mentalhealthRN

    employer wanted to try me out!

    and administering a tb without any nursing license---ummmmm that's gotta be illegal and practicing nursing without a license. I would call the licensing board on her if it were me. I agree--you dodged a bullet.
  3. mentalhealthRN

    Using BSN when you have not earned it

    Not sure as this is a degree not a license. You could check with the American Nurses Association. They might know. You could also google it. But yeah gotta agree its tacky and unethical at the minumum. You could put her/him on the spot and ask where she did her bachelors through like your just curious--in front of a manager or someone up high and see what kind of answer you get.
  4. mentalhealthRN

    Tips for administering Haldol

    I can't imagine not having restraints when you really need them. And I personally have always likes haldol. Old yes, but it works. Geodon I see not working as well or taking too long to work, Zyprexa okay, better, but then you have limits with your benzo....Abilify IM-um not great either. So I have always been a fan of good old haldol myself. And as far as being concerned that you might stick someone besides the pt--like someone else helping to restrain the pt--I have always found communication works best. Making sure you tell them to let you know when they are ready and feel the pt is as still and secure as they can get him/her. Then let them know where you are going and if you are in a place near someone else-- say so--"I am right by your backside Mike--don't move backwards" -- then say-loud enough for all to hear- "all clear-med in" when you are done and the needle is retracted. Thats how we alway did it if we had to give a med while staff were restraining --and we needed to medicate before we got the pt into restraints. It worked.
  5. mentalhealthRN

    boredom in psych nursing

    When all your work is done there is always.........the patients! lol actually taking some time to spend with them. To talk, be a part of the mileu. In inpatient psych I found on days and eves I was pretty much busy all the time. On nights sometimes I was busy if an admit or two or some behavioral issues.....but more down time on nights. In psych ER it was dependent on the day. Most of the time we were busy the whole shift. But sometimes we would be slow. I remember one 12 hour night I worked and we had THREE patients come in between two nurses! lol So it depends.
  6. mentalhealthRN

    Increase abuse of Bath Salts

    Left drug and ETOH detox about 8 months ago. I worked in upstate in NY. Never heard of this before. New info to me.
  7. mentalhealthRN

    question: 1 on one what to do?

    Yes I too read that as a 1:1 outside the ICU. More for monitoring for some kind of safety issue. (High fall risk, suicidal, in restraints, etc.) The 1:1 staff that we would get when I worked psych and we didn't have the staff to cover it ourselves, were used hospital wide so on any unit.......however they were usually for some sort of safety issue. When the pt was asleep we generally let them study/read/etc. but never were allowed to leave the pt alone, even when asleep. They would have to get someone to cover for breaks. We even would have different levels of 1:1-- like we had a continuous eye contact. We seldom needed that high of a level but this meant the 1:1 was to have eyes on the pt at all times, even in the bathroom. We actually had a pt who was in and on 1:1 as she had an issue with swallowing anything she could. She had swallowed batteries ("AA"s!!) twice and the second time they had to be removed surgically, she picked the abd wound so bad it became necrotic and it had to be debrided and a wound vac put on. She was being monitored to be she she didn't pick at the wound vac site and that she didn't swallow anything else. Well we had a 1:1 who didn't think the pts request to have the door closed while she was in the bathroom was a big deal so she allowed it.....well the pt took the batteries out of the headphones she had and swallowed them while in the bathroom!!!! The doc was soooo mad! So though 1:1 can be boring and seem insignificant sometimes, it is really important and should be taken seriously and these pts should be monitored closely at all times.
  8. mentalhealthRN


    Try asking someone from the physical therapy department. When I worked in LTC for a short time and found many of the CNAs not using the lifts correctly went to the physical therapist and he was more then happy to hold sessions throughout the day for all the CNAs to review how the lift, and practice with each other, the PT there to help assure they were comfortable and doing it correctly. I also had them review use of gait belts. The entire department was more then happy to help. This is in their area of expertise. ---so head to the therapy department and ask one of the therapists to help you out......and take along the aide who was not doing it right! lol
  9. mentalhealthRN

    Finally a job after almost 8 months! Yeah!

    Well folks I just wanted to give some hope to those of you out there who are unemployed. I left my last job in August and just finally got a FT position FT days, Mon-Fri at an outpatient VA clinic!! So excited! I am getting my foot in the door going in via an agency that does temp to hire with the VA. It was a long stretch with no income but finally it happened--so keep your chins up fellow nurses!! I also wanted to pass along that my recruiter is in desparate need of a FT OR nurse--here in the Rochester, NY area. If anyone is interested message me and I can give you her info.
  10. mentalhealthRN

    I'm very guilty...of laziness....gulp....

    Gotta agree with the posters so far. And actually when you start studying for the NCLEX you would be surprised how much you will learn. I found the studyying process helped me to see where my strengths were and were I needed to fill in the gaps a little--or in some cases a lot! I got two different NCLEX questions books and did every single question in both books. After yo anwer the questionsfor each section you go back and see what you got right and what you got wrong. There is a rationale for why the correct answer is the correct answer and why the others are wrong. If I found that I got the answer correct and the rationale they had made sense and was crystal clear to me--I moved on. If I got it correct but after reading the rationales I realize that maybe it was more of a good guess or a rationale that I had notthought about in coming up with my answer-- I pulled out my texts on that topic and read up till I got it. If I got it wrong--same thing, I read all the rationales and then hit up that specific area in my texts. I studied for about 2-5 hours a day from mid May till my test at the end June, about 5 weeks. And the others posters are right. They are going to test you on the "text book" answers, which you will find may vary a bit from the "real world" once you start practice. You don't want to be sitting there at the test thinking--okay now wait, I remember learning 'abc' in school one way, but geez at work on the unit we do 'xyz'.....which is right???? Also the school I went to offered the Kaplan review class as part of the program and that helped a lot--with more the test taking strategies. the HOW they will word the questions and good rules of thumb. I used them and they worked. So don't worry too much studing is a good review and like has been said--your first year or two will be where you learn more then you ever thought.....Good luck!!!
  11. mentalhealthRN

    Do you have techs?

    When I worked L&D back in 2003 that hospital had two separate units as well--L&D and Mother/Baby and special care nursery as we sent out babies needing NICU but did have the special care nursery for those babies needing care. All three areas were staffed separately. We had like 2 nurses that were cross trained to work both L&D and M/B and they alternated by the week usually. As far as the baby we all would be the baby nurse for each other and occasionally if all the nurses were unavailable the charge would be the baby nurse. Once the doc came and delivery was close the labor nurse would generally just announce needing a baby nurse and any available nurse who didn't have a pt or who's pt was not in active labor would jump in and take care of the baby until the labor nurse was ready to take over. We did have a tech or two on each shift. They would help with baths and clean up and set up- but they were not always available so the nurses often had to do their own babies baths. However as we always only had one pt in L&D it was do-able. Sometimes we might have two especially on nights when they were more apt to have pts that came in and had cervadil put in and were waiting to soften up over night and start pitocin in the AM. A nurse from the SCN and a baby doc would only come to deliveries and take care of the baby if high risk, vac assist, foreceps (yes we had one or two old timers who still used them) etc.
  12. mentalhealthRN


    If its a medical clinic there legally has to be a medical doctor directing the place. Sometimes they are a little more behind the scenes but legally a clinic can't run without an MD/DO director. If the issues seem to be mostly in regard to employee safety you could call OSHA.Let the know your concerns of being fired if it is found out that you called them. They do make random visits to facilites even with no calls of complaint. They can tell her that. That they were in the area and are randomly making stops to various tyes of facilites. If you were to get fired over this you would have a case of wrongful termination and OSHA will tell you that.......they would back you I would think. But if you are up front with them about your dilemma maybe they can help. Also even though this nurse manager is the administrator is there not an actual owner of the clinic? Is it free standing or part of a hospital system?
  13. mentalhealthRN

    A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I am not sure we are all clear what it is you are worried about this ex telling the BON. I mean is he saying he is going to tell them lies--make stuff up about you? Or do you just not want them to know what it is that he is saying he is going to share with them? I mean what are you working as a prostitute as a second job or what? lol Again if the info he shares is accurate then there is nothing you can do legally likely. Its only illegal and slanderous if the info is NOT accurate.
  14. mentalhealthRN

    A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I would not reccommend you 'getting even' as suggested. THAT could cause you problems. False accusations can land you with legal charges. He could sue you for slander. Don't stoop to his level. If you want the BON to think you are a professional then you have to act like one.
  15. mentalhealthRN

    A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I'd say if he gives them "info" that is not accurate you can sue him for slander!!! And what "sexual activites" does this lovely ex of yours think the BON is going to be concerned about? I mean unless the behavior is at work wth patients or something! lol
  16. mentalhealthRN


    Oh yikes then yeah you do have a lot more experience and are about to get your RN hopefully. I would say you have a legitimate beef! To be honest I would be up front and honest with them. Let them know that you are feeling as though their explaination of --"the other LPN has more experience" is just not true and sell the fact that you are about to get your RN and they need so many RNs legally as far as in the building so many hours as well as to do/sign off the LPNs for assessments. There were never enough RNs where I worked. I was one of 3 in a 120 bed facility and that included the DON. The other RN was nice enough but useless most of the time between her brittle DM and general lack of skills. So we needed RNs bad. So I would try to sell that too. Not too many RNs flocking to LTC--at least around here. Also are you part of a union? You could talk to them.